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Evangelism in Mbanga

Our God is exalted far above all heavens and His glory is above all the earth. God blesses his church and the work of the Bear Valley Bible Institutes in Cameroon. I hope all is well over there. 

Cameroonians, since Monday, have been so busy with back to school or school resumption which has been a major problem to our English-speaking brothers. Nevertheless, we of the school of preaching are very busy with examinations, short courses, and the sister’s class. We praise God almighty for another successful week that our students and the church passed through. It was a very busy one with examinations for the students. 

This is when the students are presenting, “Practical Homiletics” for their exams. It was good for them to present in front of their peers for “Homiletics I.” For “Homiletics II,” it shall be with the congregation.

As we were rounding up with exams it was time to go to Bomono Ba Mbenge, a community along the Mbanga Douala highway were one of our graduates, Raoul, is working full-time. There was a mini lectureship for the zone. Tracks we carried along including “The Good News and Seven Ones,” in French. The students motivated evangelism, singing, reading of the bible, and many other activities as one of them won the best price for bible quiz. Souls were touched during door to door evangelism and even open-air preaching. It was a blessing as the zone expect much from the students and staff of the Bear Valley Bible Institute Cameroon. Our challenges there were the poor sound system which has been a problem most of the time. Keep our hundreds of prospects in your prayers and for brother Raoul to get have good follow- up with them. We returned Saturday evening after the last evangelism.

Please continue to pray for us.

Posted on September 10, 2019 .

24 baptisms in Mbanga

I greet you all in Jesus name. We praise the almighty God for giving us another opportunity like such. Our God is good and is blessing the church richly. Most of our youth have gone out for holidays and some might further their studies in other places.

We therefore thank the almighty God for giving us that spirit to transform minds. Just as our theme for 2019 goes," My Year of Uncommon Transformation." Subsequently, the church in Mbanga and my home have been common ground for transformation. This is a blessing from God.

Special greetings from the staff of the Bear Valley Bible Institute Cameroon -Mbanga, with a smile on our faces, and from the students who all returned from their first campaign safe and sound. The students of our institution had left for a two weeks mission work to various congregations across the country. We are blessed this time in our campus to have about 15 students in our campus which is a very large number and helpful for evangelism and missions. 

15 students left for mission work to 11 different assemblies across our country. One person went up to the north due to a call by a dying congregation that needed some serious work. It was done perfectly with the help of two of our graduates already in the field. The great God keeps on blessing His work In French Cameroon. The first mission work and campaign were successful as we can get feedback and reports from the local assemblies.

God blessed our first mission work with 24 baptisms, 17 restorations, and one restored congregation in the northern part of Cameroon which gave a total of 44 souls all together. Hundreds of others were opportune to listen to the word of God by way of the students. Some will surely be baptized later after follow-up by the local preacher. Hundreds of tracks were distributed along-side the work. May God continue to bless this batch of students and may they continue to be dedicated to the work.

Also, we are pleased to inform you that all the students came back to the campus and have started classes successfully. May the good Lord lead them through this quarter also in Jesus name. We are pleased to tell you that everybody is okay for now after some series of sicknesses took most of the students unaware. They have gone to the hospital and are taking their treatment. Just one or two persons have some severe problems of health and will have to go to a specialist.

 Upcoming events:

 We are planning to carry out massive evangelism in a new site called Ayos in the central region. We shall be going out for another evangelism in Susa next week. In August we shall be attending the youth retreat with some students.

Calvary greetings from my wife sister Mary who is pressing hard to see that the work in the Bear Valley school keeps on growing.

Ititi Benedict


Posted on July 28, 2019 .

Good news in Cameroon

Hello people of the Most-High God,

We bring you warm greetings from the church in Mbanga, from the school of preaching, and from my family as well. It is a pleasure to relate and to communicate to you all about the work in French Cameroon.  Our country has still been in serious tension with the crisis in the English-speaking part and also in the northern part where Boko Haram is also terrorizing the people in that locality. We urge you people to keep our nation in your prayers.

Time waits for nobody. This has been a common saying in Cameroon. We are advancing with the training of preachers and before it is time, we shall be having another set of preachers in the field. What a glorious moment in life it is to do the work of an evangelist.

We had our first short course with the third batch of students and our first students’ wife’s class that lasted for one week. “It was awesome to have this,” the sisters testified after I taught them the course on “General Bible Knowledge” while analyzing one book after the other. At the end, many were able to site the 66 books of the bible and could also give out the names of the apostles of Jesus Christ along with many other things. At the same time, the men were taking the short course, “Discipleship,” taught by evangelist Beasem Julien. It all went well as the brethren gained more knowledge in the Bible before going out for field work.

Mission work and campaign.

Immediately after the short course, the students embarked on a very critical mission, that of preaching the gospel and winning souls. Some were so excited to go out and become fishers of men while a few others were still in traumas they began to imagine how they would be going out for the ever first time. The command was given and the teaching that no one puts his hand on the plow and looks behind. Go and preach the gospel and the Lord shall be with you till the end of the age.

