You remember what it was like to be in school. You remember trying to raise support and how much you appreciated the help that you received from brothers and sisters all around the country who gave of their means so you could come to Bear Valley. Well now you can pay that blessing forward to the next generation of preaching students.

The Pay It Forward Alumni Scholarship Fund was started a few years ago by a group of students that wanted to pay the blessing they had received forward to students following in their footsteps. The economy is difficult and the number one reason students who want to be trained don't make it to school is because they cannot raise the money they need.

As you remember, Bear Valley does not charge these students tuition, but they do need to live in Denver for the two years they are in school. The rigors of the two-year program do not allow them to take a job while they are in school and so they need your help.

The Pay It Forward Alumni Scholarship Fund will help provide money to the neediest students and prospective students. This fund could make the difference between a man coming to school or missing this great opportunity. Remember those who helped you and give just a little that we can continue to bring men and their families to Denver and train them to preach the Gospel of Christ around the world.

Be a difference maker - Pay it forward - GIVE TODAY!