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Student Evangelism in Togo

June 2019 report:

May the peace and grace of the Lord be with each of us. Thank you, Lord, for your great blessings especially as a new congregation is established in the region of Bassar thanks to the evangelists of Kpalime.


Every Wednesday evening two students either APEWOKE Kokou and SABOUTEY Koffi go to Avetonou to study and invite people to church on Sundays, or SEGLA Joli and TOSSOU FOFO go by motorcycle to AGOU-ADZA where they study with the population to establish a new congregation because it is a large village located on the road to Lomé. Sometimes to allow a large number of people to participate in the study, a motorcycle takes 3 to 4 people.

Some students see their evangelistic work and their zeal to convert denominations; we have hope for a better future. Among the 14 students, 7 lead the assemblies on Sundays, and the rest help the evangelists on the churches.

Agriculture and livestock:

The students started their first experience on the agriculture project and visited the pigs. They have taken to sowing soybeans, and in the coming days, they will receive instructions in each area.

Saturday's classes:

Currently, as you see in the photos, we can already count on the students in Kpalime and Lomé as a hope for the next class of the Bear Valley Institute. So next year when we will have two more classes in different parts of Togo, then each city or village will have a candidate trained to work as an evangelist at home.


Togo for Christ is our slogan every Friday as we set off for the village where we go to preach the gospel. Every student knows that the work to save souls is in the power to preach (evangelize) the gospel to lost souls. For it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes. We also need, once or twice a year when students travel for three days of evangelization, to set up or grow an assembly.   This would give them experience for ministry.

May the peace and grace of our Jesus Christ fill all his blessings for the support you bring to the Institute.


Your brother


Posted on July 28, 2019 .

Prayers requested in Togo

May the grace and peace of our Lord be with each of us all!

The students' work:

December marked the end of the Biblical Teaching Center's program to prepare candidates to access the appropriate Biblical training at the Bear Valley Bible Institute. The first two weeks were marked by evangelization activities in AVETOUNOU. A vehicle was not available, so two motorcycles were used as a means of transport for the students.  Currently, there are a total of six (6) baptized. The church of Christ in AVETOUNOU is the work of the students. Wednesday evenings are reserved for personal studies with people to whom they have made appointments either at their homes or at other places. The end of the second week was marked by the duties of memorization, practice, and writing. They have all evolved in their work compared to the other quarters.

The students:

Many times the student TOSSOU FOFO is seriously threatened by his former denomination (Pentecost Unit International).  The leaders want him to leave Adeta where he was the pastor before coming for training at the Center of Biblical Study CBS (Church of Christ). They closed the denomination (Church) at Adeta, and they withdrew his support because he teaches the doctrine he learns at CBS. Despite all this, he has persevered.  He planted a Church of Christ one km away in KPELE-KONDA. Please Pray for him.

We send students to work on churches every weekend, especially on Sundays to preach, teach, lead songs and do the Last Supper. They are well prepared for the two (2) year program of BVBI.

They have not only studied the Bible, but they are also learning to work on the computer.  They continue to learn, and within the next two (2) years they will be able to work proficiently on the Internet.

Saturday's classes:

Ten have attended the courses in the Saturday program since January 05, 2019. Classes start in the morning at 8:00 am and end in the afternoon at 2:00 am. Fourteen courses are scheduled for this one year of training. The teachers are: evangelists OMOU KOKOU JEAN-MARC, HONKU KOFFI, and NYEMANTA CEPHAS.

May the peace and grace of our Jesus Christ fill all his blessings for the support you bring to the Institute.


Your brother


Posted on February 19, 2019 .

Making a difference in Togo

Dear brethren,

By the grace of God, we have just completed the month of September in the peace of the Lord.

The activities went well in the month of September.

The students were on break during the month. We had two baptisms at ATAKPAME, and studies with people at the tract distribution center. The students visited and worshipped with several different congregations. There have also been seminars in Lome during the month, where they developed on the theme concerning the maturity of the churches.