The field is vast as demand for students was really high. We sent our 15 students to 10 congregations around French Cameroon. We are still waiting for their return. We pray, “may the Lord be with you all till you return to the campus.”

Brother David Ballard, on his part, was doing personal evangelism both in people’s homes and at the church campus. It was another fruitful time as God added 4 souls with in this period of 2 days of evangelism and all are doing great in the Lord. Some others were distributing some food items to the patients, kids waiting with their parents, and sick one. It was all another sweet moment of fellowship. The water in the campus was able to satisfy and quench the taste of all those who were present. Brother Ballard also handed over a Bible to a new convert.

Our next quarter shall begin on the first of July 2019. We pray for the safe return of the students. Some have traveled as far as to the north of Cameroon.

May our Savior, Jesus Christ continue to be with us.

 From the slave in the Mbanga assembly and the school of preaching in Mbanga,

Ititi Benedict


Posted on July 13, 2019 .

A busy week in Mbanga

My beloved people of God,

We Greet all in Jesus name. It is great to have you on our page again this morning. The Lord granted to us a gift of life this day. We give him all the glory. We had a beautiful week with the work in the vineyard of God almighty. He gave us another opportunity to exploit the world. It is a time to reflect on many things and we thank God for every possible solution. Accept salutations from my lovely wife and from my household.

 Just like we made mention in the beginning, the week was a very busy one. That is why there is some delays in sending this report.

Visibility work done in Mombo

Working in collaboration with brother Giress and brother Alfred, I made them travel to Mombo which is a subdivision next to Mbanga, for a visibility study. The report on the ground is promising as we met some internally displaced Christians during our second missionary trip to Mombo just within one week. We are already developing strategies on how to begin work in this community and in the space of no time, the wife of one of our present students shall be living in that community. A site for worship is one of our main difficulties and next will be worship setup such as benches, a table, and some other few things. I believe God is going to do great work in that community and its surroundings.

The students also took part at the burial ceremony of our little sister who died in Mujuka and was buried in Kombe. Rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. It was time to mourn with the bereaved family and her little classmates who were just from writing the entrance exams to the secondary school in Cameroon but could not see their class mate there. It was a pitiful situation. God has a reason for everything. May her soul rest in peace.

Preachers forum in Bonaberi.

Present this year in the annual preacher’s forum in Bonaberi in Douala were some graduates from both our schools. All the instructors of Mbanga were present as well as some present students in Mbanga. It was a good one as we had lot of good lessons to study about. The next forum shall be in Bamenda.

We had on our very busy schedule 20th of May celebration.

This year’s national day celebration on the 20th of May was blended with the students and some members of the church who took part in the march pass as you can see with the placard. Our goal is to let the people of Mbanga know about the work of our school and the church in our locality. We had as one of our tasks the responsibility to share tracks to many people and by his Grace we shared about 1500 tracks along with world bible school lessons with our phone numbers on them. We are now waiting for the outcome. Thanks to our donors, the tracks have gone a long way to help many areas in our country. We pray and requesting for more of these different tracks and books. Thank you Barry Baggot with French World Outreach, Mission Printing, and others. We shall continue to preach the word. Oh, how I wish we could have a radio program in Mbanga so we could send the message more to the street, quarters and all over the surrounding villages. Please send up prayers for the work in Cameroon 

 The students are also doing great in class work.

 As days goes by, we are becoming closer to the end. The students are now becoming used to their new way of life in the campus. It is not easy for them to meet up with the climate change. Some are passing through a very difficult time as they repeatedly going to the hospital. Brother Prince, Bertrand, and Romains have visited the hospital in Mbanga and Douala and Bertrand have been asked to go for scanning. Some are getting some relief through our first aid box with the aid of brother Bako who is our student doctor. We pray for their good health in order for them to concentrate on studies. 

We shall begin with exams next Monday 27th of May. Short courses shall begin on the 3rd of June. May God be their guide.

May the Lord be with our mission work in Cameroon. The congregations in Cameroon are seriously waiting for our coming missions. Brother David, we welcome you and your team in Cameroon this June.

 Our graduates  

This is brother Memvi who graduated last March in Mbanga and is now working with the congregation in Mbalmayo. Information is reaching us that brother Memvi has been attacked by a stroke so that both of his legs are been paralyzed. My beloved brother Memvi is undergoing treatment in Yaounde but in a local way due to lack of finance. Even though he is receiving only local treatments, he Is asked to pay 7500 frs ($13) on daily basis. This few days old preacher seriously needs assistance to improved his health condition. Calls are already reaching us from the congregation that we should be sending students to come and help in preaching for they are still very young. This is one of the congregations established with the help of our Bible Institute.

Our graduates are in the field doing their work. Continue sending up prayers for them. A new congregation is about to begin in Douala as brother Raul who graduated In March, is following his goal to implant an assembly in a village of Douala. Brother Nicanor, who preaches to the refugees in Douala, is passing through a very long distance to come and do his job. He is soliciting for a place of worship. It    not been easy with the new beginning. More prayers are needed for these guys.

