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Mission Printing and WBS helping in Kenya

This is students' report for August 2019 at the Kenya school of preaching- a branch of Bear Valley Bible Institute.

We have got 20 Bible students who are currently being trained, three (3) African teachers ,(Charles, Ochola and Elias)and three American teachers (Timothy, Peter Ray and Mike Reese).

The 20 students had been knocking doors in the nearby villages around the preaching school as they try to reach the locals with the gospel. They as well visit local congregations in order to help local preachers with services and even to learn from experienced ones. This they do on Saturdays and Sundays. This time they had visited and served 14 local congregations, attended 6 gospel meetings conducted by these churches, made 20 evangelistic trips as they evangelize and edify the saved. They had conducted 52 Bible studies and preached 72 sermons. As a result, 13 baptisms have been conducted apart from those baptisms at Ahono Youth Camp.

Thanks to Mike Reese and brethren for the funds which he (they) contributed for the purpose of sending these preachers under training to evangelize and visit local congregations.

On Friday 23rd of August, we closed the school for September holidays till October 7th 2019 when the classes will resume again. The next quarter will begin year 2 quarter 1. For now the students will be away helping their home congregations and preachers. When they report back, they will, to keep us updated, give a report of all they do now at these congregations.

Another unique blessing which we can share with the brethren everywhere, is that the Bear Valley Bible Institute has agreed to conduct a full masters programme at the Kenya School of Preaching, which will commence as from December 2nd - December 13th 2019. Those former graduates who had already completed the under graduate classes in the previous 3 intakes, will now join and begin, and there are already 20 graduates who yearn to report when the time arrives. We are glad to have such a chance/opportunity which should be grasped with immediate effect. May the Lord God bless the BVBID and those who are involved in making this opportunity a reality.

Still another blessing is present with us at KSOP which has been brought by Mission Printing INC. and World Bible School materials in a container. These bring tremendous help to the local congregations and non-believers. Local churches use the Mission Printing tracts and booklets in edifying the saved, in teaching their new converts to grow in the knowledge of the Bible and of Christ. Church preachers use these to evangelize the lost, refute error and uphold the truth. Preachers as well use these tracts to help High School students to forsake or beware of alcohol and drug abuse, a major problem in our generation. The preachers' boxes are best with books that are used in this regard, eg. "Sabbatarian concordance and commentary". "Now that is a miracle", all by Gerald Wright. It is a fact that even the local preachers themselves are growing in tackling difficult texts of Scriptures. We request many of the preachers' boxes again, for those who have not collected the boxes are the majority compared to preachers who have.

With the World Bible School courses, the preachers evangelize their areas and motivate people to study the Bible as they read and fill up the blank spaces .More so, those who are really benefiting from these, are non- believers. Right now, Nixon Ochola, WBS teacher, is grading 100 and over WBS booklets that have been read and filled by non- believers who have registered. These students have made an appointment with Nixon that he will go and teach them face to face and answer their questions from the Bible. This he is going to do in a weeks time from now. The WBS materials are opening doors for evangelism. One of our current students at KSOP, called Moses Simiyu, is now conducting a gospel meeting in his area around Mt. Elgon (in Kenya) and he took with him several of WBS boxes to distribute to the

locals. The idea of receiving a copy of God's word the Bible upon completion of these courses, has motivated many. Congratulations Richard Reignfro and the Mission Printing I.N.C. together with those at WBS.

Thanks to each and everyone who, in one way or another, whether in prayers or monetary help, has participated in supporting KSOP here at Kisumu, or at the other 4 small preacher training schools ( Butere, Christians for Kenya, Bomet and Maasai Mara) in the country.

We pray for you, we remember you, we love you." May the Lord bless you and keep youk The Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to youk The Lord lift up His countenance on you and give you peace", Numbers 6:24-26.

In His service, Elias Omollo

Posted on August 26, 2019 .

An incredibly productive "break" in Kenya

This is to let brethren know what the Bible students at the Kenya school of preaching had done during the three weeks June holiday and what takes place now at the institution. The number of students is 20 (twenty) and during the holiday, they served twenty eight (28) local congregations. They as well made forty seven (47) evangelistic trips and attended five (5) gospel meetings. They conducted eighty seven (87) Bible studies and preached forty sermons (40). All these they did within a period of three weeks and as a result, twenty one baptisms have been conducted, eighteen individuals (18) restored back to local church services and three (3) local congregations restored back to sound doctrine.

The classes began officially on 1st of July 2019 and these are the teachers and courses they teach;

Regular classes; Charles Ogutu teaches 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles. He also teaches the Gospel of Luke. Ochola Joseph teaches the books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther. Timothy Winks teaches 1 Peter & 2 Peter and Jude. Elias Omollo teaches Personal Evangelism II (church planting).

Short course teachers are Peter Ray Cole and Mike Reese. Peter Ray teaches Marriage and family life while Mike Reese teaches the Gospel of John.

