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Three "extended" schools in metro Accra



Koforidua, Kasoa, Nsawam

We are most grateful to the Lord for His hands on the schools, blessing the schools with regular admission and the love of the brethren, who always desire to support us for the truth. Bear Valley, Extended schools mentioned above started in January, 2019.

Koforidua is a Regional (State) Capital and the school is meeting in the meeting place of Ada Road Church, one of the six congregations in the city. Currently, the school has 13 students and is growing. Gyan Mante, one of the instructors of the school in Accra is the director.

The school in Kasoa, a District capital, meets in a congregation called Papaase No. 2. The school has 12 students. Kojo Acquah Beenyi is the director.

Nsawam is also a district capital. This is the first among the three and has 20 students. It meets in the meeting place of Adoagyiri Church of Christ.

These congregations have also given out all their facilities to the support and progress of the school. Their light bill as well. Basically, the instructors for the Accra school are the instructors and they teach base on courses assigned.

The school runs on weekends – Fridays, 4 – 8pm and Saturdays, 8am – 4pm. As part of the academic program, all students partake in the campaign programs, lectureship and other activities.

The fascinating character of the schools is that the truth is maintained and has yielded a positive influence all over the churches in Ghana, in which most of the churches are sending their men to study the Bible for the sustainability of the truth. With the help of the instructors, our students keep improving in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and the scriptures.

Our students have appreciated the consistent support of the brethren, especially our brethren at Riverside Church of Christ. Currently, with your help in finance, we’ve been able to afford 50 new folding study-chairs which is improving the comfort in the studies.


Posted on June 25, 2019 .

Evangelism in Accra


This month has been fruitful to us and a cool season, being the raining season in Ghana to the glory of God. We appreciate the wonderful works of God throughout the period; our classes, administrative task, teaching and non-teaching staff in Ghana. And the marvelous contribution of our dear brethren, we never cease praying with you in our various congregations.


Classes are on-going, and students participating in their lessons effectively. In few months, the third batch (full time students) will be completing their program for the two years and some of the weekend students in like manner be completing their course at the his year 2019. Due to their number, students yet to be completed, has been separated to enable them quickest completion for the rest of their courses.

As part of the program for the full time, thus church visitation exercise, the students are participating effective and doing well in the churches assigned to. The aim for this visit is to let our student improve in the homiletic presentation and practice.

We are also grateful to the Lord for bringing Kojo safely to Ghana and also thankful that he is doing well, very energetic and looking handsome. Immediately he arrived, that week, he started teaching for Kasoa Extended School. Also, he has made trip to Tamale to check on how the school and the church are doing over there, as well teaching in the school.

We cherish your remembrance of us in your prayer.

Keep praying with us. God bless you all. Amen.


Posted on June 25, 2019 .

Classes resume in Accra


By the words of the school, praise be to the Almighty God who has opened a new door of glory and continually blessing the school with understanding, wisdom and increasing daily the number of students. Blessings to our fellow brethren who in diverse ways, helping to increase the teaching of truth and generously giving to the glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ. May you flourish daily.


We are grateful for reopening. New courses are actively ongoing for this 2nd Quarter of the last academic year, 2019. All instructors are greatly partaking their responsibilities in the teaching work except Kojo who has travelled to USA and on his return, 31st April, will be taken two full courses for the two short course period.

The students, 12 in number per our records, 11 are present taking their classes regularly except one student by name, Joseph Boafo who has not been regular due to his work yet will not be graduated until he has met the academic requirements for the pass out.

In this 2nd quarter, the students are studying 1 & 2 Peter; 1 & 2 Thessalonica; Old Testament 5 (Study of the Minor Prophets); The Book of James; The Book of Romans, Christian Leadership, communication skills and IT.


As the work of the Lord demands, our students embarked on personal evangelism work at Obeyeyie, a town within Amasaman – Accra. They have baptized four (4) souls for Obeyeyie congregation. We are grateful to the Lord for this mission.


As part of the school’s academic exercise, our students are on the process of visiting various churches for their practical activities in the Accra – Eastern Region vicinity. This exercise will be carried out for a quarter and then rotated. With this, our students will experience various environment and strengthen them in the work of preaching and church management.

As per our request, pray with us.

Southeast School of Evangelism

Posted on May 14, 2019 .

Souls won in Accra


All courses were successfully taught throughout the first quarter of the year 2019. This is to apprehend that all students were successful in the participation of the courses except Joseph Appiah who missed some of the classes which by the administration, he will not be able to graduate at the end of the year, 2019.

Also, per the administration of the school, both regular and all extended schools have been well informed of their academic performance to buck up and fulfill all the academic requirements of the school pertaining to the award of certificate.


