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Making a difference in Lima

Dear brothers in Christ,

The Bible Institute continues, we started our second semester with a lot of encouragement, both students and teachers have done and are doing a great job. We concluded the previous semester with the Homiletics 1 course with Abraham Alata and we began this semester with the course of Hermeneutics 1 with me as a teacher. Students do their best to take advantage of this instructional time.

As part of our calendar of activities we had two days of Bible conference in the month of April (18-19), Christians from different congregations were invited to participate in this event, we received the visit of approximately 60 people each day, the exhibitors were the teachers of the institute two per day, the conference was based on the book of Philippians ("Prisoners of Joy"). This was also a very good time of fellowship and instruction for the brotherhood. If God allows it, we are setting precedents for future events, because we want to do it every year.

The students, as part of their training, developed an evangelistic activity together with some members of the Church of Christ in America (where the Institute currently operates), on May 1st this activity was developed.

We greatly appreciate the time taken to read this report and to support the activities both spiritually and materially, our Lord keep and bless you.

Your brothers,

Juan and Abraham

Posted on June 10, 2019 .

Upcoming plans in Lima, Peru


The BVBI - Peru concluded the course "Personal Evangelism" with Brother Andres Nuñes, and at the same time let us know that we will begin this Saturday the "Homiletics 1" course with Abraham Alata. With this course we would be closing our first semester.


On March 2, the students of the institute had the opportunity to participate in an evangelistic activity in the Church of Christ the Crown - Pachacamac, we had a very profitable day visiting the community, encouraging them to study the bible and visit the church. Some 250 houses were visited, we had 10 studies with 18 people and 3 contacts were won interested in continuing to study the bible.

The students experienced evangelism as a group for the first time and as a prelude to the "personal evangelism" course. The church greatly appreciates the support received.


Our first Biblical Conference scheduled for April 18 - 19 is near and we have everything almost ready: teachers, literature, advertising and evangelistic brochures, t-shirts and banners. The conference is about the book of Philippians "prisoners of joy", we want to set a precedent for future events of this nature and take the opportunity to continue publicizing the institute among the brotherhood. We ask for your prayers for this event to be a success for the glory of God.


Juan and Abraham

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

A new school in Lima, Peru!

Dear brothers,

By means of this I am writing to you to extend my greetings and to report the progress of the institute here in Peru.

Last Saturday we finished the redemption plan with Yens Nima, with 10 students. There were 2 absent, due to health problems, Eyton and Lizandra, they had a baby, but there were complications which caused her to return to the hospital, two weeks ago they have already returned home, but Lizandra is still recovering. I think they are planning to start the next course. Both are very good students.

Regarding the other students, they are doing a good job with the lessons, although for several the academic level is finding it a little complicated, both to assimilate the lessons and to fulfill their tasks and exams. But we are sure that they will do much better.

As co-directors and teachers, we are seeing the best way to ensure that they are instructed and grow, but that they also approve the courses. Here I add the averages of the first 3 courses dictated by (A.T 1 - Juan Abanto, How the Bible came to us - Abraham, Evidences - Alejandro).

On the other hand, as part of our 2019 calendar of activities we will have an evangelistic activity in the area of the church where I am preaching, we will do it this Saturday, March 2. Since March and other months have 5 Saturdays, we decided to use them to take the group to do evangelistic work in different areas. I attach the 2019 calendar of activities. In our plan of activities we have included:

1.       Biblical Conference. We will have one in the month of April presented by the teachers of the institute and another one in November as invited by the IDC America.

2.       Evangelistic activity. We will have them in March, May, August and October.

3.       Recordings. We want to involve students and teachers to make audio and video recordings of different biblical themes for the benefit of our local congregations.

4.       Recreation. Both students and teacher will have one day in the year for recreational activities.

5.       Camp for Preachers (CPP). It will be a night and a day of retreat in which different preachers will be invited to spend time for instruction, feedback and fellowship.

6.       An evangelistic mission. The students and teachers will have a missionary activity next year, for which we are already preparing ourselves, mentally, physically and economically speaking (PERSONAL BUDGETS).

We appreciate the spiritual and financial support we receive from you, thanks to all the people involved in this beautiful project. May God continue to bless you!

We'll keep in touch! A hug from a distance!

For more information you can visit our website:


Posted on March 12, 2019 .