Jean-Marc, an evangelist for four years, accompanied one of our students, SABOTEY Koffi, to the town of ATAKPAME which is 102 km away for personal work and they planted a new congregation.

There is a great improvement in the activities of our students during this holiday time with each church visited giving a good testimony concerning the 17 students.

The challenges

We were called to answer a question that has been asked by the government to the men of God in Kpalime:  What contribution do denominations and religious leaders make?

They plan for the whole month to talk about the contribution of churches and religious leaders on 4 radio stations here in this city: radio Maria, Islamic radio, radio Planete Plus, and radio Zion.

We started with a Catholic priest, a Muslim Leader, two Pastors of the denominations, and we from the Church of Christ.

In the end, the ideas of the church of Christ was retained for the rest of the activities. The authorities found more satisfaction in our public teaching and our public conviction, so we were chosen from among all to present the following topics: The duty of the Christian towards his nation and should a Christian go to vote? I addressed these topics with former student HONKOU MAWUNYO.

Former student:

Every first Monday we do two hours of additional training for former students for the things they did not study completely while they were in school.


He is a very talented evangelist who manages to set up a congregation quickly.  He is single with a child.  He is often asked to present studies at conferences. He leads a congregation with a membership of 45 members.  He was a pastor in 4 different denominations before he converted during his training here with his friends.  He has a very special talent to convince people with the gospel.  He can go far with the gospel.

Concerning the proposed Saturday program

With regard to the studies planned for members of the denominations on Saturdays, we have registered 16 students at Kpalime and 5 additional ones from ATAKPAME. 

Posted on October 30, 2018 .

Courses completed in Togo

Dear brethren in Christ,

Let us return thanks to God for all of His kindness. It is not only about having blessings as God’s friends as tests are also parts of the life of a Christian.

Gradually we approach the results of the first period of two institutions (CBS Center of Biblical Studies) and BVBI (Bear Valley Bible Institute). Teachers made a big effort to give their best for this first quarter. I thank all teachers for this work, especially the professor AKOVI Mensah Esparance the evangelist of NUKAFU to Lome.

Here are topics that are taught during the two quarters:

First quarter courses:

1. Alliances

2. Church of the Bible

3. The How and the Reason of the Biblical Baptism

4. French

5. Seen of the Bible

6. God's Plane for Redemption

Second quarter courses:

1. The Christian home

2. Christianity without denomination

3. Spiritual maturity

4. A study on sin

5. New Testament Worship

6. Christian influences

The exam: the final exam has ended well. Every student wrote his exam.

From the staff of Center for Biblical Studies

Posted on August 28, 2018 .

Baptisms in Togo

Togo 1.jpg

Dear brethren in Christ,

I give thanks to God for all he does for us. In June was the month in which we prepared students for examinations in the following.

Each teacher did everything to be up to date with his course, exercises, brief memorization tests which could show us the level of each student. Thanks to the efforts of the teachers, the students are ready for exams in July. Second quarter courses come to end in July.

Evangelism: APEWOKE Kokou very dynamic in personal evangelism he led many to the church through baptism. He converted two couples and a girl during the month. He deserves our congratulations. 5 people are baptized. Evangelism is very important and it allows students to be familiar with people.

Needs: The holidays begin early August, so the need for computer training starts with the resumption of next class after the holidays.

May the peace and grace of our Jesus Christ fill all his blessings for the support you bring to the Institute.


Your brother


Posted on July 14, 2018 .

An update from Togo

Dear brothers in Christ

It is a pleasure for me to write to you today to share this grace that the Lord grants us in the work of the Lord at the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Kpalime (Togo).

