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A new group of incoming students in India

Dear Brethren in Christ,  

I bring greetings from Visakha Valley Bible College. By the grace of God we are doing well.  We thank you so much for your prayers and timely encouragements for successfully training the men to become effective evangelists in fertile lands of India.  Certainly it is a blessing to train up evangelists for His cause. With the rapid changing over in our society both culturally and materially people are becoming more materialistic. Even the generation following will not get a good knowledge on God and Its creation unless this generation is being taught about the Truth. We are very thankful to God for blessing us with this great opportunity to light up several souls with the word of God, it is being possible only through sending of well equipped men of God.

Summer effect:

This summer had been the worst of all;  recently monsoon season has begun, not quite rains but a shower here and there, however weather continues to be very very humid. Visakhapatnam has experienced worst ever record breaking temperature this year. Since it is an industrial area weather is usually pretty warm, in summers it add up to terrible degree. Looks like global warming is true….want to visit  Vice President Algore to appreciate his argument about global warming years ago.

New Bore Well:

While this has been the case we are struggling with,  We had some worst time of the year since the end of April at our school, that is lack of water. Of course We were able to buy drinking water, due to downfall of the ground water level in our water well, it was needed to dig a new bore well at the  same place where we have dogged the well before. It has severed for several years, from last few year water has become scarce almost to the point its dried out, see the pictures 3,4. With the help of the brethren from Lake Houston we are able to  dug a new well. We are thankful the process went well and good ground water was found, it took 4 days to get the installation of submersible pump and also new motor. It is definitely the providence of God that we had those funds to meet our desperate need. We praise God for His mercy.

New Academic Year:

Our new academic year has begun, we have 10 students enrolled for the batch of 2019-21; more to join with this group in a week or two. We are going to have our faculty meeting on the 8th Monday to discuss several things about upcoming academic year. The first two pictures show the newly enrolled students filling the application form and taking the Entrance exam.

The newly enrolled students, would  usually filled up the application form and will take an entrance exam. This entrance exam will help the faculty members to understand the standard of the student.  This batch students have helped so much while the new bore well being dug. We are excited to see these young men becoming part of our Visakha Valley family. Hoping that they would continue their enthusiasm in learning the word of God to become effective evangelists of Christ.

Kindly pray for this new academic year, may God bless us with some more good students who would love to be trained and learned. Brother Jerry Bates will be visiting with us in the middle September to teach a short course. Always love to have Bates, looking forward for their visit. We always welcome any new visiting faculty that would be interested to teach a short course or two.


We are always grateful to God for His mercy and providence. We do appreciate our loving brethren at Lake Houston Church of Christ and Strickland Church of Christ. Thankful to God for brethren at Strickland who are overseeing the Preaching School, we work as diligently as possible to keep up the trust and confidence.

Kindly continue your prayers as we also pray for you daily. Give our greetings to the Church you worship with and also to your families. May God bless you all.  We with best salutations from all of us at Visakh.

In Christ,

Samuel Raju Muppidi

John Dean M

Posted on July 13, 2019 .

A new enrollment in India

Dear brethren in Christ,

Greetings to you in the precious name of Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour.  We are doing good, and the Lord’s work is going on great.

Faculty meeting:

The new batch of students have started taking classes from the first week of July, that is on the 3rd.  We have 14 students enrolled for this batch so far. On the 19th of June we held faculty meeting to discuss about our new academic year and corresponding place. We also discussed about who teaches what subjects. We spent whole discussing these things in two sessions, we are thankful the God is giving us knowledge to enhance our capability in training the next generation evangelists.

Gospel Campaign Week:

Last week our students spent a week long time in the villages near Pydikonda. Gospel campaign week, its a program to hold personal Bible Studies, gospel meetings and Bible classes.  They have travelled from Visakhaptanm to Pydikonda on train from there they travelled on Auto to reach the destination.

It was a team work for those days by the faculty and the students. Daily schedule begins with a Prayer and devotional. They start the program with a prayer, divide into groups and walk in the streets of the villages.