Thank you for your prayers and support,

Ititi Benedict

Posted on May 27, 2019 .

A new class of students in Mbanga, Cameroon

For the greatness of God is upon His chosen ones, a peculiar people. We are happy to be part of this great work going on in Cameroon and in Mbanga in particular. 

 Greetings to the family of God over the seas and oceans, thousands of miles away from my community. I know it has been for so long that our communication process has been suspended due to much commitment accompanied with some family challenges. Never-the-less, our God is great for taking us through these moments of crisis in my family. So long as God is still sitting on the throne, so long as my Lord liveth, my hope is in him for he is the lion in the tribe of Judah.

To begin with this day, it shall be the Church of Christ in Mbanga that sends salutation. The church in Mbanga is rapidly growing in number and in strength. The church is not totally depending on the students any longer to serve during worship as we are growing and nurturing into maturity. As many continue to flee from the crisis in the English speaking part of our country, or look for a place to send their kids to school, our number also keeps on increasing and by so doing, our students study room that we use for worship becomes smaller and smaller and can at times no longer contain all of our worshippers and so there is an overflow outside. The church is really in need of her own building and is pondering about it at church business meetings. Let us stay in prayer.

 My wife and I regret the loss of her mother, sister Ajoke Magrete. She came for the graduation ceremony in Mbanga in March but only the remains were taken back to the Southwest region for burial. God sees and knows everything. I am happy that she died in our hands even though we fought with her illness for close to a month before God finally called her to rest. This is sister Magrete on the photographs. The next is her children, in-laws and grandchildren after the burial.

 My wish is that you commit this family into God’s hands and especially my wife who is still in the village to round up with family discussions. She is in need of plenty of comfort but I had to rush back home to take care of the family, the church, and the school of preaching. Jesus Christ is Lord.

  A DIEU mama. We really love you but God is happy to receive you now.

 The BVBIC-MBANGA also sends greetings 

The old have gone and new have come.

 The men in blue you see are the graduates from the second batch of students and the men in white are the third batch. The students are doing well as they are still on observation, but some of them are already going out for evangelism on weekends to some areas for intervention. I believe this is going to be a great batch. I believe 3 is always great! We are already planning for our first mission work this June. Our mission work will be to Garoua and but mostly to Ngong were brother Mamoudou Estephane, a graduate from the first batch, is the minister.

It was also good to meet up with some graduates in the field and to see their work. I began with Mamoudou and Victor in the North to know how they are faring and to receiver some testimonies of the work from members of their congregation. It was good to have such a great trip. I think that is needed each year even though it was very painful and stressful. 

Thank you so much my beloved in the Lord. We also had about 4 souls added to the church in Mbanga since the coming of the new batch of students.

Thanks for your sincere work in the vine yard

The staff and administration of BVBI-M

Posted on May 14, 2019 .

Graduation in Mbanga

Things are going great in Mbanga Cameroon. The last few weeks were filled with many activities and celebrations. Brother Todd Crayton taught the final short course entitled, “Marriage and Family.” Following the class, there was a great celebration of marriage along with the registration of the marriages with the country of Cameroon. The couples had already followed the traditional marriage customs but took the opportunity to register with the state and celebrate with the church.

It is always great to have souls added to the kingdom. Pray for Juliette as she grows in the faith. The water is flowing well in the campus from the water tower. An addition filter for drinking water is not necessary but caution is always a good measure. The outdoor toilet is for the congregation and visitors as the inside toilets are reserved for the students.

The soon to be graduates were gave a defense of their research to the staff. They did a great job. We are proud of the students and staff of BVBIC-Mbanga.

The Bear Valley Cameroon Alumni Association met in Mbanga. It was great to see about thirty graduates some from each of our schools. They meet quarterly, if possible, to do mass evangelism together. This was a special meeting close to graduation to elect new officers.

The campus is getting some new looks with new paint, tiles, room labels, and sign boards. It is good that the people of Mbanga can follow the new signs to the building.

Graduation and matriculation went great. We graduated 9 and admitted 16. The school is growing. We will have 6 students from the country of Chad and 4 students from the far north of Cameroon.  We are seeing our dream of spreading the gospel into French Africa coming to life. The chief of the village thanks us for the many amenities like a gravel road, a night light, and available water. He congratulated the students and staff for their success and influence.

The students received an Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies and their wives received a Certificate of Completion of the Preachers’ Wife Program. We have sent them forth to win souls and nurture congregations.

I enjoy taking off my coordinator hat and my teacher hat and putting my brother in Christ hat to enjoy door to door evangelism with my brothers. It is such a blessing to go to work with these guys in the field. Even those who a starting their two years of training are already able to give a great defense of their faith. As always brother Todd did a great job of teaching and preaching.

Brother Clinton was converted in the Mbanga prison and is now a student at Wotutu. He was assigned to evangelism in Mbanga. He is helping some brethren find a pair of glasses that will allow them to read their Bible.

Brother Clinton’s wife Juliette is the one that was baptized by Todd. I went to the school where she is the discipline master and greeted many children and teachers. We pray that these community connections will also help in the winning of many souls.

