Why Choose the Bear Valley Bible Institute?

Exegesis Makes the Difference


We don’t just teach you what the Bible says and what it means. We equip you to properly interpret Scripture yourself using exegetical tools and techniques. Exegesis is far more than just a series of word studies. It is an examination of the structure, syntax, and forms found in the text which determine the meaning and message contained in God’s word.

We will equip you with state of the art tools to explore God’s word in ways you never imagined. This skill set will serve you for a lifetime of digging deeper and deeper into God’s word and communicating His message with power.

A true exegetical approach to the study of God’s word provides a foundation for a lifetime of accurate and sound exploration of the Biblical text.

The exegesis program at Bear Valley is what made my time as a student truly exceptional. Learning the tools for deeper Bible study and putting those tools to use not only made me a better Bible student, but also increased the amount of joy I received while studying.
— Wesley Walker, Preacher Woodson Chapel church of Christ, Nashville, TN

Ministry Technologies Prepares You for Today's Ministry


We have been around since 1965 but we certainly haven’t stayed there! Bear Valley was the first preaching school in the Brotherhood to offer a course in Ministry Technologies - training you in today’s ministry tools and technologies. You will receive advanced training in exegetical studies of the text and in-depth research using Logos Bible Software. This state-of-the-art tool will allow you to do in minutes what would have taken days or weeks with traditional methods.

You will also learn how to more effectively communicate your message using presentation tools like PowerPoint®  and Keynote®.


You will learn to leverage websites, blogs, and social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter to reach wider audiences with the saving message of the Gospel and strengthen your local congregations.


New technologies like podcasting, QR codes, and video also provide new opportunities to share the message, edify the church , and reach the lost and Bear Valley is committed to leading the way in this area of ministry education.

Forge Relationships that Will Last a Lifetime

The bonds forged at Bear Valley will last for the rest of your life. Classmates and staff become friends and mentors, confidants, and family.