Some of the near by preachers have also joined with us. Our students have visited 1600 homes and distributed gospel tracts. Our students and faculty have divided up into groups and held 54 personal bible studies during this campaign. This campaign also given opportunity to visit hundreds of family who are not Christian but have asked to pray for them.

This given opportunity to our students to  learn and understand the need of evangelism also comforting. We truly believe that so many people are in need of comfort, because our modern India’s economical benefits are not reaching several millions of people especially those who are farmers and lives on small businesses and daily labour are facing it more. So the prayer of comfort and strengthen the soul was done during our campaign. Our students have learned to encourage those who are without hope and faith.

In addition to personal bible studies, gospel tract distribution and offering prayers, during this campaign we held three gospel meetings in the night, one final meeting at the end of the campaign. As a result 3 souls have been added to the Church, we have given bibles as a token of welcoming them in to our Church family. Attached are the pictures showing the activity of the gospel campaign held last week.

Truly our students are blessed to learn to about the one on one study and also public evangelism. Our task of training the next generation evangelists has begun for this year with this new batch of students. We are hoping that they will gradually learn the word of God in the class room and evangelism work through the out reach programs. Hoping to see them completing their two year program. Kindly continue your prayers.


We are thankful to the brethren at Strickland for their continued support, we do thank the Elders for overseeing this work also for sending Bro. Jerry Bates to check on the work in real time. We highly appreciate the Elders and members of the Church at Lake Houston Church of Christ for their continued trust and confidence.

We have been hearing in the news about the flooding caused due to hurricane Harvey, we are mindful of those victims, may God comfort them and provide them. I have been in touch with brother James Brown, one of the Elders at Lake Houston to find out the welfare about the brethren living in the Houston city, especially in Humble area.

Things are keeping us so busy, they are just indescribable, your continued prayers would be highly appreciated.

Thanking you all so much, in Christ and His service,

M. Samuel Raju,  Director

John Dean M, Dean

Visakha Valley Bible College

Posted on September 11, 2017 .

An outstanding trip to Nepal and India

This trip was my first to each of the schools I visited on my trip. I felt it was important to get into each of the schools I am working with as soon as possible to get to know the directors, students and key components of the schools since starting my work with Bear Valley. 

I visited the Nepal Center for Biblical Study first (January 15-20). I was greeted at the airport in Kathmandu (where the school is currently located) by Jerry Golphenee. Jerry has been working as an instructor for the school since it opened seven years ago. He has been living in Nepal working as a dentist for more than fifteen years. In that time he has helped several young people get an education by raising money for their school fees and other necessities. I stayed in Jerry’s house for the week, and was treated to wonderful hospitality. He was a wonderful host! One of my favorite parts of the trip was the three-mile walk Jerry and I enjoyed to the school each day. It gave us time to talk and get to know each other. He does a marvelous work in Nepal.

The director of the school, Gajendra Deshar, greeted me at the school on Monday morning, and gave me a quick tour. Gajendra is a wise and humble man with wonderful organizational skills and is a natural leader. I taught a personal growth class covering the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount, and the Christian Graces from 2 Peter 1, as well as a special lesson on Church Growth. In addition to the students who attended the class, several graduates of the school and many members of the church participated in the course as well.  Gajendra and his assistant Arun translated for me while I taught.

On Thursday afternoon after class we visited the site where the new school building is being built about an hour from Kathmandu. It is located in a rural setting, which makes it much less expensive to operate the school. Gajendra’s parents donated the property on which the school is being built. This is even more remarkable because his parents are still practicing Hindus. We pray this will change soon. The school is nearing completion, and they hope to be in it by early April.

I can’t say enough about the people of Nepal, especially the Christians I worked with for the week. They are some of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever met. This school is in fine hands under the leadership of Gajendra. Space will not allow me to write about so many of the things that need to be said about this school. If you would like to hear a more detailed report, please email me at I would love to visit the congregation where you are to give a better report.