We ask that you continue to pray for the work. We appreciate your support,

 In Him,


Posted on March 26, 2019 .

Reaching French-speaking Cameroon

Evangelism is our mission and our mission is evangelism. We must go into the world and make disciples in every nation. Greetings from the people of uncommon transformation. The church, students, and staff send their greetings. We search for the lost souls everywhere and the Lord adds to the church daily such as are being saved.

As we are rounding up with the last quarter for this 2017-1019 batch, the students are greatly occupied with a lot of traveling. This is a mission work on an excursion trip to some villages around the central regions were some research was been done on African Traditional Religion. It was good to take them to some palaces where they can meet some custodians of the land such as the chief and some notables. They were to ask questions on some areas of their tradition and customs and most especially areas that do not correspond with Christianity. One of the reasons for this excursion, is to learn a bit about the kind of person you shall be taking the gospel too so as to know how to appropriately approach them with the word of truth. It was a successful trip and everyone enjoyed it. The chiefs and the notables were very happy to receive the school of preaching staff and students. We pray for another trip next year.

These souls were added into the kingdom of light in the church in Mbanga. We continue to pray for their active participation into the kingdom of God. They are sister Evangeline and sister Treasure. Commit them into the hands of the almighty God.

Even at the final stage of the training we do not relent our efforts on evangelistic mission. Our door to door methods is still helping us even though some people may say it is obsolete but is also more effective as we meet the prospect in person. We are still traveling to other localities during most weekends to carry out the Macedonian call. This was in Bonadale. It is a young congregation whose members are all displaced persons but we are planning to make a huge congregation in that locality. May God be our helper.

Our next and last target will be the campaign evangelism in Sancho that will commence on the 1st of March. So, immediately after they finish their exams that early morning, all shall travel to Sancho for a serious evangelism mission with some brethren in the western regions. We shall begin with our last short course come next week with elder Todd Crayton from Frisco, Texas USA and he shall be teaching on “Marriage and Family.” Please commit us into your prayers.

From your fellow worker in the vineyard. Remain blessed.

Ititi Benedict


Posted on March 12, 2019 .

Upcoming graduation in Mbanga

Calvary greetings from this part of the globe. Blessed be the name of our Lord. By his grace, all in Mbanga, both the students and the church in Mbanga, are doing better but the crisis in English Cameroon is still a nightmare to most Christians and to a lot of people living in our country. Cameroon in general needs the concern of God. Therefore, I urge all Christians to put the nation into the hands God.

The work in the school has been going on smoothly so far since we came back in January. The school has been so busy with both the students and some staff members. Almost every week in this month has been very busy with mission work. The needs for evangelism are becoming so strong that in almost every single work in Cameroon, as the students are called upon to help. For this last two weeks, this is how things have been going.

 A lot of people are moving away from the two regions of chaos in the English side to look for a place that they can have peace. For about two months now we have received the Macedonian call in Douala in a quarter called Les Rails. This is the region just behind the hotel where brother David always eats when he has just arrived in Cameroon from the airport. This is the number we have been able to gather so far. The school sends students like Evaristus and Nicanor every week. I myself have also worshiped there.

As we approach our second graduation ceremony, the students are being motivated intrinsically. We are making plans with the congregation for graduation in March. We sat this week to make preparations for a massive turn out. We pray for another successful graduation ts 2019.

May God almighty keep on blessings us in Jesus name.

Ititi Benedict – minister Mbanga church of Christ and director BVBIC-Mbanga


Posted on February 18, 2019 .

Back in class on Mbanga

Greetings from Cameroon and from Mbanga in particular,

We hope all is well for you since we got into 2019. We are faring better and work continue both in the school and in the church. Our theme for this year 2019 is, My Year of Uncommon Transformation.”  (2 Corinthians 3:18) Our goal and objective is to transform our communities and the church, including the leadership of the congregation. Keep us in your prayers.

We glorify the almighty God for bringing us back safely to begin this academic year. All the 9 students who traveled out on December 13 arrived to their destination safely and engage themselves in serious work. We too, in the other part, were busy for our mission trip to Nigeria. Our students went into 8 different assemblies within 2 weeks on mission while assisting on lectureships and forums and visiting other congregations in their localities. À total of 22 souls were converted and 6 restored into the church while many people who had the privilege to hear the them speak the gospel became interested. Some even heard them over the radio and other medias. I think this was a great way to end the year.

We are back to school and studies continue with our last quarter and preparation for graduation. Recruitment for the new batch of students is also on going. We already have about 15 brothers who are interested in coming to begin studies by March 2019. 

God is great and we appreciate all His works in our lives. We pray that this year should be a successful one.  

Remain blessed,

Ititi Benedict Director BVBIC-Mbanga

Posted on January 28, 2019 .

Graduation upcoming in Mbanga

The students are preparing for their upcoming exams and short courses. You can imagine how that the conversation of the students now in school is all about graduation. Oh! How time flies and things keep on changing day by day. They have now been on a special mission for two good years and week evangelism even to very far places of the country. They are still welcomed and they are even solicited by other preachers to come and help their congregations for some time. The harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few. But, the Lord is in control. We attended to a lot of mission work these last few days ranging from lectureships to youth programs. Souls were added in the kingdom in various areas of the country. 