Other good things that take place at the preaching school include;

Local congregations still taking Mission Printing materials (tracts and booklets) for their evangelism and edification. Preachers' boxes are now over. Nixon Ochieng also enrolls students in World Bible School Correspondence courses.

Thanks for those who have been supporting the school in one way or another. May the Lord bless you abundantly and may He remember your efforts toward his name. Thanks again for your continued prayers for the work here. We also pray for you. Be blessed.

In His service,


Posted on July 13, 2019 .

Mission Printing materials reaching souls in Kenya

This is to share with you what has taken place at the Kenya School of Preaching, a branch of the Bear Valley Bible Institute. This is about what the students had done while at the school during the 3rd quarter/semester. The current students are twenty (20) in number. Full time African teachers are two (2) Charles and Elias. American Instructor has been one (1)-Dr. Mike Rowand.

This quarter the students had managed to visit and serve ten (10) local congregations around Kisumu. These are the nearby churches that they visit on weekends, sometimes at the request of local preachers in those congregations or home local congregations. During their visit and evangelizing the are around the school, the students had managed to make 28 evangelistic trips, attended 4 gospel meetings, conducted 44 Bible studies (classes) with prospects and preached 55 sermons. As a result of all these efforts, two (2) individuals had been restored back to fellowship with the Lord and with believers in one congregation. They had as well conducted 27 baptisms and restored one local church back to the right doctrine.

The school had closed on 7th of June, 2019 and they will be away till they report back beginning on 28th of June, 2029 for 4th quarter.

As per the Mission Printing Literature at the school, Local church preachers still come to pick the tracts for evangelism and edification. This they do with the help of vehicles, motorcycles and small trucks called "Tuktuk" which are meant for carrying luggage.

We also have WBS- World Bible School materials which local preachers take with them as they come for the tracts. These they use to provoke prospects to study the Bible with them and be converted at the end. The one man who has committed himself to working with these is called Nixon Ochieng, a preacher at Migosi local congregation.

Towards the end of the quarter, one of our current students (David Mwai) had lost his beloved father and preacher- Lucas Mwai. The father had been a preacher at Sota Lord's congregation for many years.We went with some students to be with the bereaved family and helped with the burial. It is our request that you still remember the family in your prayers.

Thanks to God the Almighty for the the much good he has accomplished with the Bible students at the KSOP. Thanks to all of you who have been supporting the preaching school in one way or another, either with prayers, money or service. May the Almighty continue to use you for the continuance of the training program and the much good that is done to the lost and the saved. Be all blessed,

In His service,


Posted on June 25, 2019 .

Much good is being accomplished in Kenya

Dear brethren,

This is to share with you what transpires at the Kenya School of Preaching, a branch of BVII. The students went for March holidays and are now back to school. The classes began officially on 15th April, 2019 for 3rd quarter/semester. Charles Ogutu is teaching Old Testament 3, that is Joshua _ Ruth, The Gospel According to Mark and English skills 2. Elias is teaching 1st and 2nd Corinthians, Prison Epistles and 1st and 2nd Thessalonians in short course, with Mike Rowand teaching Leadership in short course.

As to what the Bible students had accomplished during the March holidays is impressing, they being twenty in number, had conducted sixty three (63) Bible classes with prospects and their church members. During their stay at home, they had preached fifty seven (57) sermons both in the local congregations and in Gospel meetings and in Mid-week prayer meetings. They had as well made forty nine (49) evangelistic trips and had attended nine (9) Gospel meetings during their March holidays.

The much good done by the students service at the local congregations had resulted in;  forty two (42) baptisms, twenty six (26) individuals restored back to fellowship and one (1)  local congregation planted.

Local congregations  and preachers still come KSOP to pick boxes of tracts ( Mission Printing Materials) for their own use/reading and for evangelizing their areas. We at the school have got a unique blessing _ pure water by C.R.F. in connection with Hope Water International. Locals now come to fetch pure water and in that way, the  preaching school benefits the community both spiritually and physically.

We are very much thankful for what the Lord has done with the KSOP students, and it is our request that brethren throughout the globe may continue to keep KSOP in their prayers us to remain faithful and that many may be reached with the saving gospel and be edified.

Thanks to all who participate in one way or another in supporting the preaching school.  May you be all blessed,

In His service, Elias.

Posted on April 23, 2019 .

Good things in Kenya!

This is the students report for the month of February and part of March 2019 at the Kenya School of Preaching, a branch of The Bear valley Bible Institute. We have twenty students that are currently being trained, three African Instructors (Charle  Ogutu, David Wesonga, Elias Omollo), and one American Instructor (Dr Michael P. Reese). 

The 20 students always go to evangelize the area around the Preaching School on weekends and visit local congregations and with their help 11 local congregations have been served, 65 bible classes established, 67 sermons preached, resulting in 8 baptisms and 7 individuals restored back to fellowship with the Lord. 

 At the preaching school, Charles has been teaching the Gospel according to Matthew and Hermeneutics Introduction. David has been teaching the book of Job and Elias Pentateuch Two. Dr. Reese has been teaching Godhead and Christian Evidences. The school closed on 15th March 2019 and will resume on April 15th 2019. 