The director of Dobro school (regular class), has made the administration aware that due to the litigation of the first land, the land owners have secured the school with another on at the same area of Papase. The owners have agreed to prepare new indenture and site plan for the school. Currently, the administration has decided to start the project on plan this year.


This is a follow up campaign which was organized by the Nungua Church of Christ, bro Amoo-Gyimah Emmanuel being the preacher, requested the school to join the church to evangelize, a house to house and open air evangelism.

Under assessment, the people were receptive in the word but there were many promises of visiting the church on Sunday and three (3) souls got baptized. The church extends her appreciation to the school authorities for accepting their request for the student’s participation in the activities. Their expression of appreciation is that may the Lord bless you in your effort for an effectiveness and succession of the program.

Hopefully, some of the weekend students in Adoagyiri Church of Christ won two (2) souls whereas Panpanso No.1 Church of Christ won one (1) soul. Two souls were able to be capture but per the report I had from brethren other three got baptized during the campaign and one in the weekly activities.


The staff and all the schools are thankful to the Lord and our Saviour Jesus Christ for successful activities this quarter and ask the Lord’s blessings for you.

Keep praying with us.

Posted on April 23, 2019 .

A guest teacher in Accra


Another new moon the Lord has made and seen us through massive activities successfully, may His name be honored forever and ever, Amen.

It is always appreciable for such a wonderful period with its trips, support in prayer and in kind. We extend our thankfulness to all brethren.


During our school activities we were blessed to have one of our brethren, bro. Travis Hardesty, where he partook immensely in the teaching of the course of Intertestamental Period of the Bible, both at the extension programme and the full time as short course.

With the much love for the progress of the school, he did not only impart knowledge but he also donated greatly to the  School by providing Air Condition for the instructor’s and guest room and a large Industrial Sink for use in the kitchen with its installation funds.

Furthermore, he visited the following churches: Achimota, Nsawam, Agona Swedru and Kasoa to exhort and teach them the way of the Lord.


To the students, he has been helpful to us for these first and second visit in Ghana, especial for the school. They also appreciated him with gift of Ghanaian dress by the full time and words of citation by the weekend students. We all say, may the Lord bless him.


Sadly, and to thank our Lord for whatever happens in our lives, bro Kojo’s sister sadly passed away just some few months,  the staff and students joined in to mourn with him and the burial services. God being great in all things, we successfully brought it to a peaceful completion.


This is a wonderful visit I have ever experienced that brethren came to Ghana to evangelize and organize a programme for the Women Bible Class in Cape Coast, Chapel Hill Church of Christ, with their wives. This is impressive to have brethren evangelizing effectively both in house-to-house and public preaching.

To the glory of God, during the evangelism activities, I recorded seven (7) baptisms for the Lord’s church at Ankaful in Cape Coast. These faithful brethren worshipped with the congregation in Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipality, church of Christ-Adoagyiri, were the extension programme of BVBI is established thus “Sammy’s Congregation.” Our brothers participated in most of the church worship; Bible class, Exhortation, Prayers, the Lord’s Supper and Giving.


We humbly thank our Lord for all activities which He journey with us successfully. Greetings to you all both in Ghana and in USA for such wonderful love shown to us.

We always ask you to pray with us.

Posted on March 25, 2019 .

Back to business in Accra


Thanks be to the God Almighty, who has made our living fruitful since last year to date. Peace be with you brethren, for the time spending on remembrance of us in your daily prayers, we are grateful to hear about you from time to time. Stay bless and long live.


Praise the Lord with us for His guidance through numerous challenges we had in the past year and mercifully made everything new in this year, 2019. Our hope is that everything continuous peacefully.

Praise Him!


On 11th January, 2019, the Degree in Biblical Studies, started with thirteen applicants. Orientation was organized by Mr. E. O. Larbi and students were introduced. Beginning of the programme, the students sat for an entrance exam in order to check exactly if they qualify and that they have varied entry requirements. In order for them to start the general course, series of assignments has been given to them to be completed and submit before or on the next school day. This will show if they will be capable for pursuing the program or not.


14th January, 2019, the Accra school resumed from Christmas holidays and classes commenced with the following courses: Hermeneutics 2, Life of Christ 3, Pastoral Epistles, Marriage, Inter-testamental Period, Communication Skills and Computer.


Currently, 13 students are for the full time department. 11 are present and seriously pursuing their regular courses. The 2, Daniel Agyei, one of the instructors in Tamale and at the same time a student at SIBS has not reported and hopefully, will come to Accra to complete his courses when he completes his duties in Tamale. Also, Joseph Boafo has not reported due to his job schedule and the board is yet to discuss the necessary action due a student who reports late to school or for class.

All teaching and non-teaching staff are present and warmly carrying out their responsibilities as per the schools’ time table for this quarter.


As per the schools’ quarterly activities, there are two (2) campaigns scheduled. One in Sekyi-Agyakwa School, Nsawam and the other at Nungua, Accra.