There is joy in the presence of God over one sinner that repents and sister Therence decided to shun the devil on a blissful Sunday morning. She is à French speaking sister and the French are attached to a lot of traditional background things that do not really correspond with Christianity. She needs some encouragement so as not quench the Spirit.

My family and I have been doing well even though with a lot of responsibility in my home. Lately most of the children who are living in my home have fallen sick but God is restoring their health situation. On one of the trips visiting at the hospital, we encountered bro Eugen who was hospitalized with the daughter. It is with this brother that we established this young congregation at Kompenia. The situation of the child was horrible and I ended up by donating my own blood to the child in order for her to survive. God help that baby! We praise God that she is still alive today.

Upcoming events:  

The students and the church shall attend our next lectureship, which is in our zone this week-end. We shall be planning to host the Fako and Littoral lectureship in the month of October 2018. Field work is at- hand and we pray for safety.

We urgently as for you to for our country. Pray for the people who are suffering in the bushes. Pray for the country during the up-coming elections in Cameroon. Our God is a good God. We thank you for all your efforts. 

Evangelist Ititi Bénédict

Posted on August 28, 2018 .

Triumph over trouble in Cameroon

Dearest in the Lord, 

    It is a pleasure to have you as spiritual family. God created us and we are living in one home but from separate rooms. From this end in our room that is in Cameroon we bring to our greetings. We hope that all is well across the ocean. May our great Lord keep protecting you. It is regretful that our country is still living in great fear. A lot of people are moving from the English speaking (Anglophone) regions to the French speaking (Francophone) regions. People are still witnessing gun shots every day and people are losing their lives and property every day. We are praying for peace to reign again so that the displaced persons to get back to their homeland. 

In the midst of the crisis our schools are still operating and our students are growing to greater and greater heights. We are already exploiting the third week in the second quarter of the second year. Oh, how time flies. Soon and very soon, we shall be inviting you for another graduation and matriculation. 

The month of June was characterized by lot of activities that involved both the church and the school in particular. The sisters and children of the Mbanga congregation traveled to Wotutu for a vacation Bible school that lasted for one week. Our children greatly enjoyed the activities and I had the opportunity the spend the closing day there with brother Micah Crayton who preached during chapel. My regards to Karen Pond, Vicky Harris and daughter Savannah, Jonathan and daughter Makenzie, and to the men who helped also.

Meanwhile, the students were having two week long short courses with elder Todd Crayton from the Frisco church of Christ USA. His courses were on the book of 1 Corinthians and Leadership. The courses went on well. He also spent some time admonishing the congregation and God added one precious soul in the church who is now a great instrument to our congregation.

Still in the month of June, our students spend two weeks going to about seven (7) different communities for evangelism campaign. It was a great success. To begin with our field work analysis, during this field work they talked face to face with about 450 persons, about 250 received tracks in both in French and English, some were restored, and about 7 baptized. We are still doing serious follow up with those converts and some prospects as we still send some students out there on a weekly basis. The field is vast but the labourers are few. French Cameroun is really vast. 

 Upcoming events.

  A lectureship is coming up in Susan this Friday. Mbanga will be hosting the Fako Littoral lectureship in October. We have summer youth retreat next month and women are also preparing for the sisters’ seminar.

Let's us be praying for our country.

A report from Mbanga by his servant Ititi Benedict

Posted on July 17, 2018 .

Campaign results in Mbanga, Cameroon

We bring to you Calvary greetings from this end of the globe. We are doing pretty good both from our congregation and from our school of preaching in Mbanga.

We are glad to report to the world this day that the Lord is doing marvelous work in our country of Cameroon even though it is in the midst of discord. We have been wise and hard-working just like Nehemiah. Nehemiah 4:17 says, "à hand for God and a hand for work." Keep on praying for our country and the spiritual leadership in the church in Cameroon. 

We went through a successful internship with our students in which I visited some of the areas of work. Even though we are few in number, we went across 5 French speaking regions which are the Littoral, the Centre, the East, the South, and the West. The work was grandiose as the students got back safely.

The final report for this end of fourth quarter is as follows: 

  Number of of congregations that we worked in:  10

  Number of baptisms recorded: 12

  Number of persons restored: 8

How time flies! We are now in the fifth quarter and preparation towards graduation is on-going as well as a campaign for new students that is reaching from North to South and from East to West.

We also attended the youth forum in Kumba with six of our students where we actively took great part in singing, translating from English to French and in teaching lessons that maybe the speaker could not make. Evangelism was also part of our mission during the youth forum.

How good it is to be in among brethren. It was great for some of them to have experienced this.

We are still doing weekend evangelism to assist some congregations that need help from us.

Preach the Word in Season and out of Season!  Brother Giress also accompanied the students on evangelism campaigns in Mbanga and out of Mbanga. Preaching is our vocation.