Of the unique blessing we have at the school are the Mission Printing Inc. materials in a full container for the distribution and evangelism with local churches. The first container came in December 2018 and the second one came in March 7th 2019 with 1303 boxes of various kinds; these included 51  preacher boxes, 1229 boxes full of evangelical tracts, and boxes with books for the School Library. There were also in the container text books of different kinds like Dictionaries, Commentaries, Bible Concordances, Bible Encyclopedias, Bible Geographies, Children bibles with laminated Picture stories and many other good Sunday study materials. 

We have also received World Bible School Materials for evangelism, 42 boxes in total of the Lessons (Introductory Lesson, The Church, The Christian Life). Nixon Ochieng, one of our first graduates has committed himself to enrolling students into the World Bible School Program. The distribution activity began on 16th March 2019 around the Bible School area with the help of other two brothers. 

Different local congregations came to pick the tracts for evangelism and edification purposes. Local preachers from different congregations also came and are still coming to pick the preachers boxes. The number of local Churches that has already come to pick the tracts are 31, while the preachers who have taken their boxes are 20. These materials have been carried away by the local preachers by the use of pick-up trucks, vans, Tuktuks, motor cycles and some are carried by hand. 

We have also sent these materials to 4 other small Preacher Training Schools within the country like, Bomet School, Christian For Kenya Training School, Butere Training School and the newly established Preacher Training School at Maasai Mara.  

Posted on March 25, 2019 .

Students doing well in Kenya

My beloved, 

Greeting to you, we at Kenya School of Preaching in Kisumu are grateful to be fellow workers with you. We thank God for the love and zeal that you have showed us in training of preachers and growing the local congregations here.

This is the fourth class since 2012, we selected 20 students from from a total of 62 applicants. Out of the 20, one student has requested to leave and not come back because the requirements for the training are high. So from next quarter we will have 19 students God willing and we will not lower our training standards.  Out of the 19 that we have, two are really struggling to cope and we will give them next quarter to settle down. The rest are good, capable and zealous to learn. 

During this first quarter, the students were taught seven courses, Homiletics 1, Acts, English 1, New Testament Church, Synoptic gospel, Genesis and Personal Evangelism 1.

Besides working hard in class, some have been very useful in personal evangelism around the new campus and in the congregations that they have visited.

Ten of them under the leadership of Elias went and helped in gospel campaign organized by Ebutera church and the seed planted led to several restorations.

The students are expected back to school by latest Jan 18, 2019. We can't wait to hear of the reports of the work they will do.

The former graduates have been in communication with us and they are contending for the faith. We are humbled by the work they are doing through the reports of souls saved and congregations established that they share. 

Do not miss Elias' final yearly report on what the former students, current ones and the faculty has been doing throughout the year.

The container from Mission Printing that has been in Arusha Tanzania for over one year now is 120KM away from Kisumu. The truck developed some mechanical problems and has been rectified. We expect the container and the contents to be delivered anytime and the materials distributed to the congregations for evangelism and KSOP. It's unfortunate that something do not go fast as they ought to be but God's time is the best.

Thanks to all for your support and prayers in this great soul saving mission. We welcome you to Kenya School of Preaching. 

God bless you and Happy Holidays all.

His servant and yours, 

Charles Ogutu - Director KSOP. 

Posted on December 18, 2018 .

14 baptisms in Kenya

It is our pleasure to share with you brethren what goes on at the Kenya School of Preaching- East Africa. All the Bible students have come back from June holiday and this is now our second week with them in the school. We feel great and excited at the fact that we have come from far with them and  now we are nearing to finish up the two years course. 

While they were away, (June holiday) they helped serve their local  congregations in evangelism and  edification and as a result much good has been done, baptizing 14 into Christ and restoring 21 individuals who had backslid. One of the students conducted a gospel campaign at his  Baringo county and some of his fellow preachers joined him.

Phil Palmer, World Bible School East Africa representative also visited with us and helped evangelize the preaching school area with the students and  the teachers. Eighty (80) and over were registered as WBS students. 

Everything is going on well in our new campus as  we  endeavor to finish this last quarter / semester to graduation. Charles our director is teaching Greek 4 and the book of Jeremiah. David is taking with the students the Preacher and His Work, while Elias takes with them the book of Hebrews.

All eyes are now on August 25th, on which day we will graduate our third intake students since the school began. We invite as many guests as can come. We request that as one comes, he/she bring any good books to help us fill up the empty shelves in our new library. Continue to remember the school in your every day prayers, blessings.

The staff of KSOP

Posted on July 17, 2018 .

Evangelism in Kenya

The students have  been going out on weekends  and have served 19 local congregations mostly in Western Kenya. As a result, eighteen (18) souls have been baptized into Christ and 39 individuals have been restored back to fellowship.

While the students are away,  the  faculty visited  different churches where we have been invited  in gospel meetings or seminars, and as we do so, we recruit students for the new intake. That will  take place soon after the forthcoming third graduation on August 25th, 2018. The last two weekends, Charles visited a church in Kakamega while I attended a gospel meeting at Malele.

