School Policies

Student Life

While it is true that studies are demanding, students also enjoy many memorable experiences while at BV. Opportunities abound for developing friendships which will last for a lifetime. All school parties and other such functions provide students and staff members with time for fellowship and fun. Daily chapels provide rich periods of worship, a wide variety of interesting speakers, and some unforgettable lessons from the word of God. The Bear Valley church provides opportunities for involvement in the educational program, song leading, personal evangelism, and visitation.

Students gain invaluable experience on four different evangelistic campaigns during their studies at BV. During these week-long trips they meet new people, see new places, and learn much about sharing the Gospel with others. All in all, a student's life at BV is filled with the kind of experiences which will help mold his character for the rest of his life.


While we recognize that students come to us with a wide range of abilities and skills, we are committed to maintaining a standard of academic and spiritual excellence. Thus, we employ a system of grading to measure the progress of our students. It is understood that not all students will make A's and B's, but it is expected that each student will do his very best in his studies.

All courses in which a student receives an F or lacks a particular class must be made up before any certificate or degree will be granted. Requirements for make-up work will be available from the Dean of Academics and the course instructor.

Credit for Previous Training and Education

The Institute maintains a written record of applicable previous education and training of the veteran or eligible person and clearly indicates what appropriate credit has been given by the institute. If, after counseling with the administration, it is determined that such education or training is applicable for credits, the training period will be shortened proportionately, and the person and interested agencies will be notified.

Translations and Memory Work

Students who attend BVBID are expected to memorize passages from the Bible in many classes. The major versions recommended by the school for class memory work are the King James, the New King James, the American Standard, and the New American Standard. Individual teachers may limit the choice further. Other versions may be permitted only by instructor approval.


Students who have been accepted at BVBI must secure their own housing. For assistance, they may contact our housing coordinator by calling the school. The housing coordinator will assist the student in locating housing which will be compatible with his needs and his budget. Some BVBI married students with children are able to take advantage of HUD housing at a low monthly rent. Contact the school at 303-986-5800 for more details.

Class Attendance

Full-time students at BVBI attend classes Monday through Friday. Students will take five classes per quarter. Three classes meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., and two other classes meet Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

All students are required to attend every class each time it meets. Absences and tardies must be excused by the administration. Penalty points are deducted from grades after a specified number of absences or tardies.

Free Time

Students at BVBID enjoy periods of free time at various times throughout the year. After each campaign, there is a full week for students to rest and relax before another quarter begins. The summer break allows students eight to nine weeks for work, travel, raising support, or other activities. Thus, though the work is demanding, there is time to rest so that the student can be refreshed enough to continue his work in the school.

Dress Code

All student in all programs, will wear clothing that is neat and clean. We are reinstituting the requirements of dress shirts and ties to be worn at school. If a teacher or student speaks formally in chapel (not an announcement), he is required to wear a tie, dress slacks, dress shirt and dress shoes. The following guidelines also apply:

  1. Students will wear BVBI polo shirts during school hours Monday-Thursday and dress shirts and ties each Friday..

  2. Shirts with advertising are not allowed.

  3. All shirts will be button up front - no pull-overs. (dress sweaters excluded)

  4. Upgrade casual trousers are required for all daytime classes (No Jeans are permitted).

  5. Footwear must be of a type that would be appropriate with the dress code stated above. Sneakers, thongs, and sandals are not permitted.

  6. Good taste with a view toward being an example should be our common sense guide.

  7. No jewelry deemed inappropriate by the administration is allowed.

  8. If one comes to school in violation of this policy, he will be asked to go home and return dressed appropriately. A third violation will automatically mean suspension from school.

  9. The Dean of Students will enforce the policy for students and the President for the faculty.

Additional requirements will be discussed during student orientation.

Grounds for Dismissal

The Bear Valley elders and faculty will dismiss students from school if their performance is unsatisfactory in any vital area. These areas may include:

Moral Misconduct

Misconduct is anything which is immoral according to the Bible and its principles and which endangers either the soul of the student or the good reputation of the church and the school.

False Teaching

False teaching is anything which contradicts the Bible. If a student insists on teaching that which the Bible does not support, he will be dismissed.

Academic Performance

No student with an F on his transcript will be permitted to graduate from BV. Students with F's on their transcript may continue in school under the terms described in the section on "grading." When one has two or more F's on their transcript they will be dismissed from school for a minimum of six months in order to determine his priorities. Readmission may be granted after counseling with the administration of the school.

Six months after dismissal for any of the above reasons, readmission may be granted after counseling with the administration of the institute.

Requirements for Graduation

Successfully completing every course in the curriculum is required for your certificate. If there is an F in any class, it must be made up and passed regardless of how many other courses one may have passed which count toward his certificate of completion or degree.

Receiving approval of the faculty, administration and elders, in morality, doctrinal soundness, and overall attitude.


The policies listed here do not cover the full scope of policies enforced at BVBI. These are provided as an overview only. Please refer to the Orientation handbook for more details.