I left Kathmandu and arrived in Vishakhapatnam, India on January 20. I taught the course Marriage and Family to the students, their wives (those who are married) and several of the members of the church who wanted to attend. As is usual, in most public classes in India, the classes were packed each day. In order to fully appreciate how fun this class was to teach, one must understand the culture in India. They do not publicly display their affection toward their wives like we are sometimes accustomed to here in the United States; nor do they talk about romance and the types of things covered in a marriage class publicly. It was so much fun to watch them talk about and study these things in the class. There was one student, in particular, who has been married for several years who made the class especially enjoyable. All in all, things went well and we learned what God has planned for Christian marriage.

John Dean is the local director, and does an outstanding job leading the school. He and the other instructors make this a top-notch school both academically and in real experience for the role of a preacher. Just like Gejendra in Nepal, John Dean is very organized so nothing slips through the cracks.  Jerry Bates is the coordinator of the school here in the States, and makes multiple trips over there each year.

I can’t say enough good things about both of the schools I visited on this trip. They have a strong foundation, which will keep them on the right path for the future. Please join me in prayer for each of these schools as they will be holding their graduations in the coming months, and the students will leave to begin their new works.

In Him,

Mark Reynolds

Posted on February 4, 2017 .

The Director in India reports

Dear Brethren in Christ, 

Greetings to you in the precious name of Lord Jesus Christ our saviour. By the grace of God and your prayers I have arrived in India safe and feel very glad to be back home. I was really excited to see my wife and daughters after a long time.  However, it was a wonderful time to visit the brethren and share the progress of the Lord’s work in India.

I was delighted to meet brother Mark Reynolds other brethren during this visit, that makes my visit very special. It was pleasure meeting brother Mark Reynoldswho recently took over the responsibility of working as Coordinator for the Bear Valley schools in Asia. It was wonderful to talk about our future plans to work together in India in our first meet itself, this tells how much excited he is about the Lord’s work in India. We are looking forward to working with him soon. 

I have been busy ever since I returned home. So many events have taken place during the time of my visit to USA. Even though these have happened in last four months time period, they absolutely convey the busiest schedule we had at our school. 

Master Classes: We had two sessions of master classes conducted by brother Denton Landon and Jerry Bates. Brother Denton visited in the month of July and brother Jerry visited in the last September and first week of October. I really thought I would get to visit brother Jerry bates upon my arrival, unfortunately I missed my connecting flight to India from Newark so my journey was delayed for 24hrs, this made me to miss brother Jerry Bates, however I had the opportunity to talk to him about various issues of our school.

We are certainly privileged to resume the Classes for this Master Class batch, earlier batch was unable to fulfil required amount of work, due to which that class was cancelled. Brother Garry Fallis under his kindness has agreed to start another batch from this July. Brother Denton was the first person to teach this batch of students. We had an enrolment of 9 students for brother Denton’s classes and two others joined during the classes of Jerry Bates. According to what I heard from the students, they are very thankful to Bear Valley for conducting these Master Classes, they are very helpful not only for them personally but also very useful to teach their home congregations.

During the visit of brother Jerry his wife Paula visited with him. She almost wants to keep her calendar busy. We were able to hold classes for Women & Preacherswives at our school premises, sister Paula always does a great job of teaching these women.  

Brother Denton Landon during the Weekend break has visited Skinner’s Garden and preached at couple of congregations and witnessed three young ladies being added to the Church.

Gospel Campaigns: During the last four months our students have done two Gospel Campaigns in two different districts. Our students certainly gets a hands on experience during these campaigns. Before they go out of the preacher Training school they would learn to speak to strangers about Christ our Lord. During these campaigns they conduct personal Bible studies, Bible Classes and Gospel meetings.  As a results they witnessed 9 people being added to the Church.  We do hear from our students time to time about the addition of souls to their congregations. 

State wide Fellowship Meeting:  Congregations in the state of Andhra Pradesh have decided to meet twice in a year at a certain place in the state to have a fellowship meeting. This is to help each other to grow in the faith and build up in unity. These meetings have been giving great results in the brotherhood, our students were privileged to attend this meeting travelling for 12 hrs on train. Director of the School M. Samuel Raju has lead our group for this special meeting. Our group has gotten the attention of the 600 preachers that represented various congregations in our state. In this way our school was well notice among the brotherhood.