In this week and in the next, we have Wayne Burger from Bear Valley teaching the book of Revelation and the Scheme of Redemption. We appreciate his presence as he divides the word  of truth to the students.

We are glad to have the new facility/ campus and now we are working on beautifying the  compound by planting trees  and flowers. A challenge we experience as one enters our new big library, books  are still  few and many shelves  are  empty. It  is  our prayer that whenever brothers come  to  visit  with  us, they will bring  with them, good conservative Christian books.

Thanks  for  your  prayers on our  behalf,  and  be all blessed.

Your brother,

Elias Omollo

Dean of Students, KSOP

Posted on June 11, 2018 .

A new campus in Kenya


Greetings from the Kenya School of preaching faculty and students. We are very excited to report that we have moved to the new location and building. We are proud to be working in such a great place now. 

When we look back to where we began in October 2012, we thank God for such a humble beginning, we also thank the brethren who support the work and the trust that they have in us to lead the training of preachers. 

All the 18 students are back from the break and zealous to take the few more classes remaining before graduating on 25 August. 

We closed the last quarter by attending a three day gospel campaign in Lieta, the students had an opportunity of going door to door and sharing the gospel before assembling in the evening for a gospel meeting. The campaign despite being in Lieta where two former KSOP graduates serve as ministers, the current KSOP students led in teaching. We are thankful to the brethren who love and support such a great cause, we are thankful to Dan and DJ for being part of the campaign. We pray we will be able to have more of such campaigns. 

The students are thrilled with the new facility and can’t hide their joy in and outside class. Brethren, everyone is thrilled with the new school, the students are attentive and focused as they look forward to joining the Lord’s field. Thanks to Christians for Kenya for such a wonderful facility, we can’t thank you enough but God will reward all. 

We keep on working hard to see that we have a good environment for learning and evangelism by planting trees in the new facility and providing water to the community. We pray another congregation of the Lord will be planted in the new Location as we did with the previous place.

This quarter we have six classes, minor prophet I and II being taught by Elias and Charles continues with Greek III and Denominational Doctrines. Wayne Burger will come and teach two short courses, Scheme of Redemption and Revelation in May – June. 

During the break, Elias and I visited different congregations and gospel meeting, we led teaching and recruitments for the next class in October. It is always great to meet former graduates who are still faithful and keeps working in the Kingdom and more so it’s inspiring to here reports from the congregations how our students are sound in doctrine and industrious. 

The students were very fruitful in leading and being part of 15 different gospel meetings and campaigns during the break that led to 16 baptisms, 12 souls restored and one congregation of 50 in Nakuru restored to the Lord’s worship after many studies done by Zachariah.

The classes taught so far have a great impact in these students and we appreciate the foreign short course teachers for coming to teach and providing study materials. 


Charles Ogutu, Director KSOP

Posted on May 11, 2018 .

Mike Reese visits Kenya

God Continues to Bless the Work in Kenya

The Kenya School of Preaching is alive and well and continues to equip faithful and able men for works of ministry under the careful guidance of Charles Ogutu, director, and Elias Omallo, academic dean.   I was in Kenya January 4-19, 2018 (along with Dr. Denny Petrillo) and was able to teach two classes at KSOP: one Master’s class, “The Spiritual Formation of the Preacher” to nine students and “Education Program of the Church” to the 18 undergraduate students.  Both classes worked extremely hard in their respective classes.  While all performed in the classroom these men are applying what they are learning in “real life” ministry.  Let me share some of the most recent works of KSOP graduates and current students.

Raphael Okuma (2016 KSOP graduate) conducted a campaign January 26-28 at the Kibuye  Church of Christ in Siaya, Kenya.  Preachers who joined in this campaign were David Wasonga (Andrew Connally graduate and KSOP short course teacher), Joseph Patric Tuju (elder at Ahono), Paul Odemba (2016 KSOP) and John Paul Ochieng (2016 KSOP).  The Lord blessed their efforts with ten baptisms.

Victor Boy current KSOP student has committed to working with the newly planted church in Bondo, Kenya.  After several weeks of Bible study God gave the increase of two souls being baptized into Christ January 20.

A short evangelistic campaign January 14 by four current KSOP students and Elias Omollo (academic dean) at the Malele Church of Christ resulted in God giving the increase with four baptisms and two restorations.

Zachary Ouma (current KSOP student and former street boy) continues to minister to those living on the street in Nakuru.  Having been a former street boy himself due to being orphaned at a young age, Zachary knows what these “street boys” and “street girls” are experiencing.  His personal success and faithfulness to God serves as a bright and guiding light to those he is teaching and mentoring who have been outcast by Kenyan society.

On Saturday, January 27, Simon Bett, Philip Langat, Nehemiah Molel and Gilbert Langat (all current KSOP students) traveled to their home area in the Rift Valley and met from 2 p.m. – 8 a.m. with 18 elderly men from five different congregations.  The agenda was restoration to faithful worship practices of the New Testament.  Simon Bett reported, “after lengthy discussions they agree to stay faithful to (the) Gospel.”