The Nsawam campaign has successfully completed with two (2) baptisms. In the full 7 days’ activities, the programme was held in three aspects; open air in the evenings, dawn and house to house preaching. All the students participated well as per those who were able to attend up. Two instructors were present to see to it that the activities went through well.

We are highly impressed with the effective of the students’ participation and eager to do the work.

We still ask that you keep us supported with your prayers, God bless you. Amen.

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

Success in greater Accra

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ….” Eph. 1:2.

We are always grateful to the Lord for the series of activities He has seen us through for this month. Though school is currently on vacation yet there were other activities organize within this period.


This class though not part of the Bear Valley programmes but this was instituted by Alex Sah, a former student of SIBS who graduated in 2015, had the interest to help nourish the children of the Lord’s church and non-members in the community in the word of God. 

His aiming factor is to begin strengthening and winning the children when they grow up.

They have also appealed to the school of New Testament Bibles and other journals that may help in their studies.

With such initiative, the authority of the school has permitted them to use the school’s facilities to support their learning. We are hoping it will grow effectively in the faith. 


As part of the school’s financial accounting activities, this department has made submission of the 2017 and 2018 account report to be audited and to filing of returns to the Registrar General’s Department.

Kojo and Sammy assisted in this process seeing to it that the right thing is done to avoid penalty that may result for not obeying the law of the state.


The churches of Christ in Central Region of Ghana organized a three-day Bible Camp for its members with the aim of education the church to be one and edify its members. The theme for the programme is “that ye may be one” as request by our Lord Jesus Christ from the Father.

This three (3) day programme was successful with nine (9) baptisms announced during the closing session of which seven (7) were capture by Sammy. The school helped with the van, of which was a great blessing.


The wife of brother Paul Adom, an evangelist at Nkonya Wurapon, Volta Region of Ghana, has passed away. He is currently, teaching in a Bible School as well. Sadly, she has been in sick bed for about 10 years before her call by our Lord. The staff of the school also participated immensely and mourn with our dear brother during the funeral.

With all these activities in this month of December, joy fill our heart that everything was done peaceful without cut on anyone. We are highly thankful to the Lord for His mercy.

Keep praying with us.

Posted on January 14, 2019 .

New student interviews in Accra

We are thankful to the Lord for reopening and have seen us through all the quarters and finally in our fourth quarter of the year 2018. Glory be to God in the Highest and our dear brethren.


Hopefully, we have resumed back to school thus 7th October, 2018 and classes begun on 8th October, 2018.

Lessons as per the schools’ curriculum: Personal Evangelism 2, Homiletics 2, The New Testament Church 2, Old Testament 3, Bible Geography and 2 Corinthians respectively are being handled this last quarter of the year, 2018.

Instructors are all present and carrying out their teaching responsibilities. Our full time students are doing well but it is rather unfortunate that two of them – Steven Gedza and Baodi Samuel - are no longer with the Southern Institute of Biblical Studies - SIBS. Boadi Samuel has been admitted at the WESTCOAST whereas Steven Gedza has left for a company work.

Currently, the full time class are eleven (11) in number pursuing this fourth quarter’s courses.


As by the school’s schedules for the staff meetings, it is the last but one staff meeting for this year, 2018. Agendas discussed at the meeting were evangelism programme in Tema C3, review of curriculum, staff visitation activities, graduation procedure for the weekend students, and preparation for new schools.

Staff Visitation

The instructors per the director’s order, have been instructed that they should visit all the congregations of which our students preached for. The instructors have been charged to encourage the churches and her leadership to support their preachers in school in terms of pocket money, transportation, etc.

Interview with New Students

As God richly blessed the school with will hearted instructor, supporters, and providential control so also the students increase in their numbers. These brethren were interviewed last Wednesday, 24th October, 2018; Kofi Antwi, Emmanuel Yao Ahorklo and Ransford Addai Adams for the weekend programme and Nana Adjei for full time programme.


Brother Samuel Assifuah, one of our students’ father passed away and by the Grace of God the students, staff members and some of the church members went to Cape Coast on 27th October, 2018 to participate in the final funeral activities. We are most grateful to the Lord for safe trip.

Please continue to pray with us as we strive to serve Our God by training men to preach the Word of God.

From the staff of BVBI-N (Accra, Ghana)

Posted on November 24, 2018 .

Continued success in Accra

Glory to the Most High God and our Lord Jesus Christ for His mercies which abound on us. Peace be with you.


The Accra school is always blessed by our Lord for the ongoing of class activities and increase in number. Almost monthly or more, we have an addition, sometimes one, two and three. We are grateful to the Lord and your prayer.

Peacefully, our students are doing well and instructors in good condition with their effective class activities.

Currently, we have 37 students for the weekend while one of them has had a chance to further his education circularly. Currently the class is studying II Corinthians.