Gratitude: We are very thankful to the brethren at Lake Houston for their kind support and much thankful to the brethren at Strickland for their continued Oversight. I really had a great time to visit with both of these congregations during this visit, this has helped increased our relationship  and continued trust and confidence. We would look forward to keep up great relationship for betterment of the Lord’s work India, especially training the Men. If everything goes well a group of 14 students will receive their course completion diplomas in the month of April’17, kindly pray.

There are more to come in my next email with more updated information about our Preacher Training program in Visakha. All the staff, faculty and students of our school convey their heartfelt greetings to you all. Kindly pray for us that our efforts may be successful in rescuing the lost souls.

Please greet your family and the Church family for us,

In Christ,

John Dean M

Visakha Valley Bible College

Church of Christ, Visakhapatnam. 


Posted on November 3, 2016 .

Faculty Meeting to Plan, Gospel Meeting To Plant, God Gives The Increase...

And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith. Acts 6:7

Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

We hope this email finds you all good and being thankful to our mighty God for His kindness and mercy through which we are dwelling in this world with a hope of eternity to be spent with Him in heaven forever.

Dear brethren, we are thankful to God for blessing us to expand our ministry through the preachers who are being sent out. We not only witness the number of people being added to the church, but we also hear that our students go to remote places to establish congregations. We, with humble hearts, praise our mighty God for blessing all of us.

Faculty Meeting
e held another meeting with the staff where we encouraged each other to keep on and keeping on. We are so thankful to our faculty members who remained in the team for their continued efforts as team members. We did have some change in our faculty members, unfortunately my brother Vijaya Kumar is not able to be in our crew because of his family problems. Brother P. Balaram is in the process of pursing a secular job due to which he is no longer working with us. This gave us an opportunity to add Bro. S.R. Kavitha as one of the faculty members. For the last couple of years he has been serving as the minister at the congregation that meets at the School facility. He has been a minister for the last 30 yrs and he did have experience as a Bible School teacher at a preacher training school in Vijayanagaram District, unfortunately this school was closed years ago. We are hoping to see his seniority add up to our team effort in training the men more effectively. 

Gospel Meetings
Brother Satyanandam, one of our graduates from the first batch, is an enthusiastic evangelist. He is working with a couple of congregations. Besides many financial difficulties, he is ministering to the Lord without losing his faith. We admire his enthusiasm towards proclaiming the word of God. Besides his personal financial problem, he has been encouraging the congregation to hold gospel meetings to proclaim the word of God. In the second week of May, I was invited as one of the speakers for this wonderful gospel meeting. The congregation hosted about 450 people for those three days of meetings. We, along with faculty and students, attended these meetings to proclaim the word as well as to encourage the congregation. We witnessed two souls being added to the Church at the end of the meetings. These meetings have given a great opportunity to spread the Good News in that area. The local congregation was very much encouraged by this success. Of course there is a debt of money, which the Church has to pay, as that money was spent during the meetings. We admire this congregation for being courageous to carry out the gospel in spite of the financial circumstances. 

Brother Ramu, one of our recent graduates, is extending his efforts in bringing more souls to Christ. As a preacher, he began the ministry at his home first. As a result, his older son and his wife were baptized for the remission of their sins. Brother Rama Raju, one of our faculty, was instrumental in this effort. We were blessed to witness this couple being baptized at our school premises. We do hear from some of our students about the adding of souls to their congregations regularly.

Library an Asset
Wow….what a blessing….!! I always love visiting you brethren, at least once for every two years. It not only gives me an opportunity to present the results of our efforts, but it also gives opportunity to make the work known to several others who never heard about such work. One of the benefits is acquiring books for the Library. Since this is an asset, adding of more books always increases its value too. We firmly believe all the books we are adding to our Library are very valuable. This time we were able to add the BVBID Annual Lectureship books to our Library. We must thank brother Bob Turner who was instrumental in getting these books into my hands. We are also thankful to brother Jerry Bates (World Evangelism) for transporting them to India. Another set of valuable books were FHU Annual Lectureship, and Christian Counseling. We are so thankful to all those who are behind this addition of books to our Library.