Next month we will be at the preacher’s forum in Buea and the Scholarship Lectureship in Kumbo were Paul Kee is operating a school preaching.

Thanks for your great support for the work in Cameroon.

Remain blessed

From Ititi Bénédict evangelist with the church of Christ in Mbanga and director of the BVBIC school of preaching in Mbanga. 


Posted on April 24, 2018 .

Student evangelism in Cameroon

Calvary greetings from this part of the globe. We do hope you are fearing well. By God’s grace all is well with the work in Cameroon. Our country, Cameroon, is still undergoing her crisis in the English-speaking regions. Some divisions are out of it completely. We strongly commit our nation into God's hands. Accept salutations from our congregation in Mbanga. This is how our work in the school of preaching had been going all this while.

We are preaching in the congregation and in our communities. A family was baptized in Mbanga before traveling back to Douala. They came for a brief meeting with brother Evaristus, one of our students in school. This created an opportunity for them to fulfill the scriptures. Two of these visitors were baptized and they are worshipping in Douala. May God be praised for their souls.

We also assisted brother Agbor James during his baptism campaign in the Kumba central prison were God added some souls in the church. The prison ministry in Mbanga is also growing with the help of the students, brother Giresse, and Philippe who are assisting brother Nicholas in this work, most especially lately during his bike accident. Let us continue to pray for this work.

We also ended our ladies class successfully. The course for this quarter was "The Holy Women of God." I took plenty of time to explain to the sisters because this was to uplift their spiritual growth. Most of them had good knowledge about it. It all went well as we ended it with a women’s day celebration. Brother Konglang Patrick, a graduate from Wotutu taught the book of James to our students as one of the short course instructors. He did pretty good. Students are out on mission work and they have traveled to eight assemblies in the French speaking regions. We are praying for their safe return come April 2nd to resume with classes.

Mission work to other places.

We started traveling with the students immediately. Some we went to the same destinations as in the past while were left them along the line. I started my mission on the same day as the students. We attended a lectureship in Kake in the Littoral Region were brother Evaristus and Memvi helped in evangelism for four days before leaving for Bafoussam and Compenia respectively. I continued in my village in a newly created assembly. And, on that faithful Sunday after worship, God added these 3 souls. I spent 10 days with the van visiting some students and congregations together with bro Émile the driver. We recorded 5 souls for this trip. God is great. Our school van took us to very far places. We appreciate the donors.

We thanks God for this trip to our French speaking regions. We really still need a lot of work in our country. By his grace we shall keep on working until the Lords returns.

From Bénédict thé Évangéliste with the school of preaching in Mbanga

Posted on April 5, 2018 .

Nearing the end of the 4th quarter in Mbanga

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

How precious it is to be in the house of God. We give God all the glory for He is the reason we are living. Accept greetings from our lovely family in Mbanga and that of the church in Kiboum that God added to His kingdom some weeks ago.

We request a series of prayers for our country Cameroon, for our school of preaching and for the congregations in the French speaking part of our country, as well as for my family.

The work in the Bear Valley School of preaching in Mbanga is growing as we are rounding up with long courses of this fourth quarter. This will mark the end of year one. How time flies! Very soon we shall be inviting you again for our second graduation ceremony and to our third matriculation ceremony come March 2019. Plan to come and be part of this great event in Mbanga.

Recruitment is on-going for those for male Christians who are bilingual or speaks just French who will love to be trained in our school of preaching in Mbanga. The forms are now available. You can contact any of the staff for more information.

Our students are growing both in preaching and in administration. We can observe them now and begin to compare and picture their first days on campus. Our computer lab is also helping the students to study and get details on some lessons and courses. The few books from the library are helping as well. We have more books and tracts on the way from Mission Printing and French World Outreach.

Weekend evangelism is the key to training and success of our students as they will not pass by a week without going to many, even some very remote, areas where they may travel for very long distances just to go and preach to young converts or to make some prospects or new converts.    This really brings out a lot of motivation both intrinsic and extrinsic.

This year started with lots and lots of blessings as many souls are already added to the church and with the assistance of our students. New congregations are being established. One new congregation is in Awing village were seven souls were added to church and another in Kiboum village. These were established the same weekend. Kiboum is a village in the central region of Cameroon. We have a congregation only in capital city in the central region. This could be the first village in the central region to accept the undiluted gospel. Nine souls are already baptized into Christ in that village and as of now, 32 persons are worshipping with the Kiboum church of Christ. We pray this will be a new beginning in the central region. Two were added last week in at Mbanga who will worship with the Bonaberi assembly in Douala.

We are planning for another mass evangelism in two other villages during this dry season. We pray that you commit us in your prayers to have the funds and the technics to go about this work. Evangelism is our mission and our mission is evangelism.

I thank the almighty God for his grace and strength and I thank the many great teachers and mentors whom God used to help bring me into this great work in Cameroon, for which I was trained and prepared since the days of my youth.

Shalom to all from evangelist Ititi Benedict, the slave at work.

Posted on February 25, 2018 .