Whereas they pursue their diploma course, they also work effectively at their various congregations as preachers and leaders. Weekly reports are submitted to the schools’ administration to check on their services rendered to the church.

Baptisms are reported when the Lord permits.

The baptisms recorded are Ten (10) persons: Syntyche Ayesu, Ayesu Serwaa, Lilly Mensah, Gakpe Abgeko,James Young Kertulah, Barnabas Manefaa, Juliana Ohenewaa, Happy Korkor and Comfort Tetteh.


As part of the discourse, issues addressed were new extension of schools in Kasoa, Nsawam, Koforidua and Kumasi; matters of school land, Degree programme and the progressive records of the old schools in Ghana.

Survey is ongoing to get on with the new extension and the Degree programme which is starting in 2019.

Greatly, the brethren are applying for the programme.


A press conference organized by the Greenfield Scientific Herbal Clinic, Accra as one of the best herbal clinic chosen for international award winning. This calls to the Director of SIBS, brother Emmanuel Odeng Larbi to participate in the officiating servanthood to committing and closing the programme in the name of the Lord in prayer and an exhortation to the members at the gathering.

Finally, we are thankful to the Lord for His mercies in terms of challenges which He sees us through.

As we pray for your growth, also pray with us.

The administration of SIBS

Posted on October 16, 2018 .

Masters level courses taught in Ghana


We shall always be thankful to Him for He has made a successful endings. Glory be to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for all the wonderful activities He paved for its successions.  


We were grateful to the Lord for the safe arrival of our brother Jerry Bate on Sunday morning, 5th August. On his arrival, he first worshipped with the Teshie Mains Church of Christ, Accra, Brothers Emmanuel Odeng Larbi and Kojo Acquah Beenyi. Emmanuel preaches for this congregation.  

Jerry taught for two weeks in Bear Valley master’s program. The total number of 23 students attended and the courses were Advanced Homiletics and Hermeneutics.

Having completed his lessons for the MBS program, he left for USA on Friday night, 17th August.


Normal classes were completed on the following courses: Hermeneutics 2, The Life of Christ 2, The Gospel of John, The Book of Acts, Communication Skills, ICT and finally, two short courses of “Prison Epistles” prepared and taught by Kojo Acquah Beenyi where as the “First Epistles to the Corinthians” was prepared and taught by bro. Emmanuel Amoo Gyimah.

Thirteen students were present with the exception of bro Steven Gedza who was absent owing to health problems. Thank God he was able to report to school before the end of the term.


Great thanks to the Lord for a heartfelt giving by our brother Jerry Bates, who supported the Master’s program with an amount of GHC 2,100.00 to cater for part of their feeding cost.

We are grateful to what the Lord has done through the hands of the MBS students who donated sound system to aid instructors for the teaching and learning in the classroom and other important gathering. The master’s students donated the equipment to the school for the school’s use and also for evangelism.

The board of the school, staff and the students expressed their profound appreciation to these brethren who made the donation to the glory of God and the progress of the school. We say God richly bless you and restore in abundant what you have produced.


The school is making a regularly visit to the schools’ property (land) as a way to protect it.  Tall pillars are made to mark the boundaries. Wall fence will be made when funds are available.


We are thankful to the Lord for bringing us safely to the graduation and seminar programme and back home. These were accomplished successfully followed by a four (4) day Annual Seminar for Preachers and Leaders on the topic: SACRIFICAL GIVING, which was taught by speakers Toby L. Soechting; David Savage; Steven Ashcraft; Charles King Arthur; and Kenneth Gyan Kesse, Snr.

Also, our students had the opportunity to visit one of the pioneer preachers who by his effort established the church of Christ in Accra, the Nsawam Road Church of Christ. He is in the person of bro Daniel Ampadu Asiamah, whose health status is not permitting him to further his preaching work.

We were glad to see a man whose effort and teaching qualities have been periodically announced national in Ghana. This has been the wishes and expectation of most preachers to see such a hardworking man of God and a role module.

Keep praying with us as we do also in our various and daily prayers.

Posted on September 24, 2018 .

Classes resume in Accra

Grace be to the Lord for a successful end of July. We are gratefully kicking and we appreciate all the brethren for their prayers. We also pray that the Lord may grant you abundant strength.


The school resumed on 1st July, 2018 with full class in session. All instructors have been regular to commence their respective courses.


· Effective lessons are in progress for this Third Quarter. On the curriculum includes: The Gospel of John, Life of Christ 2, The Book of Acts, Hermeneutics 2, 1 Corinthians, and Prison Epistles.

· The staff has met to assess the progress of the school and new plans ahead. After the meeting, the director and his instructors met the students to motivate them on their studies and instructed them on their weaknesses.

