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Campaign success in Malawi!

What a POWERFUL God we are serving! His love is manifested in our lives and in many ways. Just recently, we went back to our preaching campaign. Preaching campaign is part of the BVBI-Malawi practical work. We are very excited to report that God opened the hearts of His people and keep serving those who obeyed the Gospel.

For sure, the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few! We went to a village where many houses did not be visited, we still continues asking for your many prayers and support that can help to train more laborers to go in the fields and harvest. This time, the Lord has saved 65 souls! We thank God for giving our students a spirit to work hard in class as well as a spirit of feeling pity and merciful to for the lost souls.  

Classes and Teaching

The teaching work is going on well and very great enthusiasm from the students for studies. The time table is well followed and many lessons have been covered. More than ten courses have been covered. We are glad that working as a team makes the work easier.

God brought Joy when we worried about our lives

Every time we have campaign, we divide our students into two groups. This time some went to Kafukule the Northern region of Malawi and some went to Kasungu the Central region of Malawi. I went with the Kasungu group, and guess what? We found no good houses to be accommodated in; no doors and roofs, and we started worrying with our safety during the first day. It was cold and good accommodation was need for our nice sleep. The Lord reminded us that same first night, the reason why we went to Kasungu. As we were just chatting with few people who came to greet us that night, we didn’t withhold the saving message into our hearts and started preaching, in that first night, the Lord added to His church 4 souls and we went to baptize them around 9:30 Pm. With this, everyone was happy and recognized the reason we went there – preaching and winning souls to Christ not looking for nice accommodation☺! However, we wish we could have two tents for our students

Preaching in Kasungu ended with 27 souls baptized and 18 souls restored, while at Kafukule 10 souls were baptized and 10 souls were restored.  Once again, without your support and prayers nothing would have been achieved. “……..He who wins souls is wise” (Proverbs 11:30), Think Souls!

Prayer Request

One of our Bear Valley student lost his dad when we were at the preaching campaign. Please remember his family in your prayers!

On-behalf of Bear Valley Staff,

Ephron Vincent Mbano (Director BVBI-M)

Posted on August 28, 2018 .

Doing good in Malawi



We are in the second month since the school started this year! Lot of subjects have been taught like; writing skills, Introduction course, Scheme of redemption, the book of Acts, How we got the Bible and Hermeneutics. It is always encouraging to see great zeal in students wanting to learn.

Teaching work

Every teacher is busy with the notes, looking forward to teaching when his turn comes. It was an interesting week from 12th to 16th when Marc Veary (the overall Director) was teaching Hermeneutics. The class was full of laughter as the students came a cross to lots of passage of scriptures they have been misinterpreting for a long time. They have realized that it is easy to miss what the context mean, but it is always good to look to the context and explain it Exegetically. We still ask for library books if possible. We are lacking some very important books that could help the students in their research work. 

Students preaching

As you are aware that we have planned to conduct several campaigns this year, as part of the student’s practical work, still we take them out on Sundays to help the young congregations like Lupaso, Chankhombo and Chisangano. We are glad that some of the students have been preaching in their home congregations for more than 5 years. Therefore, it is very helpful to use them every Sunday in these small congregations mentioned above as they are still babies in Christ.

Good News

Brother Saliwa Nkosi a former graduate, always share with us good news of saved souls! The man can preach and lead many souls to Christ. Since he graduated in October last year, he has baptized more than ten people. We were happy to see Takesure Nkhoma retaking Hermeneutics class, he shared with us again the good news about the congregation he established end of last year after graduating. He said, he was with his fellow 9 starting the congregation, and now they are 39 in total. We praise God for the wonderful job these graduates are doing.

Thanks to a generous donation we have also managed to buy some more sewing machines for the tailoring vocational training. Most of the students enjoy the vocational training.


We are always thankful to all who support the work of Bear Valley. Lots of good work for the Lord’s church is being done because of you.

By: Ephron Vincent Mbano (Local Director), on-behalf of the staffs. 

Posted on April 5, 2018 .

Good work in Malawi!

The Bear Valley school started here at Mzuzu Bible College in February 2016.  We have two full time teachers, Clegynton Harawa and Patrick Nsalira, who was interviewed to take over from Francisco Wabuda Phiri, (though we don’t tell that these are special for BV and these for MSOP, as we all work together as a team. All teachers can teach in both departments),and two voluntary staff which includes the school’s director.