Mass evangelism in Cameroon

How precious it is to be in the house of God ,we give God all the glories for He is the reason we are leaving. Accept greetings from our lovely family in Mbanga and that of the church in Kiboum that God added to His kingdom some weeks ago.

We request a series of prayers for our country Cameroon,to our school of preaching and to the congregations in French speaking part of our country and to my family.

The work in the Bear Valley school of preaching in Mbanga is growing as we are rounding up with long courses of this fourth quarter and this will mark the end of year one,how time flies very soon we shall be inviting you again for our second graduation ceremony and to our third matriculation ceremony come march 2019. Come and be part of this great event in Mbanga.

Recruitment is on going for those who will love to be trained in our school of preaching in Mbanga for male Christians who are bilingual or speaks just French . The forms are available you could contact the management board for information.

Our students are growing both in preaching and in administration.we can observed and begin to picture their  first days in campus.our computer lap is also helping the students to study and get details on some lessons and courses including the few books from the library.

Weekends evangelism is the key to our students as they will not pass by a week without going even to some remote areas were they will travel for very long distances just to go and preach to young convert or make some prospects and this is really brings out a lot of motivation both intrinsic and extrinsic.

This year  started with a lot and lots of blessings as many souls are already added to the church and with the assistance of our students,new congregations are been in Awing village were seven souls were added to church and the other at Kiboum village that same weekend.kiboum is a village in the centre region in Cameroon.we have congregation only in capital city in the centre region and this  could be the first village in the centre region to accepting the undiluted gospel.9souls are already baptised to Christ in that village and as of now 32 persons are worshipping in Kiboum church of Christ.we pray this will be a new beginning in the centre region,2 should were added last week from mbanga and will worship with the bonaberi assembly in Douala.

We are planning for another mass evangelism in two other villages in this dry season.we pray you commit us in your prayers to have funds and the technics to go about this work.evangelism is our mission and our mission is evangelism.

We thank the almighty God for his Grace and strength to be a part of this great work in Cameroon from the days of my youth.

Shalom to all from evangelist Ititi Benedict the slave at work.

Posted on February 13, 2018 .

David Ballard visits Cameroon

I am in Cameroon and wanted to give everyone an update on the work here on behalf of the directors. Randy Martin is teaching the book of I Corinthians in Wotutu while I am teaching the book of Galatians in Wotutu. Robin Martin is teaching “Holy Women of God” to the wives in Wotutu while Brother Glenn with Brother Giresse translating are teaching “The Home God’s Way” to the wives in Mbanga. 

The construction of the Mbanga Campus is almost complete and the construction of the Wotutu campus is about to begin. 

The two schools are still working together at times and independently at times in endless evangelism. Souls are continually being won to the Lord and new congregations are being established on a frequent basis. 

On Friday, David, Ititi, and Elangwe will start on more than a week long journey to the hinter lands of English Cameroon. We will be visiting some of our graduates who are working in some of the most remote and physically challenging villages in Cameroon. We are happy to be able to encourage the congregations, little children, and ministers face to face like the little boy in Mujuka. Jesus loves the little children and I do too. 

We thank you for your continued prayers and support.  This is your work. We are happy to be a part of it. 

We give God all the glory. May we honor him in our efforts. 

Blessings in Him Ephesians 1:3,

David Ballard

BVBI Coordinator

Posted on December 8, 2017 .

New preacher's wives program in Cameroon

We are reporting today from Cameroon Mbanga, from the church in Mbanga, and from the Bear valley school of preaching in the French region. The Gospel is also to be preached in the French world.

We were busy last week teaching the students their last short course. We also taught the preachers’ wives their first ever course. We have started the preachers’ wife’s program with this new batch of students here in Mbanga.

We began the training with the wives of the student preachers as well as with some preachers’ wives who have never had the opportunity to take this course.  It was great to have them here to enjoy their first time in class in Mbanga. This started on Monday the 11th and ended on Friday the 15th of September 2017.The instructor of the women class was brother Bekwike Norbert and the translator was brother Bodja Giress. We needed a translatorbecause the course was written in English and some of the students’ wives speak French, some speak English, and some are multilingual. We shall be glad to have the notes in French and in English.

Eight of the women were present with two coming from the North of the country precisely in Garoua and one from the Weh village in the Northwest region (Bamenda). We are happy to tell you that all went well as we ended with the general class. The men and the women took their final exams at the same time. The exams were written and oral. The course for the women was titled, “The Basics of the Bible.” We pray for their presence next December, and we are happy that everyone arrived home safely. These will be powerful women to help their husbands as they teach the gospel to the universe.

The students studied their short course in the Church rented building so that their wives could have class in the new classroom in the new campus. You can't imagine how time flies. A few months ago, we graduated our first batch of students and now we are already planning for another graduation come 2019. It is like I am kidding but in less than no time we shall be inviting people to come for another graduation. The boys are growing both in faith and strength as many are already acquainted with the weekend evangelism. They have started gaining more interest in going on evangelism to various assemblies.