· The director and the administration have devised a plan to visit all the students’ working places to encourage the churches to effectively support the welfare of their preachers (students) as in pocket money, transportation, etc.

· Also, the administration has deployed one George Osafo, an English Instructor for the regular students which took effect on 13th July, 2018.


Reports from our students, both the regular and mostly the Week End show that much work are done by them, as they teach and preach in various Bible Classes in their congregations and that they visit. Baptism records of Six (6) are reported for July, 2018.

Keep praying with us as we do also in our various prayers.

From the staff at Southern Institute of Biblical Studies (SIBS)

Posted on August 14, 2018 .

Campaign success near Accra


We are more grateful to the Lord for the peaceful ending of the month. Also, we ask the Lord and our Saviour to strengthen our supporters for their heartfelt giving and their remembrance in prayer for the progress of the School. God bless you all.

Campaign Activities

As part of the school’s curriculum, two of the students and an instructor went on a survey at an area under consideration, Rock City Church of Christ, Kasoa – Accra. The campaign will be carried out on 4th and ends in 10th June, 2018.   Having completed the campaign, after Sunday worship we had Three (3) men who were immersed to the glory of God.


The Rock City Church of Christ gave a donation of 300.00 for the school for such wonderful work done.

Request for Students regular visit

Having noted the effectiveness and the effort of the students in the scripture, some clarifications were made on some questions boggling the leadership. However, they had requested that the students should visit them so that some lessons could be taught for more clarity and understanding of the scriptures for their spiritual growth. 


In conclusion, the administration and all teaching and non-teaching staff together with the students, say God bless you. Keep praying with us.

God bless you and remember us in your prayer.

Southern Institute of Biblical Studies

Posted on July 30, 2018 .

Agriculture education in Ghana


We are more grateful to the Lord for the peaceful ending of the month. Also, we ask the Lord and our Saviour to strengthen our supporters for their heartfelt giving and their remembrance in prayer for the progress of the School. God bless you all.

Class and Practical Activities

Instructors are effectively handling their courses as their usual responsibility and as according to the school’s curriculum. Currently, we have all the students present for each course and all are making headway to the fullness of their programme in two years time.

Interestingly, they also had their practical work on “Plant Budding” which took place at Brother E.O. Larbi’s backyard garden, Hebron (Dobro – Medie Rd). This study was to bud late valencia, red blood and tangerine orange to a lemon plant. They were more excited for these programmes which added to them new ideas.

Campaign activities

As part of the school’s curriculum, two of the students and an instructor went on a survey at an area under consideration, Rock City Church of Christ, Kasoa – Accra. The campaign will be carried out on 4th and ends in 10th June, 2018.    

Faculty and staff at Southern Insitute of Biblical Studies


Posted on June 11, 2018 .

Graduation in Accra

To God be the Glory, forever and ever more. We shall be always blessed with new strength and ideas.

Successful Graduation & Matriculation

We held our 2nd Diploma and Masters’ Graduation in the Accra School on 14th April, 2018 at Sarpeima Church of Christ Auditorium. On the same day, we also had matriculation for our 3rd batch of school. 12 diploma and 12 masters’ received their certificates for the successful completion of their programme. Nine (9) Masters’ and Fifty-two (52) Diploma Students were matriculated. It was a colourful ceremony. On our facebook site we have our activities in pictures.

As part of the programme, we had dinner party at the school campus with the aim of bring all our students both past and present together and strengthening our fellowship. The staff and students were grateful for the occasion and the lectures by Gary Fallis and Steven Ashcraft on sharing the word of God helping us believing into Jesus Christ and His Church.

 School Resumes the 2nd Quarter

Students reported on 15th April, 2018 and effective class commenced on 16th April, 2018. This begins with the 2nd Quarter activities with the following courses:

Regular Classes

1.      Life of Christ I (Synoptic Gospels)

2.      Old Testament Survey II (Joshua to Esther)

3.      Christian Evidence

4.      Homiletics I

5.      Communication Skills

6.      Computer Studies

Short Courses

1.      The New Testament Church

2.      Godhead

Active Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff

All instructors; Yaw Amoo-Gyimah, Kojo Acquah Beenyi, Emmanuel Odeng Larbi, Kwabena Gyan Mante and Samuel Ntim Sasu are effectively instructing according to the schedules of the school which commenced on Monday 16th April. The weekend classes are also on going.

Number of Students

In our regular class we have Thirteen (13) students and Thirty-eight (38) students in the weekend class.


The staff of Bear Valley Bible Institute - Accra

Posted on May 15, 2018 .

Good news in Accra!


With much thank to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we are grateful to you, sponsors and all the churches for the school.

