International School of Theology

Port-au-prince, Haiti

In 2010 an earthquake struck Haiti and more than 300,000 lost their lives and another 1,000,000 were left homeless.  While this was truly a tragic event, God has used it for good.  The church from around the world responded with love and concern and a door of opportunity was opened.  Today, a restoration of New Testament Christianity is taking place and 100’s are coming to Christ.  Many new congregations have been planted and several denominational churches have laid aside man made teaching and come to the truth.

Larry Waymire, who has worked in the relief effort since 2010, was approached by preachers in Haiti and asked to help start a school of preaching in Port-au-Prince.  On August 11, 2014 the first class was started with 24 students at the International School of Theology.   The goal is to train local preachers, in their local environment in their local language, Haitian Creole.  This is a two year program that offers 49 courses of study.  Plans are underway to expand the curriculum, move to a new location, have a graduating class each year and have satellite schools in other parts of Haiti.  At this time negotiations are underway to buy two locations, the first will be used for the school and eventually converted to a learning center and outreach facility.  The second property is a three acres lot with one building and a foundation for a building that will cover about 8,000 sq. feet.     This will be uses for the school and a campground for the congregational retreats, youth activities and other big events.  

Larry Waymire serves as the American Director of IST and there are three Haitian men who serve as local directors.   Larry is working to secure the funds for the purchase of the properties and to operate the school.  Larry serves under the oversight of the elders of the Broad Street Church of Christ in Lexington, TN.  He has working in the Caribbean since 1980 and has helped to establish congregations on different islands.  His contact information is listed below.


Larry Waymire
Mobil Phone:  731.798.0136
Office:  731.968.6688


Broad Street Church of Christ
International School of Theology -Haiti
131 N Broad St.
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