 First Graduation 2016-2017

 At the end of October 2017 our first Bear Valley class graduated.  We are proud of what they achieved and thankful to all of the Bear Valley sponsors for making this happen.  Since the graduation, two new congregations have been established by some of these students.  Indeed, one student who failed his first year and was not going to continue, then made a real turnaround in his attitude and dedication.  He caught up with his studies and assignments; he is one of the students who has, after graduating, has gone out and established a thriving new congregation of the Lord’s church! This congregation is in the Mzuzu city and is called Mzuzu airport Church of Christ.

The 2018-2019 Student Intake

The new academic years started at the beginning of February 2018.  We have a class of 15 new students from up and down Malawi, and two of them are in their late 60s which shows people are having zeal and eagerness to study and learn God’s word.

The next few months up to the end of May, the students will proceed with academic work only.  We ensure that they have a basic solid foundation before we take them out into the field with gospel preaching work.

Gospel Preaching

During 2018 the students will be involved in 6 gospel preaching campaigns in all three regions of Malawi.  Last year (2017) the BV students were involved in baptizing over 276 souls and the establishment of three new congregations of the Lord’s church.  We were facing some problems with transport for gospel preaching work during 2017 as the Malawi government refused to allow us to continue transporting students using our truck.  This significantly increased the costs of doing this work to the point that we were thinking to cut back the number of campaigns. 

However, the Lord helped us in our need and a generous donor purchased a bus for us so we could continue this vital work.  All of us here are committed to training preachers and while the academic side of this is important; it is also important that practical experience be gained by these students.  Fear is the great weapon which Satan uses to shut the mouths of Christians, the only way to help students not having this fear is to send them into a practical work, after almost four months of theory work in class.

We are thankful to be part of this work! We also do appreciate those who support the school financially. Special thanks should also go to Brother Donnie and his family for the work they are doing in Africa (Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia). They are few people of his heart that can sacrifice themselves to come and help in the work of training preachers in a far distanced place from home like this. We hope that we shall all be rewarded when our Lord appears on that day, if we indeed remain faithful, steadfast and unmovable.

Students regards!

Ephron Vincent Mbano (Local Director, BVBI-Malawi)

(On behalf of the BVBIM - staff) 


Posted on March 20, 2018 .

Campaign results in Malawi

The table below is a summary of the evangelism work done since we started the BV programme.  You will notice that there are three remaining campaigns before the students graduate.  Here at Mzuzu Bible College, all of us are strongly committed to the BV focus that 'we train preachers'.

It should be noted that the number reflected here are the work of both departments here at Mzuzu Bible College: BV and MSOP

2016 campaigns

1.      Katili – Karonga

This is a place where one of the former student of the Mzuzu Bible College was coming from, seeing the few Christians, he asked the College to come for a campaign and the results were as follows:

a.     9 souls were added to Christ.

b.     2 souls were restored.

2.      Lupaso – Mzuzu

This was a new congregation we established

a.     5 souls were added to Christ.

b.     6 souls were restored.

3.      Chisangano – about 35km from the college (Mbano’s home village)

This was a new congregation established

a.     24 souls were added to Christ.

b.     5 souls were restored.

4.     Chankhombo – Mzuzu

This was a new congregation established

a.     5 souls were added to Christ.

b.     3 souls were restored.

5.      Kalimira – Kasungu

This was a new congregation established

a.     35 souls were added to Christ.

b.     5 souls were restored.

2017 campaigns

1.      Zarewa – Blantyre

This is a new congregation established in May this year

a.     9 souls were added to Christ.

b.     10 souls were restored.

2.      Kamphenda – Rumphi

This is a new congregation established in last month of July

a.     12 souls were added to Christ.

b.     10 souls were restored.

3.      Chiseng’ezi – Mzimba

This is a new congregation established last month as well of July

a.     21 souls were added to Christ.

b.     5 souls were restored.

4.      Chinombo – Ekwendeni (September – 2017) not yet

5.      Kasungu – Central Region (August – 2017) not yet

6.      Lilongwe – Capital city of Malawi (August – 2017) not yet

Looking forward, we will have a new intake of students in February 2018.  Already we have over 120 student applications for 2018/19 (for BV we have about 35 applications).

Marc Veary

Posted on August 30, 2017 .