First Quarter Completed Vacation

We appreciate very well what the Lord has done in bringing to a finishing of the first quarter of the year, 2018. Courses as pertaining to this quarter has been successfully handled and well completed with its examination and short courses. School vacated on the 24th of March, 2018 and resumes on the 13th of April. All students participated effectively in class activities except our brother, Maxwell Owusu Ansah who couldn’t attend classes in the last two weeks of the term as a result of his wife being admitted at the hospital for pregnancy complications.

School Plot

There is a land being bought for the School in Accra and the students, staff and Travis visited it to see the state of the plot and how to work things out on the land.

The Director and staff of he Southern Insitute of Biblical Studies

Campaign Activity

As part of the school’s academic exercise, we had our first gospel campaign in the year at Immuna in the Central Region of Ghana.  We encountered some challenges with the Muslims. Their complaint was that during our dawn and evening public preaching, we spoke against them on the basis that Christ is the only One and only through whom salvation could be granted to humanity. Also, our preaching that it is biblically wrong to marry more than one offended.  Our campaign was blessed with 22 souls being baptized and 13 being restored.

Brethren at Jefferson City Church of Christ

Thanks to Fairgrounds Road church of Christ in Jefferson City and an anonymous donor who helped purchase the van for us. The van was very useful to our campaign at Immuna for conveying items and passengers all round. Without this, our cost of transportation would have been more expensive. We shall always say may the Lord who grants us mercies extend His blessings in abundance to you all.

Travis Hardesty’s Visit to Ghana

We were blessed to have brother Travis visiting our school, we were very grateful for his visit. He took some responsibilities by teaching our students in short course on the subject, “the Scheme of Redemption” and also participated in the evangelism program at Immuna, Central Region of Ghana. With him, we were able to convert the Preacher of a Baptist Church and some of his members. We really enjoyed his services and kindness of which we are always keen to have him any time he will come to Ghana.

Finally, pray with us as we also pray for you.

Posted on April 8, 2018 .

New Alumni Encouragement Plan in Accra

Praise is Him for the end of another month, February. The staff and the students are grateful to the Lord and to the Bear Valley Bible Institute for the kind and prayer all days to the growth of the school and the propagation of the gospel.

Regular Class

Classes are highly in session with all students and instructors. To our surprise, we had 9 students report at early start while gradually 3 men also have reported. We now have in sum of 13 men under training for the studies.

Staff Meeting

As part of the progressive report for the proper management of the school, the staff body; E. O. Larbi, Kwabena Gyan-Mante, Amo-Gyimah E., Kojo Acquah Beenyi and Samuel Ntim Sasu) has met on 28th February, 2018 to discuss the Dinner and Graduation Ceremony which is nearly to take place in April 13th and 14th.

Having met, the following conclusions were made on the programme for the day:

·         Guest of Honour: Steven Ashcraft

·         Chairman for the occasion: Adu Anane Antwi (Dr)

·         Guest Speaker for the graduation: Gary Fallis

·         Lectures on the day for the Dinner: Gary Fallis

·         M.C.: Yaw Amo Gyimah

·         Address: Emmanuel Odeng Larbi, the current Director of SIBS, Accra

Staff Visit to recent and past students

Also, the staff has added up to occasionally visit the past students in their congregation to check on the effectiveness and the growth of the church. A few days now, the director and his administrator visited one his students congregation thus Asuaba in the Eastern Region of Ghana. This student is by the name Afum Kwame Botwe who has just completed his two years course in Accra.

On his visit, he (Director) encouraged the church to pray and support their preacher in all means to enable him work hard and to instruct according to the gospel upon which they were called. Also, they should endeavor to abstain from all manner of life that does not bring fruit to the Holy Spirit.

Chapel Hour

On the curriculum of the school as the school’s chapel time, students and instructors participate effectively as in exhortation, songs leading, prayer and reading of the scripture. Having done, assessment is carried out to check on vocal, style of presentation, clarity, etc.

This period has improved the students in their boldness before audience and in their outing programmes.


We are always glad for your concern for remembering us in your prayers as we do here.

Keep praying with us.

Southwest Institute of Biblical Studies

Posted on April 5, 2018 .

Good news in Ghana

The beginning of the year 2018 saw 23 preachers meeting in a village called Agona Namanwura. The church in this village was established a year ago with an average attendance of 18 adults. The week-long stay in the village saw dawn preaching, where the loud speakers were used. There was daily house to house preaching and distribution of tracts. There was a nightly street preaching which most time ends at 12 midnight, those evangelistic activities resulted in 22 baptisms and 3 restorations. This congregation was highly blessed and pleaded with us to make it a yearly program to the church there.

Bible School

The beginning of the year 2018 marked the beginning of another school year of the Accra Bible School. It is a 2-year program. Over 20 brethren were interviewed but 12 have now reported. This is a boarding department and the students stay in the school for a term of 3 months and then go home for a month holiday. About 6 of the 12 are already preaching for congregations. I am teaching the “The Cost of Discipleship.

