In The Midst Of Challenge, God Is Glorified...

Dear brethren,

About four months ago, I converted a denominational pastor named George Cassidy, and afterwards decided to work on his family so that they also would become members of the Lord’s Church. This has become a very difficult task for me, since the wife of the man was not happy about the husband’s decision to leave the Assembly of God denomination, and in regards to that, saw me and the members of the Lord’s Church as a threat to them. The woman polluted her children’s minds and by so doing turned them against their own father.

However, through prayers, and persistence I found a way to approach their daughter in personal Bible studies, which resulted in her visiting the church. Yesterday, she visited the church and after the worship was over, she told me she wanted to be baptized. In fact this brought a great joy to the entire congregation. She is called Marian Cassidy.

This morning, I called Mr. Cassidy to ask about how sister Marian was doing, only to hear that the wife was really furious about Marian’s baptism and as a result, creating confusion in the house. This is about to have some bad effect upon their marriage. Please, help me pray for the faith of Mr. Cassidy and his daughter Marian. Also, let us pray for Mrs. Cassidy so that her wrong perception about the Church of Christ will change and become a member too.

Also, I am about to start working on their son, Gideon, who seems to be following his mother in her crusade against the Lord’s Church.

Again, there are some people I have been studying with for some time, and last night between 8:00 and 9:00 pm two of them called me for baptism, and without hesitation, I arranged for their baptism. They are called, Jude and Esther.

I baptized them myself including that of Marian.

Thanks for your prayers.


Posted on December 1, 2013 .