Preachers’ Fellowship Meeting
These meetings have been very helpful in gathering the preachers at a certain place to encourage the preacher in that village. A Preachers’ meeting was recently held where one of our graduates, brother Jaya Raju has begun preaching. Like this, each month we hold a meeting at one of the villages where our graduates are working. This gives us an opportunity, not just to encourage the local preacher, but also the preachers in that area. During these meetings we provide the local preacher with some Bibles, Hymn Books and other gospel literature.

Fresh Batch of Students
We are grateful to our God for being able to send 3 batches of students successfully into the full-time ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. Right now, in consideration of the 4 batch, 14 students currently applied and were selected. We currently have 12 students enrolled and attending the school. Next month, Brother Bruce Ligon will be teaching two short courses for these students. We are excited about this. We recently received the suggested BVBID curriculum; we have made some changes that is moving these subjects according to our time convenience. We did receive the material to be studied and distributed to the students. We are very lucky to get such wonderful material. With this new development we are happy to be equal with rest of the Bear Valley International Schools across the world. What a blessing.

As always, we must thank the brethren at Lake Houston for their charity and the elders at Strickland for their oversight. Through their cooperation we are able to do this blessed work. We do thank the Bear Valley Bible Institute for allowing us to use their course material, as our students are truly blessed with this. We keep way head of several preacher training schools in India. We thank the elders of Bear Valley for their continued dedicated efforts to encourage preacher training across the world. We pray the Lord’s richest blessings upon you all. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. Please greet all the brethren for us. Thank you very much. Kindly share this report with your church family. God bless.

Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God, our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen. Jude 24-25 

In Christ & His services

Samuel Raju & John Dean Muppidi

Posted on June 21, 2015 .

A Special Graduation Day At Visakha Valley Bible College...

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Greetings to you in the precious name of Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior. Hope this message finds you all well.

We are extremely blessed to work with the preacher training school in Visakhapatnam. It is such a blessing to see our men who has a desire to learn and preach the word coming to the school and willingly go through the school for two years in order to receive the diploma for successfully completing the course.

‘Go into all the world’ is an authoritative command issued to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus sent His 12 equipped apostles to fulfill this ministry. Likewise, we are able to introduce the 12 preaching students who completed their two-year course of study and ready to sow the seed of God’s word. These men are effectively trained both to be evangelists and for doing every good work, as every man of God ought to be.

“I can do all things in him that strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13).

Our association with Bear Valley Bible Institute International has been our strength.  Actually, standard of teaching  and training methods are strengths of our school, but our strength has been increased as our faculty that has enhanced their biblical knowledge by completing the MA course offered by Bear Valley Bible Institute.  Also, there was a tremendous development in our teaching system since some teaching aids were brought to use in the class room.  Noticeable strength is our teamwork attitude; our combined efforts with a proper guidance through the director of our school has provided some inspiring results. Together, we were able to share our ability and strength in a great capacity to educate these young men and equip them to be effective evangelists. Our greatest strength of all is the output of our efforts which is the 12 graduates who successfully completed the course and are going to be effective instruments in spreading the Good News across India.

Words cannot completely express our thankfulness and gratitude towards the brethren at Lake Houston Church of Christ for their continued trust and confidence in the work we are doing with the school. We are grateful to them for continued support and other encouragements. With their encouragements we did a massive Hurricane Relief Program helping over 42 preachers and a couple hundred other individuals. This act of charity was published in the newspapers, helping the people of our city know that we, as Christians, care for others by sharing what we have.

At this time, we must mention the great leadership behind the oversight of the school, the elders of Strickland Church of Christ. Through helping brother Jerry Bates, they often check on the things at the school, which has been a great encouragement for us. We are so thankful for their great interest to oversee the school. This is certainly a blessing for us.

We do thank brother Jerry Bates who provided the majority of funds for holding the graduation exercises and for buying bicycles, lanterns, Christian literature etc. We must also mention sister Connie Barden who was instrumental in providing the rest of the funds for the same cause. We appreciate the elders of Colony Church of Christ for being there during the need.