The part-time department is having 38 students, whereas the regular program is two years, this part-time program is for 4 years and currently we are in the third year. Classes are held on Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm. As the moment, I am teaching “The Scheme of Redemption.” The Tamale School has students’ population of 18 and currently they are on holidays for a month. This holiday is for the students who are mostly farmers to prepare their lands for planting. They are coming back on March 19, 2018.

Children – School: The re-opening of the school in January is the second of the three terms in a year. Currently, the children are using three of the six classrooms, down-stirs of the story building. We are yet to put a stir-guard on the steps as a guide to the three top floor classrooms. We have gotten new students since the re-opening of the school in January, 2018.

Baptisms: Our Mission congregations reported 6 baptisms and the Campus Ministry also recorded 4 baptisms.

We are blessed to have brother Travis Hardesty, Minister of Oak Street Church of Christ visiting the school in March. Oak Street Church is instrumental in helping the school get permanent building. We wish him a blessed stay in Ghana.

We are planting a new congregation in March in a village call Immuna on the coast, south of Mankessim.

Please pray with us, we really need it. Thanks.

Kojo Acquah Beenyi,    Minister,   Church of Christ,   Agona Swedru,  C/R,  Ghana,  West Africa

Posted on March 20, 2018 .

New Director in Accra

Great is He who has made seasons always new with full of strength, glory and merciful. Indeed with the Lord all things are possible. Happy New Year to all the brethren, the board and the instructors both in USA, Ghana, Togo and other countries, we always hear from you and your endeavor in remembrance in your prayer.


Structure Academic Activities: such as having chapel period, periodic evangelism on school premises.

Reaching the past students in contact: This was to check on how they are doing as to whether they are making headway in their preaching work. The instructors could visit their congregation as means of knowing their activeness. Also, to create a database for all their contacts details.

Soul Winning: Concerns was discussed and that the Year End Numbers were not encouraging therefore more effort should be put in order to have the gospel preached all round and to win more souls.


We are grateful to receiving application for the Third Batch. Twenty (20) students applied for admission for the academic year 2018/2019. Among these, we currently have Eleven (11) students for Regular Department and Four (4) for Weekends / Distance Learning Department.  We are firmly hoping that the rest of the Five (5) would be reported as we endeavor to reach them in contact daily.

Currently, we have in total of Thirty-four (34) students for Distance Learning / Weekends and Eleven (11) for Regular Department. In total, there are Forty-five (45) students currently for Accra School excluding those we are preparing for the graduation.


School resumes on 22nd January, 2018 and we have our first term study with full curriculum. The curriculum in the first term captures Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics, How We Got The Bible, Cost of Discipleship, Pentateuch, Communication Skills and Introduction to Computers. All the Instructors are healthily present on the period assign them and having their classes effective. Our students are very active desiring to study what’s the truth though they are few days old in class.


School Van: The Southern Institute of Biblical Studies, Dobro – Accra has successfully received a Van which could hold 18 persons. This will enable us to make trips to various places for our evangelism activities. For instance, that which is coming forth 5th March, 2018 in Central Region of Ghana. The staffs together with the new students say may your kindness be blessing to you and the church.

Information Center For Our Public Preaching Activities: having put forth the authorities about P. A. System for preaching, gadget such as horns, microphones, amplifier and cable has also reach the school for constructing Information Centre which is about to be done. This will aid our down preaching and other evangelistic ativities

Projector: A brand new Epson Projector has been donated to SIBS – Accra Campus to facilitate teaching in class, evangelistic activities and other activities that will demand for its use.

Other Donation: Much has been received from you in kind or cash which is helping for the progress of the school and more excellence for glorifying the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


As authorized by the National Coordinator, Br. Steven Ashcraft proposed that with effect from 1st January, 2018 bro. Seth Osae Larbi, the former Director for SIBS in Accra to be changed to bro. Emmanuel Odeng Larbi, the Assistant to Brother Seth.

Currently, we have our new director for Accra School, namely, bro. Emmanuel Odeng Larbi.

To add to the above, bro. Kojo Acquah Beenyi has been asked to serve as the Regional Coordinator for all the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Ghana with effect from the January 1st, 2018.

Hand over activities has been made to the new director and his administration. All ministries are effectively in progress for the year.

Samuel Sasu Ntim

Samuel Sasu Ntim


This is Samuel Sasu Ntim. He is a young of age 32 and a student of the second batch 2016/2017 academic year. He is single. Samuel is the evangelist of Panpanso No.1 local congregation with 33 believers. 18 members within two years were added to the church. Though they do not come in full number due to traveling and unemployment matters yet regular members of 26 meet weekly. Samuel is always proud of SIBS for the wonderful studies he has had through the Devine guidance and the knowledgeable instructors.