In January 2018, eighteen  KSOP students, two American teachers and two African teachers visited 19 local churches, preached 34 sermons, taught 38 classes, performed 26 baptisms, restored 7 area churches to the New Testament pattern of worship, were involved in 22 individuals being  restored, participated in 17 evangelistic trips to local churches and around Hellena Court and preached in 6 gospel meetings. Elias Omollo, KSOP Academic Dean commented, “If this is what we can accomplish in a month, how about in a year's time? God knows our plans and goals!”

This is just a small sample of the mighty works being done by current and alumna of the Kenya School of Preaching.  It is an honor for me personally to be associated with these men. To God be the glory great things He hath done!

Michael P. Reese Ed.D.

Coordinator Kenya School of Preaching

Posted on February 21, 2018 .

Challenges and excitement in Kenya

Kenya 1.jpg

Greeting from Kisumu Kenya.

This first week of December 2017 makes the end of 1st Quarter, 2nd year at the Kenya School of Preaching, Kisumu. The school had gone through various challenges occasioned by a disputed presidential election in August. The dispute led to daily violent protests and demonstrations that led to unfavorable environment for training and learning in general. The school had unusual breaks in two quarters to let the students go home to vote and to also seek refuge in a familiar territory and next to family when bullets were flying over the school and teargas was being felt within the compound. We thank God for keeping us safe during the dark period that led to several lives lost in Kisumu.

Whereas many families were mourning the loss of their loved ones through police brutality, KSOP family were also mourning the death of a student called Kevin Chabii. Everyone was shocked by the sudden death of this young promising preacher after a short illness. He left behind a widow and a daughter. We thank the Charlotte Avenue church and all the brethren who kept us in prayers and assistance during the time till burial. This was the first death of a student while still in school and was indeed challenging.

Despite the above, the faculty kept the school calendar on course and all the classes we taught as required by BVBI. Thanks to our coordinator Mike Reese and Peter Ray Cole who came to Kenya in the midst of the political crisis and taught two short course classes besides evangelizing the local villages within and outside Kisumu. Thanks for putting the Kingdom ahead of your very own lives. David Wasonga, Elias and Charles taught the other five classes and are excited to confirm that all went well.

The students have been great in class and in the field, two gospel meetings have been conducted in Bomet and Nakuru by the KSOP students, one “back to the bible” and another “Restoration plea” to bring people back to the New Testament church and worship. Personal evangelism has also been on top gear by the students and a total of 17 baptisms reported and 51 bibles studies established. Remember the students showed their zeal in the villages while the protests and demonstration were going on in major towns.

For almost six years now, KSOP has been using leased property to conduct the training. The property has served well despite the hiccups here and there. To overcome the hiccups that the school has been going through, Christians for Kenya bought land in Kisumu, 4km west of Kisumu International Airport. The buildings are going on well and we expect the students to move to the new facility in March next year 2018. Brethren, this is a milestone to Christians in Kenya and East Africa. We can’t thank you enough but great rewards awaits in heaven.

From Kenya, we wish you all Happy December holidays.


Charles Ogutu

Posted on December 8, 2017 .

God's Synergy in Kenya

God’s Synergy in Kenya

Synergy – the extra energy or effectiveness that people or businesses create when they combine their efforts (Macmillan online Dictionary).  Synergy was a “buzzword” used (possibly overused) in the business world in recent years to describe the phenomenon of people or organizations working together to produce more collectively than each individual could possibly accomplish alone.  At the point of being cliché I would like to use the word “synergy” to describe the work being accomplished in the Kingdom in Kenya.

We may want to start with the men who were trained at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching in Arusha, Tanzania who are currently doing a mighty work in Kenya.  Now consider the more than ten graduates of ACSOP who are currently teaching at the Kenya School of Preaching in Kisumu, Kenya.  KSOP is currently in her third class (with nineteen current students) having graduated thirty-two in the previous classes.  Nearly all of the graduates and current students are preaching and involved in evangelism.

Now Christians for Kenya enters the picture.  Christians for Kenya trains men to preach and teach the Gospel who cannot enroll full time at the Kenya School of Preaching.  The men meet five days a month for two years to learn how to better minister in Word and deed.  Christians for Kenya, in addition to equipping God’s people for works of ministry (Eph. 2:12) has provided several quality students at the Kenya School of Preaching.

On a much more elementary level the Ahono Tumaini School (a pre-school through class seven Christian School in Ahono, Kenya) is preparing several young men to enter either Christians for Kenya or KSOP in the future.