We have just started the courses for the second term of the sixth class of which the number of students is twenty (20). They follow the courses attentively and minutely as some come from the denominations and want to understand very well the courses

Second quarter courses:

1. The Christian home

2. Christianity without denomination

3. Spiritual maturity

4. A study on sin

5. The cult of the New Testament

6. Christian influence

Classes open each morning from 7:30 am through devotion which each student on the “student program” or “time table” passes on to others to preach and the others follow with attention after a teacher does the remarks on mistakes made, so every student has his turn

Classes: the timetable (10 hours a day except Wednesday 6 hours only during the morning).

Morning: 4 hours of lessons

Classes begin at 8:00 am to 10:00 am and the pose or recreation: 10:00 am to 10:30 am, the second part from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Evening: 2 hours

Classes from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm and one hour from 4.00 pm to 4.15 pm, the second part from 16.15 pm to 17.15 pm

Evangelism: the teacher’s staff has decided that every Friday students come down to the streets, houses, villages for the distribution of biblical booklets and to do personal studies with people who give them time. They go in groups of five (5) under the supervision of a teacher or an active evangelist. We want that each student can do the work of evangelization like personal work at his place. In May, their fate for evangelism gave one baptized.

Challenges: a new congregation established in the village of AKATA. We sent the students to do the practice in this village. For a whole day they were in the houses accompanied by evangelists two by two for an efficient work. At the end of the evangelization campaign there are 4 baptized people. So after doing the theory and also do the practices.

May the peace and grace of our Jesus Christ fill all his blessings for the support you bring to the Institute.


Your brother


Posted on June 19, 2018 .

Studying hard in Togo

By the grace of God, we have completed the first quarter of the first year. The first year is offering CBS courses to prepare students for the two year Bear valley courses. At the close of this year we shall determine those who have the capacity to start the two year Bear Valley program. We shall present Certificate of leadership to those who did not make it. This first year is to screen, make them Christians and prepare them for two year program. The students were given a two week vacation on March 30 and are to resume for the Second Quarter on April 16.

Willie Gley, Director

Posted on April 24, 2018 .

Progress in Togo

TOGO MISSION FEBRUARY, 2018 GOD GIVES THE INCREASE It is always a joy to see people respond to the gospel invitation through baptism. During the month under consideration the Lord blessed our efforts with eight (8) baptisms. These conversions have been made possible through radio programs, church activities, personal work, public morning devotions using the Chariot, tract distributions and World Bible school correspondence course.

I was personally glad to witness one of such conversions after my preaching at Akata church of Christ, while there to inspect the newly constructed meeting place. BVBI IN KPALIME Front view of Bear Valley Bible Institute We thank the almighty God that all the twenty students continue to attend classes regularly. We had one incidence of sickness but the school took him to see a doctor. The principal and the staff spent time to read out and explain the rules and regulations governing activities of students in the school.

STUDENTS ASSIST THE AKATA CHURCH OF CHRIST All the men in this picture are students of BVBI who have come to assist the Akata Church complete work on the place of worship. On Wednesdays, classes end at noon to prepare for midweek bible class. 

RESOURCE CENTER During the month under review, the resource center’s record indicates that 1,047 tracts were handed out and 47 bible studies held. WEEKLY RADIO PROGRAM Attah Piere an instructor at the BVBI is also the presenter for this first quarter of the year. He has been teaching on the subject of worship. MONTHLY PREACHERS MEETING Unity of the preachers is very vital to the growth of the church in the region. This unity has been sustained over the years through the monthly meetings which ended with a meal fellowship. The recent graduates were inducted into this group recently.

Report by: H. WILLIE GLEY

Posted on March 20, 2018 .

Graduation in Togo


It was a great joy and relief to see the students march down the Isle at Crystal Hotel where the ceremony took place. This ceremony was scheduled to have taken place on November 11 2017 but had to be postponed indefinitely due to the political tension in Togo. However,  in December the date was tentatively set for January 27 2018.

The occasion was graced by Keith Kassarjian (the director of extension studies at Bear Valley Bible Institute), Steve Ashcraft( Coordinator of Bear Valley extension schools in West Africa) and Dr. Augustine Tawiah( former director of the Ghana Bible college and a member of Parliament in the current government of Ghana), he was also the the guest speaker.