We thank the elders of Bear Valley Church of Christ for taking up the challenging mission of establishing extension schools across the world. We are privileged to be part of this.

Our preaching students are doing some amazing work. So far 41 graduates have been sent out from the school, almost every one of them is involved in the Lord’s work at their capacity. We had most of them attend this graduation ceremony.

Thank you very much brother Bob Turner for your encouragements, also to the faculty who come and teach the short-courses in the school. Please continue your prayers as we also do for you. Attached pictures showing the graduation ceremony, also our students baptizing the believers of Christ. Kindly pray for their success.

Thanking you all.

In Christ, 

John Dean M
for Viskha Valley Bible College

Posted on April 12, 2015 .

Graduation Nears For the Visakha Valley Bible College, India...

Greetings to you in Christ’s name. Hope this message finds you all good. Thank you very much for the money that was donated for buying bicycles and other gospel tools for the graduates. We are going to have brother Jerry Bates with us for this occasion to distribute the diplomas on behalf of the Bear Valley Bible Institute.

As you are aware, on the 10th of April we are celebrating the graduation exercise of our 3rd batch two-year undergraduate students for the successful completion of their course. We are so excited about this. Students are getting ready to take their final examinations early next week. They have to write a comprehensive exam before they receive their diploma.

We are so thankful to God first, and then to you for your encouragement. Thank you very much for looking into all the matters to run this successfully. We are excited about the 13 Graduates who shall be receiving their diplomas. We are getting things ready for that auspicious day.

I am here updating you with recent developments that have taken place at our school premises. We are thankful to brother Bob Turner who recommended our school for a one time gift. With that we were able to acquire some tools for the school, one of them is a projector and screen. This is an advanced piece which can be accessed through laptop wireless accessibility. We have started using this already in the class room by displaying a couple of my lessons which I did at World Video Bible School in Texas.

Thank you, brother Jerry Bates, for bringing the set of maps for the school. These are a simply beautiful and wonderful instrument to teach the classes. We are hoping to receive the other books very soon.

Other latest developments are, repair work, painting of the school facility, and building a new baptistry. We are thankful to the brethren at Lake Houston who are supporting our school, also who helped us so much during the severe hurricane 6 months ago. 

Thank you very much for all your encouragement. Kindly pray that this occasion would be held successfully.

Please give our greetings to all the brethren who care for the Lord’s work across the world. May God continue to bless you all.

In Christ

John Dean M

Posted on April 5, 2015 .

Souls Are Reached And A New Congregation Is Planted In India...

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of Lord Jesus Christ our Savior. We have been thoroughly blessed. We thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts. It has been a wonderful opportunity to train up our young men to be preachers in the ripest mission field of India. We are thankful to the brethren at Lake Houston for their continued trust and confidence in the Preaching School work in Visakhapatnam, grateful for their continued support.  

Gospel Meetings & Establishing New congregation: We are humbled with the great response through holding gospel meetings in a couple of places where we were able to establish new congregations. It is reported by our students that brother K. Raju Babu & K. Suresh have started holding Bible studies in their villages. V. Simhadri, with the help of his family, established a congregation. Being trained as an efficient preacher and the education provided helped them understand the mission work very practically. This resulted in sound and zealous preachers. We are thrilled with the great outcome of these students, we are very anxious to see them finishing their school and heading back to expand their wings for reaching out with good news. We are thankful to the brethren for helping us with the preacher training school, indeed this has given a great chance of learning and also putting into practice what they learned in the school.

Gospel Tracts Printing: Literature helped us reach out to many with the true gospel. We thank the brethren at Lake Houston for helping us buy the Gospel Tool Duplicator. By using this we are printing Gospel tracts. Some times pamphlets have the information about the gospel meetings that would be conducted. 