Let me give you an example of synergy at work in Kenya.  In 2012 I spoke at a one-day Bible seminar at Nyamasare (close to Ugunja).  Brandon Kerns, founder of Christians for Kenya, and his mother, Linda also spoke at this seminar: Brandon to the men, Linda to the women.  While I was speaking, Joseph was walking by.  He stopped to listen, liked what he heard, inquired further, studied, was baptized and soon enrolled in Christians for Kenya.  Upon graduation from Christians for Kenya, Joseph enrolled in the Kenya School of Preaching where he graduated in the second class in August 2016.  Recently, in the market place, Joseph met a man named Moses.  They talked, a Bible study followed, Moses was converted and is now enrolled in Christians for Kenya.  Both Moses and Joseph attended a one day Bible seminar I conducted at the Rambula Church of Christ September 15, 2017.  Both Moses and Joseph are actively teaching and preaching God’s Word.

God is actively using Christians for Kenya, the Kenya School of Preaching, the Ahono Tumaini School and many churches in the area to create a “synergy” that can only come from His mighty hand.  Truly God is able to do “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” and “to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever.  Amen.” (Ephesians 3:20-21).

The current class at KSOP has entered their second year of study.  I first taught these men in February.  I was able to teach this class again September 18-22.  Their writing skills and study habits have drastically improved.  Charles Ogutu, KSOP director and Elias Omollo, deanare to  be commended in the excellent instruction they are providing the students at KSOP.

Mike Reese, Coordinator KSOP

Posted on October 18, 2017 .

My visit to KSOP

My last visit to Kenya was in 2012 to make final preparations to start the Kenya School of Preaching and it started in October of that year. It has since graduated 33 men and now has a full class of 20 that is nearly halfway through the program. To say that it has been successful would be an understatement!

KSOP is in many ways a second-generation Bear Valley extension, with it's Director and faculty all having attended and graduated from the Andrew Connally School of Preaching in Arusha, Tanzania. I was blessed to have taught all of them between the years of 2004-06.

While there, I taught the students and met daily with Director Charles Ogutu and Academic Dean, Elias Omolo. These men are bright, conscientious and hard-working. We also discussed plans for the future and I can tell you that the future is bright for KSOP! 

KSOP is a team effort. A special thanks to the Charlotte Avenue church of Christ in Rock Hill, SC for its sponsorship and continual support, Coordinator Mike Reese, and to Brandon Kerns. Together, great things are happening for the Lord's church in Kenya!

In Him,

Keith Kasarjian

Posted on July 25, 2017 .

Another successful quarter in Kenya

Kenya School of Preaching students have gone home for break and will come back to begin Year 1 and quarter 4 on June 30. The 19 students have been great in class and have shown the zeal to learn and apply the knowledge to themselves and others.

Every weekend the students led by the faculty have been doing door to door evangelism in Migosi area where the school is situated and the response is good. Others also had the opportunity to visit local congregations and serving in various capacities and being part of 8 souls that were baptized into Christ. We are glad to called them very responsible students and preachers who have also shown a lot of care for the school properties.

Through the 8 weeks, the students studied the book of Joshua – Ruth, Writing Skills, Matthews, Prison Epistles, 1&2 Corinthians during the regular period. They then had two short courses on Leadership by Mike Rowand and 1&2 Thessalonians by Ralph Williams. The growth at the end of the quarter is incredible.

The two Maasai students went home happy with 20 Maasai bibles to give to the church members, the Kalenjin students also went home with 48 Kalenjin bibles while other students carried Swahili and Luo bibles. There is still a great need and desire for bibles and it’s encouraging to hear members request bible. Thanks to all who have been giving to put a bible in someone’s life in Kenya.

During the break, Elias and I will travel to Nakuru for a gospel seminar,. The congregation is led by one of KSOP students called Zachariah. We will also visit various congregation preaching and recruiting prospective students for 2018 class.

We look forward to hearing great report from the students when they come back, let’s keep them in prayers.

Next quarter we will have two breaks in between, this is to allow the students to travel back home to vote. We will have our presidential election on August 8 and we pray it will be peaceful as the last one of 2013.

We cannot thank you enough for being involved in this soul saving and edifying work. God grant you all peace, good health and prosperity in all you do.

Fellow servant,

Charles Ogutu – Director KSOP.

Posted on June 6, 2017 .

Excellent 1st quarter in Kenya!

Beloved of God,

Greetings from Kenya School of Preaching family, we pray and trust you are doing well. We thank God for His love and care as we labor in the Kingdom. Kisumu is still hot despite some slight rains and hope things will change during the April.

The break is over and all the 19 students are back in class for the third quarter, year one. This break was a very fruitful one, the faculty went to the field to work, the students were actively involved in the Lord’s work and the result is amazing. The excitement in the face of these students tells a lot and their daily spiritual growth is a big source of motivation to us and all that love the Lord.

Two new churches (Benongoi and Ildungiso) planted with total members of 37 by two current students, two churches (Meswondo 30 members and Sigaon 42 members) restored to true worship and stopped using instruments and hand clapping by former graduates in Bomet Rift Valley. 22 souls baptized and two restored with 51 new bibles studies established.

During the break Charles went and taught the book of 1, 2 Peter and Jude to 8 preaching students at Christians for preaching school in Sigomre for a period of five days. Later, Charles and Elias went to Nakuru for a two day gospel seminar and spoke on instrumental music and hand clapping. This is a major problem in many congregations that bear the name “church of Christ” here.