 Among the special guests were preachers and elders from Lome and several church members. There were four hundred and fifty people in all who came to witness the ceremony. At the end of the program seven men received diplomas.

Some of the invited guests posed for a picture with the graduates. Keith handed the diplomas to the students and Steve, the coordinator, also delivered a speech. 


This has been the most difficult enrollment exercise we have organized so far. We were not certain we could get even eight men to attend. For the first time we had to use radio announcements running for over a month, visit congregations, make announcements during our weekly broadcast etc. The response this time was very good because we have introduced livestock and organic vegetable farming as an encouragement to those who will enroll in the Bible Training Program. However, the ultimate goal of introducing the livestock and the organic vegetable farming is for the school to become self supporting in the near future.


Willie Gley 

Posted on February 22, 2018 .

My visit to Nigeria and Togo

As Director of Extensions, it is both my duty and joy to visit as many Bear Valley extensions as I am able, in a year. It was my pleasure to recently be able to visit the Bear Valley extensions in Ibadan, Nigeria and Kpalime, Togo. I was met in Lagos, Nigeria by local Director Amkinde Ebens, as well as Bear Valley team members, Steven Ashcraft and Chad Wagner.

The school near Ibadan, Nigeria currently has a total of 40 students. In addition to the classroom work, where they are learning the bible in depth, they also have a new chicken project, as well as a vocational training program. I am thankful for Makinde and his team, who do such a good job with the school.

From Nigeria I traveled with Steven to Accra, Ghana to obtain my Togolese visa and the next day we drove to Kpalime, Togo with Director Willie Gley. We went directly to the school where they were all anxiously awaiting the graduation, which would be the following day. 

At the graduation, not only did we witness the success of the graduates, but we were also introduced to the incoming class of 19 students. We are excited and hopeful about the potential of these men. Please continue to pray for them and for us.

God bless,

Keith Kasarjian

Director of Extension Studies

Posted on February 1, 2018 .

Evangelism in Togo



The pure New Testament message continues to impact people in the Kloto Region. The Lord blessed our efforts in the month with five souls responding to the gospel by submitting to baptism.


The van continues to facilitate our outreach programs which include: Dawn preaching, tract distribution and campaigns for Christ.


Are the ones assigned to the center. The centre is stocked with tracts and other religious materials for distribution to the public. The centre is also used as a contact office where Bible studies are conducted.

The Agogome Church of Christ now has a newly constructed place of worship.


Radio broadcast is playing a vital role in the spread of the gospel. We reach people where we cannot travel to. Several have been converted through the radio program over the years.


One of the strengths of the ministry in Kloto Region is the leadership. All the preachers in the Kpalime area do meet each first Monday in the month to encourage one another, discuss pertinent issues affecting the local congregations, plan the work in Kloto and enjoy a meal fellowship. They spend time together to pray for their congregations and for themselves.

 Report by Willie Gley

Posted on December 25, 2017 .

Preparing for graduation in Togo

Evangelism in the Kloto Region has seen a lot of improvement since the Gospel Chariot came in a little over three years ago. We are reaching more people with the gospel and several have been led to Christ. As a result, we have been able to plant more congregations in the region.

Activities of the gospel Chariot include, gospel campaigns, tract distribution exercises, dawn preaching etc. Recently, we introduced the use of motor bikes and megaphone in our outreach programs. The motor bikes access areas that vehicles cannot go. The preaching of the gospel is an urgent matter, thus every available means must be employed. There is no excuse for not preaching. This is the message these pictures seem to convey.

We practiced street preaching in a village, This type of preaching starts as early as 5:00 am. Most people listen while in bed and then come out to ask questions. A megaphone and a motor bike-powerful tools in evangelism.