Students Attend Youth Conference: The theme of the conference is  “Remember your creator in your Youth.” They not only enjoyed the fellowship, but also learned 16 different lessons concerning the youth and challenges they encounter in their lives. Being young people of themselves, they have been taught about living a life pleasing to God in the choices they make, by the way they look, talk and make friendships. This also gave a great opportunity to meet brother Russell Bell who is a graduate of Bear Valley. It has been a long time since he visited the School in Visakha. He was looking for an opportunity to meet all the students. However, during this Youth Conference we were privileged to have our students greeted by him.

Christian Counseling and Leadership Seminar: We are truly blessed to see our students attending the Christian Counseling and Leadership Seminar. Currently in India, Christian Counseling is not being taught so much as it is needed. Under the recent technological changes, modernism and materialism is being thought and practiced in the Indian society. Under these circumstances preachers need some education to help with those who are battling with anger, pain, stress, sorrow, confusion etc. This seminar has helped the students understand the basic information about counseling and how a preacher can do counseling with the help of the Master Book - the Bible. Leadership concepts are also well planted in their minds during the same time, encouraging the preachers to be leaders and strive for developing leaders in their congregations.

Threat for Christians: Prayer Request
Brethren, Christianity by large is threatened by the raging Hindu movement in our country, India. Since the ruling party is Hindu supported, also our nationals are predominantly Hindus, these two things are bring a threat to Christians and Christian Institutions and also charitable organizations which are being supported by Christians. 

Communist ideology of the government in economics on the other side is tightening the financial freedom of the common man. Even though there is no persecution directly in a large number, their indirect moves with a long term plan to eliminate Christianity in India is very scary. Trust me it is the whole idea, they are working from the ground root level. Recently, one Hindu organization made a commitment is start a Hindu Operated School in every village of our country and wants to accomplish this task by 2017.  Some radical groups have vowed to clean out Christianity by 2021. This is not the only one….several ways are working at jet speed against Christianity and its Institutions.  We request you to kindly pray. We firmly believe God is in control, our Lord is going to open more doors of opportunity to reach out during this persecution time. Glory to His almighty name… God be the glory.

Ref: I have attached a copy of the report about the recent persecutions in India.

Finally, we thank you all brethren for your prayers and encouragement to train our men to reach out and spread the Good News, to rescue our people from everlasting destruction. Please convey our greetings and gratitude to the brethren that are so concerned and praying for this marvelous Lord’s work. Please share this reports as you have the opportunity, thank you all.

In Christ and His service.
Samuel Raju, Director
John Dean M.

Posted on February 8, 2015 .

Reflecting On The Past Year Shows God's Hand At Work In India...

Dear brethren,

Greetings in Christ’s name. How wonderful and marvelous it is to see the blessings being shared with the brethren who were devastated by ‘Hurricane Hudud’ in the month of October. Certainly it was a heart-breaking incident in the lives of thousands of people living in the Visakhapatnam area and some parts north east of that place. There were people who lost homes, crops, cattle, business, and even some of their dear ones, it was a catastrophe.

We are truly blessed with the greatest concern shown by the brethren at Lake Houston. It indeed helped these preachers and congregations who were affected by the hurricane very much.  As I see, and from what I heard, it was a big occasion when all the material was distributed. After the materials were purchased, they were transported to Visakhapatnam last Friday (for the US it was Black Friday). Local political & public leaders were invited as guests for this occasion. This is indeed giving an opportunity to help the leaders understand that we as Christians are not trying to spread the religion, rather striving to share the love of God by caring for others. “Absolutely,” this is one of the remarks by those public leaders attending this occasion. They are very appreciative of this charitable activity.

Thank you very much brethren for sharing your love with us. Our Lord God is glorified by this…..

Material Distributed were:

500 bed sheets & blankets
500 sarees for women
200 pairs clothing for men
Bibles - This is what made this occasion unique, because we were the only ones who distributed 500 Bibles, 750 New Testaments
2 - bicycles to the preachers
3 - tricycles to the older women who were injured during the Hurricane.
Rice bags including the Blankets were distributed to some of the people living in the coast of Visakhapatnam. We are mindful of the verse Gal. 6:10. 
Monetary gifts to the preachers whose prayer sheds and church building were damaged. Some of these gifts were given to those individuals whose houses were damaged. 80 preachers benefited from this.
Books & Stationary to the students 
120 families were benefited from our efforts, glory to God.