We also had another restoration plea meeting with liberal churches and denominations with over 50 attending in Homa Bay. The response was great and on April 15 they requested us to return and we will be discussing worship of the bible with them, keep us in your prayers.

This quarter the students will study Joshua-Ruth, Writing skills, Matthew, 1,2 Corinthians, Prison Epistles, Leadership and 1,2 Thessalonians. We have Charles, Elias, Mike Rowand and Ralph Williams teaching the classes.

We still keep on with the good work because of your unceasing prayers, support and encouragement. Thank you, God’s blessings be with you always.

His servant,

Charles Ogutu,

Director, Bear Valley Bible Institute extension school - Kenya.

Posted on April 11, 2017 .

A great start in Kenya

Greetings from Kenya School of Preaching, we pray you all are doing well in the Lord. We are off to a good start of the year at the school with 19 students coming back safely and are in class.

One student requested to quit the training to attend to pressing family matters and apply a fresh during the next intake God willing. It is very unfortunate to lose Lameck, he was a great student in class and we trust he will overcome the challenge and keep the faith.

During the December holiday the faculty and the students were actively involved in the Lord's service and great things were accomplished. We are compiling the reports from the students and will send it separately.

Elias and I joined a gospel meeting in Ndhiwa as speakers where 7 souls obeyed the gospel. During the meeting, we had 8 former graduates of KSOP also participating actively in door to door evangelism. We were happy to be reunited with the former KSOP graduates and above all to see them rightly dividing the word of truth. David and I joined youths from Kisii region teaching the foundation of the church, In Kisii we also joined one former KSOP graduate and current student.

This quarter, Elias is teaching Pentateuch II and Homiletics II , David Wasonga takes the book of Job while I Gospel according to Mark and Hermeneutics. Millicent the school secretary is training them on basic computer knowledge. All the classes are going on smoothly and the zeal from the students to know the truth is exciting. 

Thanks to all who make this work possible, God bless you more.

His servant,

Charles Ogutu.

Posted on January 23, 2017 .

A great start in Kenya

Dear Mike Reese,

Greetings from Kenya School of Preaching, we trust the Lord is taking good care of you as He is doing to us here.

The Gamma class if off to a smooth first quarter start. All the 20 students have been in class throughout the weeks and generally doing well. 

Some students have had problems adjusting to hot weather in Kisumu, but that's normal they will get used to it with time. 

For the first time we have two students who are Maasai from Maasai Mara region. They are average students in class and we trust they will be improve and be fruitful in evangelizing their community and beyond.

During the first quarter they studied; Homiletics I, Acts, Synoptic Gospel, English I, The New Testament Church and Personal Evangelism. Through the classes, they have shown a lot of determination and desire to go and share what they have learnt during the quarter with their communities and congregations.

During the first quarter, the students got great chance to visit the local congregation and the response has been amazing. They visited 13 local congregations, preached 36 sermons during worship, taught 23 bible classes, attended three gospel meetings which resulted into 9 baptisms and one church restored to New Testament worship. 

As we break for December Holiday, it's going to be a busy month for most of us here. 

I would have the honor to speak at the Kenya youths' meeting from Dec 7-12, Dominic a former KSOP graduate and Job a current student will be serving as organizers and speakers. 

On Dec 16-19 I will be in Homa Bay County soul harvesting mission working with Benard Kagaga, Elias and two other former KSOP graduates John Bosco and Aloo.

I will also travel to Lung'anyiro to work with Joseph Omondi, Boniface and Lucas all KSOP graduates who are keeping the faith among others. 

The second Quarter will begin on Jan 6 to March 6.

We thank you all for your love of souls and the trust you have bestowed on us to train men and evangelize. We are happy working together with God and you all. 

Keep us in your prayers as do for you over here, we are looking forward to a fruitful December holiday. 

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! 

Charles Ogutu

Posted on November 25, 2016 .

KSOP begins a new batch with a full class!

Dear brethren, 

Greetings to you from the Kenya School of Preaching, Kisumu. 

The long awaited gamma class is has arrived and all 20 students are in school and settling to new environment, food, and life. 

The classes began well on October 3rd, Elias is teaching Genesis and Synoptic gospel. Bernard Kagaga will teach the New Testament Church while I am teaching the book of Acts, Homiletics 1 and English 1.

We have made changes in the school to create room for the library which is growing steadily. The changes have seen the dean and the secretary pushed to smaller space, but all is in the interest of giving quality training first priority. 

During the four years, 37 men have been sent into the Lord's field. Every class has been in the fore front of helping us effect good changes that keep making the school better. 

We trust this class will be better than the previous ones in class and evangelism. 

We also pray that this group will be involved in one gospel campaign at least once a year and help evangelize the local congregations every quarter to learn and gain experience. 

John Kimani who graduated this year August is already showing why the preaching is worth the sacrifices being made by generous brethren. Two weeks ago he planted a new church in Nyahururu town with 6 souls obeying the gospel. 

Paul Karisa sent me a text message thanking the school for the training which has enabled him to have bible studies with Muslims in Mombasa. 