We have continued touse every available means to preach the gospel. Our tract ministry is very vibrant and our goal is to get these tracts into every house in Kpalime by 2020. Since we do not have the French tracts readily available in large quantities, we print them on a Risso machine provided by GOSPEL CHARIOT MISSION in Ghana and transport them to Kpalime, Togo. At the resource center the tracts are stapled together for distribution. 

During the last month , there were five baptisms. Some of the area preachers, who meet on the first Monday of each month to pray, deliberate on pertinent issues affecting their individual congregations and also enjoy a meal together to strengthen their fellowship.

This was a recent staff meeting atBVBI,inKpalime. The meeting was used to discuss the final quarter courses, the forthcoming graduation, and the on going recruitment exercise. List of the courses for the last quarter at BVBI

1 The book of Revelation 2 The Major cults 3Comparative Religion 4 The book of numbers and Deuteronomy 5 History and Geography of the Bible 6 Biblical Teachings

The Agou Nyogbo Agbetikor Church of Christ used to be a denominational church but was converted last year. It continues to grow and make a lot of impact in the community. Top right picture is the ladies Bible Class of the Church


Bear Valley Bible Institute is going to graduate ten men on Saturday November 11, 2017 in Kpalime, TOGO

Willie Gley, Director


Posted on September 26, 2017 .

Much progress in Togo


One of the highlights of activities in Togo in July was a big conference organized by ladies from Togo, Ghana and Benin. The conference took place at the Nukafu Church of Christ in Lome under the theme “The influence of women in the church and in the World” the gathering brought together over 400 ladies. 

The conference started with presentations on the theme on the first day from several speakers. 

On Saturday July 21, they walked through the principal streets of Lome to present the Church of Christ to the public. They made several stops to distribute tracts while the preachers delivered the gospel message over the PA system.

This event is going to be replicated in some of the major cities in Togo. It was a successful program by all standards.


It is almost impossible to organize campaigns due to the rains. We are therefore using the season to visit churches we have already planted. However, the early morning devotion in nearby villages is on-going. The team arrives there as early as 5:am. 

Bro. Aluka a retired principal of one of the High Schools in Kpalime volunteered to join the dawn preaching team.

We met a lady who is a founder of a denominational church in this village. She heard a strange message and decided to come and find out who was preaching about the church of the bible. Apparently she did not know of the Bible Church. She came to confront but after all her questions were responded to using scriptures, she fell in love with Christ and His church. She is ready to invite the church of Christ to speak to her congregation.

Young people are becoming more interested in our tracts. We are the only church bold enough to distribute our literature in kpalime and the surrounding towns and villages.  The message is spreading like bush fire. It is interesting how the devil is using insufficient funding as our only handicap. We can plant several churches but how do we take care of them?


During the month under consideration, God blessed our efforts by adding five souls to the Church through baptism. 


In Togo, motor bikes are the regular means of transport. In recent years, we have had individuals provided funds to purchase these bikes. The bikes are used mainly by students for personal work, Sunday visits to village churches and during campaigns. We currently have a fleet of five motor bikes. I would like to use this medium to appeal to individuals and congregations to help purchase more bikes for the school.


The word is often communicated using different methods in our effort to reach masses with the saving message of Christ. We use one on one bible study, group study, dawn preaching with megaphone in communities, radio broadcast and tract distribution.


With barely Three months for this class to graduate, the students are expressing so much appreciation for the knowledge they have acquired in computer science. We thank all who have made this possible. Our special thanks go to Gabriel Oaks Church of Christ for its support.


We recently commenced the livestock project for the BVBI. The objective of this project is first, to include animal and crop science in the curriculum of the school. The structure you see is a piggery under construction. Since we have limited funds, the plan is to construct one at a time. As soon as we raise enough funds, we shall start with the poultry too. This complex shall consist of grass cutter, rabbit, snail goat, sheep and a bee hive. The second objective of the livestock project is to generate funds internally to sustain our mission efforts.