Mission accomplishments in this year 2014 so far:

Villages visited – 126
Bible classes & gospel meetings conducted – 148
Preachers seminars – 2
Leadership workshop – 1
Preachers fellowship meetings conducted – 20
People obeyed the gospel – 387
Number of preaching students graduated - 13
New congregations established – 18
Church meeting places dedicated – 2

We  thank you brethren for your kind concern towards the preacher training work in India. By the grace of God, the Lord’s work is progressing. We are excited about the 14 students who will finish their school by March 2015. We are excited about the graduation program that is scheduled for the 10th of April.

Persecution: Please be mindful of the religious take-over by the predominant religion in our country. Recent incidents taking place in our country compel one to believe that those people want to show their dominance. On average daily, one congregation is being persecuted in the nation of India. What I mean by congregation is Christian believers in general. Kindly pray that our government performs the duty of keeping peace. We pray that our country continues to have religious freedom as a democratic, secular nation. We appreciate your kindness.


In Christ,
John Dean M

Posted on December 7, 2014 .

Completing A U.S. Visit, Devastation From Recent Hurricane...

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior. I hope this email finds you all good. I am doing fine, in a couple of weeks from now I will be winding up my visit to USA and heading back home. It is my privilege to share this work report with you all, thank you very much for your concern.

Visiting Bear Valley & Lake Houston
I was thoroughly blessed to attend the 50th Annul Lectureship at Bear Valley. It has been a great privilege for me to visit with some wonderful brethren who went to school at BVBID and have been preaching, especially doing an outstanding job in the mission field across the world.

Also, It is a blessing to visit with the brethren at Lake Houston, who have been a great support for the Preacher Training School in Visakhapatnam. I certainly believe that this occasion has given a great opportunity to meet all the brethren in person and to thank them for their part in this successful Lord’s ministry in India, that is training our men to carry out the gospel. I do thank them for giving me time to explain our 20 year work plan of establishing 500 congregations in this part of our country. We pray that our Lord will keep us bound to work more rigorously to educate several men to reach out the lost millions for the rescuing them out of the eternal destruction.  

Report on the Hurricane Hudud:  As it was portrayed by the weatherman, a Category 4 hurricane sure does damage beyond the expression of human words. We were able to take pictures of a few among thousands of other damaged spots in Visakha and other northern districts. Power lines, cell-phone towers were collapsed, the airport was damaged, along with several church buildings and prayer sheds were badly damaged.                                         

The glass doors were torn into pieces, due to which Rice bags in the store room were damaged (became wet). The front wind screens, in front of the main building, that was torn out. The compound wall behind the building was damaged. We have 6 rest rooms outside of the main building those were broken and torn into pieces. In the same case several preachers and congregations in this area were very badly affected too.

Gospel Out Reach
Besides the circumstances, our faculty and students were able to attend a couple of Preachers’ Fellowship meetings. During the same time our students held a campaign to reach out to several people with the good news, distributing gospel tracts and holding Bible studies.

In a few months from now, 15 students will complete their two year program to receive their diploma. We are planning for a week long class on Christian counseling in the third week of January ’15. On the last week of January ’15, brother Jerry Bates will be teaching ‘Preacher and his Work’ to the under graduates.

During my visit, I met brother Therman Hodge, who is willing to teach couple of classes with the Master Class students.  We have scheduled his classes to be in the third week of March. 10th April our class 2015 will be graduating, brother Jerry Bates is planning on being there.

Mission Report Sep. - Oct.:
Number Gospel meetings held - 12
Number of doors knocked: 238
Bible Studies Held - 43
Number of People Baptized - 6

We are grateful to God for His mercy who spared us from the recent Hurricane, at the same time we are mindful of those victims who are still suffering from the after affects. Please continue your prayers as we also do for you. We thank the brethren at Bear Valley for their commitment to reach out the unreached, at the same time appreciating the brethren at Lake Houston who are helping us to fulfill this great mission.

God bless you all, in Christ,

John Dean M

Posted on November 16, 2014 .