Jeremiah Bor and two other former students Sammy and Kiplangat who also graduated in August helped to restore three churches to true worship. They are still pursuing other liberal churches in the hilly region of Rift Valley. 

Joseph Omondi, who graduated in the first class led a gospel campaign and reported five baptisms in the congregation where he is the preacher. 

Such exciting reports helps to add me gas to keep on keeping on. 

Lastly I thank the leadership of Tanzania Leadership Conference for the honor to speak at the conference on two assigned topics. 

It was great being with Keith Karsajian and having a chat with the very man who helped establish KSOP. 

It's an honor and great working with you. Keep my family in your prayers 

Brotherly Love, 

Charles Ogutu

Posted on October 10, 2016 .

A Stand For Truth Brings Praise From An Older Generation In Kenya...

Dear brethren,

Silence at times means things are good. It has been quite sometime now since you heard from KSOP, Kisumu Kenya. We are doing well here and thankful to God for making us workers together with Him. We are thankful to God for the rains and the opportunity for many to go and farm.

We had a break and all the 20 students came back and are working real smart to finish the race by August 27 this year. This quarter the students are studying “Minor Prophets,” “Denominational Doctrines,” “1, 2 Timothy and Titus,” and “Greek III” during the regular six weeks, and later they will finish with two short-courses: “Revelation” and “The Scheme of Redemption.” These two short courses will be taught by Wayne Burger.

During the break, we had a van full of books for the school. We thank brother Mike Reese for making this possible and we also thank all who surrendered their books for the school. There is still room for more books. Please contact brother Reese to donate more and provide any assistance.

While the students were on break, we are excited to report of the great work the students were involved in doing. Jeremiah Bor, Sammy, and Tonui organized a gospel meeting with over 20 local church leaders attending. Elias also joined them. Bor stood firm and boldly refuted the errors of Instrumental music, hand clapping, and women leading worship services. This did not go down well with the majority, but it is amazing how the older members, who were baptized in the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s, accepted Bor’s teachings and said that’s the doctrine they were taught, received, and practiced before it was brought down by the so called “digital preachers” from liberal Bible schools.

The truth presented by these students and Elias led the older generation to shower praise for the good work the preaching school is doing in Kisumu to restore Bible salvation and worship. One denomination with 15 members believed the truth and vowed not to follow men anymore. Bor has been assisting them to be grounded in the truth every Sunday as they requested. The result, the denomination now is the Lord’s church with 15 adult members.

After the gospel meeting, the older generation who accepted the truth organized another meeting to discuss further the errors being practiced with the aim of kicking out the digital preachers who have brought false teaching in the church. The school again sent Bor and Tonui to help the older generation “contend earnestly for the faith” in the meeting. We pray the truth will prevail.

The other men were also at work. I led the gospel campaign in Sigomre with two souls obeying the gospel. I taught “1, 2 Timothy and Titus” to 8 men for one week. Four souls were baptized at Mulusi church, that was led by Solomon, a student at KSOP.

Brethren, know your prayers and assistance for the work of training preachers is not in vain. Preachers who stand firm and fight for the Lord are few, and we appreciate the trust you have in this work to train more sound men.

With love and joy,
Charles Ogutu - Director Kenya School of Preaching, Kisumu.

Then I said, "Here am I! Send me."

Posted on May 1, 2016 .

The Work Of Students Over The Christmas Break Bears Fruit...

Dear brethren,

We at Bear Valley Bible Institute Kenya send greetings to you. We trust you are off to a great start of 2016. We are doing well and thank God for keeping us sound, safe, and healthy.

We are always in one accord with other faithfuls all over in praying for our teacher, mentor, friend, and Lord's servant, Cy Stafford. We trust God with Cy's health and know God will heal and strengthen him for His work. 

All the 20 students are back for the second quarter second year. Elias is teaching the book of Isaiah and Hermeneutics II, while I am teaching Greek II and Bible Geography. The students are very enthusiastic about the quarter and we look forward to a great class. During this quarter we are expecting Dr. Denny Petrillo and Dr. Michael Reese to make a trip to Kenya and teach short courses on Ezekiel, Daniel, and Education Program of the Church respectively during the month of February-March.

During the December break, the students were busy and reported 18 baptisms, 4 restorations, and one church planted. Help us rejoice with the angels for the souls that put on Christ. We received good news from local congregations where the students went back to serve during the break and it is a great encouragement to us. While the students were busy in the Kingdom, Elias and I also joined different congregation during December and led in gospel campaigns and evangelism which were very fruitful; 9 souls obeyed the Lord.

We pray funds will be available to enable us to organize gospel campaigns this year where all the students should take part before graduation August 27. We still plea for help to have the school removed from the environment it is at now which is not conducive for learning. It should be relocated to help accomplish other programs of the school. Keep us in prayer.

We appreciate the great work and sacrifices being made for this work to continue bringing good; do not grow weary.

Blessings to you all.

Charles Ogutu,

Posted on January 24, 2016 .