Report by: H. WILLIE GLEY

P.O. Box AN 19611


011 233 244 509169

011 233 208137017

Posted on August 30, 2017 .

Another good month in Togo!

APRIL 2017


One of the highlights of the month under consideration was the first Kloto Church of Christ ladies lectureship. The event took place on the April 15.One hundred and twenty four (124) ladies from thirteen (13) congregations participated in this first annual lectures, using the theme “The Role of a Christian woman in the home”

The Christian ladies of Grande Kloto are seeking other ladies groups in the US to partner with them in their development. They are seeking support to provide skills such as beads making, soap making, powder making etc. With such skills, the ladies would be able assist their husbands provide for their families.


Our April campaign took place in Kpime- Tomegbe about twenty minutes from Kpalime. The campaigners included church members, preachers and students of BVBI. Activities included: house to house, open air preaching, tract distribution and it climaxed with worship service on Sunday. Though there was no baptism recorded during the campaign, there are several prospects. In view of this, students have been assigned to conduct bible studies weekly and lead the worship service.

DAILY ACTIVITIES OF THE CHARIOTIn order to keep the chariot busy, activities such as the dawn preaching is organized in some selected villages. These pictures were taken during one of such visits to Gbalave –Avenon near kpalime. Such activities are often used to prepare the town folks for a possible campaign and church planting. The dawn preaching starts at about 5:00 am and ends about 6:00 am. It commences with singing, followed with reading of scripture and then a short message of exhortation. All these take place over the chariots P.A system.


As part of the practical training at BVBI, a day is set aside for student’s activity.  Students are taken to a community to share the gospel message using tracts and personal one on one bible study. They visit homes, give out tracts on the streets and visit traders in the market place.



Our weekly radio program Planet FM 98.5 is on-going despite a few challenges. For the month of April the presenters responded to several questions received from listeners. The program is making impact in the communities we have been visiting. Students are invited sometimes to assist the speaker by reading scriptures. The airtime for 2017 has been paid but we shall need funds to pay for next year 2018. Most of the callers are directed to the resource centre where teachers are available to teach. Airtime per month costs $52.00, and that adds up to $624.00 per year. 


In order to better serve the public, we have relocated the Resource Centre and the Chariot office. Preacher Azuka and Agnala are the two workers in the office. Apart from tracts, we have other religious materials and have made provision for visitors to sit and read. The picture above shows Azuka stapling French tracts that have been printed in Ghana on Risso machine provided by Gospel Chariot Mission in South Africa.

Tract rack in front of resource centre


The computer training class is a blessing to the students at BVBI. I had the opportunity last month to interview them about the class so far, and I was amazed at the progress they have made and the benefits.


1 Christian evidences

2 1st , 2nd Timothy and Titus

3 Ethics of the preacher

4 The books of Ezekiel and Daniel

5 The book of Romans

6 The Minor Prophets

7 Maintenance of computer

In Christ,

Willie Gley

Posted on May 30, 2017 .

Big plans in Togo!

The Bear Valley extension in Kpalime, Togo has had another outstanding month. In addition to the current activities, they are already making plans through the year 2020. To see the full report, click HERE

Posted on May 1, 2017 .

16 baptisms in Togo!

As mentioned recently, we send our sympathy to Wlliie Gley, Director of the school in Togo, on the loss of his father. It has been a hectic time for him, but he has sent an encouraging update that I think you will enjoy. See it HERE.

Posted on March 21, 2017 .

More good news from Togo

You might remember the incredible report recently from Togo about the conversion of an entire denominational church. Well, the good news continues to spread in Togo. Read the latest report from Willie Gley HERE. 

Posted on November 14, 2016 .

Encouragement from Togo

Willie Gley, the Director of the Bear Valley extension in Togo, has filed an encouraging report. They are reaching out to their community and country in a big way! 

Read Willie's report and see the accompanying pictures by clicking HERE

Posted on September 26, 2016 .