We also ended with the short course on the “NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH.” This course was taught by brother Ename Paul. Through my close observation I realized that the students spent much time to understand very well about the New Testament Church and its pattern of worship. On Wednesday, a lesson was developed on "God Desires Mercy," which explained more about the church. It was really great to see that a lesson could be delivered that was right on course and followed the program.

Our students traveled immediately after their exams on Friday to their various destinations for field work. They are currently doing great as reports come from some their congregations. This time around they are currently active in eight different congregations including MBANGA.  My fellow workers in the vineyard of the Lord, I beckon you to pray for the work in French Cameroon because the Francophones are not as easy to penetrate with the gospel as the Anglophones. We wish a great success in their missions to any Christian who is on a mission anywhere in this world.


Remain blessed my beloved one. Yours in the Lord,


Posted on September 26, 2017 .

Grand Opening in Mbanga!

Dear Brethren,

It is so sweet to work in the vineyard of the Lord. Greetings to all our family members out there. We are doing great in Cameroon and all is well with the Church and the school of preaching.

Beloved brethren, the first picture is with brother Benjamin who is a graduate from our school. He was in the first batch of students and this was his last service with our congregation. Benjamin is making his way back to Tchad with his family. He is married and the father of a son and a daughter. He is planning to settle back in the capital city of Njamena to begin evangelizing some localities in and around the city. Beloved, it was long ago when they left their country of Tchad to settle in to Cameroon as refuges.  Now they are going back to begin a new life of preaching the gospel. I believe that our prayers will be very urgent and very helpful in this new beginning for them.

Picture 2 is with some instructors and their wives who attended the inauguration ceremony in Mbanga for our new campus which was funded by the Frisco Church of Christ with the collaboration of our Coordinator David Ballard and the Pattonville Church of Christ where he preaches. The ceremony was marvelous!  As you can see, there is a lot of mud in the hall as there was a lot of rain and a lot of people present on that Sunday morning. 

Picture 3 gives us the smile of the preacher, myself, Ititi Benedict after the whole event is over. The hall is ready to be washed to come back at it initial stage beauty. The fellowship and opening ceremony was a huge success. We had two of our quarter-heads present as well as two of the block-heads present. A representative of the chief of the village was also there. God has blessed us to be neighbors as we are next door to the personal residence of the chief. A lot of other people in the town were present and even though there were heavy rains that morning, many other members of the church from other congregations were present including our sister school in Wotutu.

The school of preaching in Mbanga has gone through with its final exams for the quarter. We are taking our last short course which is “The New Testament Church.” This began today as well as the first preacher wives class. These will be going on at the same time. The one is in the church premises with the students. Ename is the lecturer. 

The women are in the school campus with Brother Norbert teaching and Brother Giress as the interpreter because we have some wives who speak only English, some wives who speak only French, and some wives speak both. The wife of Evaristus from Bafoussam is here. The wife of Rromario from WEH in Bamenda is here. The wife of Victor and the wife of Raul who came all the away from Garoua are right here. My wife Mary, the wife of Yakoba, and the wife of Philip are here. Due to the rains this early morning, the wife of Abraham and the wife of Bea are not here yet. Maybe by tomorrow they all will come.

The students are greatly improving in their health situation, even though Azor went to Douala last week to get an x-ray his foot. Today we are waiting to see if the doctor will be proposing surgery for him or if he will just prescribe him some drugs to take. 

   By His grace, we shall be going out for field work this weekend to 10 villages in French speaking areas. 


                        Thanks for your concern and keep on praying for them.

                                                     Ititi Benedict

Posted on September 12, 2017 .

Mbanga students are doing well

Greetings from Cameroon. We hope all is well with you. As we are writing this report, we are proud to inform you that our school in is doing great and the boys are growing. We can see this growth as we observe them preaching in church during worship. Keep on praying for all of them.

Jesus went to the cross because of all of us. While we were still sinners Christ died and so today we are glad to preach the word in season and out of season. It is rainy season now in Cameroon and a very difficult time to travel from one place to the other, especially with the earth road to carry out evangelism. We travel very muddy roads on bikes to get to our various points for weekend evangelism. This makes the job more tedious, but still lovely and encouraging, as the brothers must still go from one place to the other preaching and nurturing assemblies. We always do our best to respond to the Macedonian call wherever we are needed. With our school van or with the public transport whenever the van not go through the terrain.

The students are seriously preparing for their second quarter exams, followed by their short courses which start on September 4th, then on their week of campaign, and finally a week for their quarterly break. I appreciate the greatness of God this day for the soundness of the scripture in our students as they go out for week end evangelism and around the streets of Mbanga to other villages.

We attended the annual youth retreat that took place last week in BMC College in Buea. We went along with a few youth student preachers in Mbanga and everything went well.

Things are going on well in our new campus and we are implanting our new facility in a gradual process. The fans are all working and by the end of this week the office, the library, and the visitors room will be equipped.

We are also preparing to inaugurate our new facility that is the building come Sunday 27th of August combined with our fellowship meal. Thanks for committing us in your prayers.

Remain blessed my beloved. 

Your beloved ITITI Benedict 

Posted on August 30, 2017 .