Master of Theological Studies

The Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree is designed to help the student in the Bear Valley Bible Institute’s Graduate Studies Program progress even further in enhancing his ministry. The MTS program uses the same curriculum as the MBS program. The difference is that for an MTS degree, the student must earn fifty (50) credit hours.  All other rules and regulations are the same.

When a student is ready to take a course, he must visit the Course Registration page and click on the desired course, then follow the instructions for registration and pay the tuition fee for that course. At that point, the student will have ninety (90) days to complete the course. The tuition paid for the course is refundable if the student informs the office he wishes to withdraw from that course at any time within the first thirty (30) days after receiving the syllabus. After thirty (30) days the tuition becomes non-refundable. 

Just as in the MBS program, students may choose to earn the MTS with an Emphasis in Missions. This track would require the student to earn fifty-two (52) credit hours. The same requirements are in place for the core courses are in play: (Course #500, Course #600, Course #601, Course #602, and Course #603). The remaining thirty (30) credit hours would be earned by successfully completing an additional ten (10) courses of the student's choosing. See Curriculum for descriptions of all courses.