Nepal Center for Biblical Studies

Kathmandu, Nepal


The school opened the first week of January 2010. Gajendra Deshar is the school Director.  He attended National Bible College for three years, and World Bible School for two years, both of which are in Chennai, India.  Gajendra and Jerry Golphenee teach almost all the classes. Nepal, a poor country of 23 million people, has never had a full time missionary.  The school is an answer to prayers.       

The students attend classes for about 88 weeks of comprehensive Bible study and training during the two year curriculum.  On the weekends they assist local congregations by teaching classes, preaching, and helping to establish programs for church growth.  The progress we have seen in them during the first year has been tremendous.  Our regular monthly operational expenses are provided by a group of churches in eastern Texas.

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Periodically we will invite preachers and leaders throughout Nepal to join us for a week of special classes.  The costs for their bus transportation, meals, and lodging are in addition to our monthly budget.   Our goal is to touch as many Christian lives as possible.  

We are formulating a program to prepare these men to be self-supporting when they graduate and return to their homes.  These men are all extremely poor and their abilities to earn a living are limited.  Modeling our program after the proven and successful model of Heifer International, without paying that organization, we hope to provide each student with the tools to be able to provide adequately for himself and his family.  Some of the men who live in the rural areas will receive “gifts” and training of livestock and agriculture methods.  Others who live in urban areas will receive appropriate vocational training, such as plumbing, solar energy, computers, welding, etc.  Each man receiving a “gift” will be required to “share his gift” with another Christian family within the first year of his work.  If the “gift” is livestock, he must past on two of the offspring to aid another family.  He may personally train a brother in the vocational area of his training.  We are referring to this “gift sharing” as TIMES TWO since whatever is given will be multiplied by the gifting concept to benefit other Christians.  This crucial concept of helping the preachers and the local congregations is our other pressing financial need.

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Should you care to join us in this exciting endeavor, make your checks payable to the Longmire Road church of Christ [Nepal] and send to the following address.

Longmire Road church of Christ [Nepal] 

200 Longmire Rd, Conroe, TX 77304

Your contribution will help to meet the [a] growth and maturity, [b] evangelism, and [c] preacher support needs mentioned above.                                                                    

For further information please contact Jerry Golphenee:     

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