To add to his achievement, Samuel has been able to write a Bible Tract in Twi language which is titled “}kwan a Onyankop]n nam so de gye onipa nkwa” (the Scheme of Redemption) with the help of the institution.

Currently, he has devoted to transport and tracts sharing evangelism for the glorification of God.

He says may you, the Southern Institute of Biblical Studies and all the brethren be blessed.

From the staff at SIBS

Posted on February 13, 2018 .

Graduation in Accra




The students are happy so also our instructors. Their praise to the Lord is that our God is mighty, good and loving kindness Who protects and provides our needs all times. We had never lacked either closed door to our prayer in request and thanks given. May His name be GLORIFY!

Our supplication to the Lord is that you shall never lack in times of need. May the Lord restore in abundance all your endeavors to put the school into good shape, seeking that the work is done and the truth is told.


18th December, 2017, as written on the upper corner of the Formica board by the students of SIBS, Accra, “7 Days More” has come to pass.

The students are greatly happy for the completion of their Diploma in Biblical Studies. With much temptation and struggles in their two-year stay on campus, the fruit of their lips is that “we thank you for your love, free tuition, accommodation, feeding, study materials, internet, and above all instructing them in the way of God through encouragement and exhortation.

The students appreciate the staff, especially brothers Keith Kasarjian and  Steven Ashcraft; the school directors, brothers Seth Osae Larbi and Emmanuel Odeng Larbi; the instructors, brothers Kojo Acquah Beenyi,  Yaw Amoo-Gyimah, Kwabena Gyan-Mante, Jonathan Obeng Agyeapong; the cook, sister Christiana Adziaka and the Administration for being with us in spirit and in love.

We are grateful for the presents, visit, and donation from the brethren.


On Thursday, 14th December, 2017, was the last day for a visit to the students for their departure. Having stood up on behave of the staff, Brother Seth Osae Larbi, gave the students a farewell message.

His message was about our preparation for the field work and not just a mere completion but to fulfill our mission on this earth as preachers of the gospel.

Having done with the message he blessed us and with word of prayer. With a hand shake we salute each other.


Brother Emmanuel Odeng Larbi presented Willmington’s Bible Handbook and Ministering Ethics to each student being what he has for our further study and research work.


This was our 4th campaign held on 4th – 10th December, 2017 at the township of Obeyeyie, Amasaman-Accra. In unify body: the current students, some of the past students and other preachers propagate the gospel for a week.

Minor challenges: Muslims and other traditional faith believers have dominated the area, yet with the help of God we had in all 8 converts, 7 new Christians and an old member who has just arrived in the town. Out of this effort we establish the church in this area with many of our contacts promising to come back. We were much grateful to the Lord for the wonderful things He has done.


The new year for the school, being our third batch of students is beginning on January 22, 2018. We have so far interviewed fourteen students and hopefully all would come to school come January 22.

As we beginning our new year, we wish you Happy New Year, praying that much good will be done and accomplished.

Posted on January 10, 2018 .

Students finish their courses in Accra


We thank God, the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ for making this year a peaceful year, though much challenges yet we are almost at the closed of the year through His Protection.

We are always thankful to you and the instructors for the great effort made to the students of the Southern Institute for the support and the sound doctrine.

The staff and the students say God bless you all.


On 10th of November, 2017, was Br. Keith Kasarjian together with Br. Stephen and Br. Osae Larbi last visit to the school in Accra (full time department) to see how the students were doing.

His visit was a motivation to us and the farewell message encouraging them to buck up with their studies. Having said this, he further went to check out the books at the library and finally prayed for the students and left.

The students’ message to him was that they appreciate his concern for visiting them from the beginning and ending of their two years studies in Bible knowledge on campus.


Almost all touches on the school block are accomplished. A small portion of the painting work and the fence are yet to be accomplished.


The school’s vacation for the Christmas holidays also marks the end of our two-year programme for school. Our second batch of twelve students ends their two-year vigorous and research-work based classroom studies in December, 2017. Even though they are ending their studies in December, their graduation will be in April, 2018. Three of the twelve are Liberians.


The school is blessed with a van that became possible through the generosity of the brethren in America. The van is mainly for use for Gospel Campaign, excursion and also for the use by the American brethren when they visit for short course, graduation or campaign and other vital purposes.  


The sport line of November student’s profile is one of our finest students by name David Antwi. He is married with three children, all boys. He preaches for Achimota College Church of Christ. Achimota is a suburb of Accra, our national capital city, and there are three congregations by location where David handles one of them. David is grateful to the school, according to him, he is now able to handle right with the scriptures and the brethren are happy for his work. The church has seen growth since he began preaching for the past years. It will interest you to know that the only survived preacher among the five first batches of preachers for the church in Ghana is a member where David preaches.


Please pray with us as we are about to end the year and to enter a New Year.

Posted on December 18, 2017 .