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60 students every weekend in Nigeria

Dearest in Christ Jesus,

Greetings from BVBIN- WEEKEND SCHOOLS in Agege, Ikorodu and Ibadan.
Bro.Mfon Etim of Ikorodu school taught today on The Geography of the Bible at BVBIN-ONIKOKORO,IBADAN and 13 students were in attendance. Bro.Lawrence Dada of Ibadan weekend school taught on 1&2 Peter and Jude at Ikorodu weekend school and 22 students present while Bro.Emmanuel Odo taught on 1&2 Thessalonians at Agege School and 25 students present.

Thanks once more for your partnership and support. May the Lord keep on using you and all of us for His glory is my fervent prayers. Amen.
Bro.Isaac Olaniyan will be teaching from Monday, June 10 on Life of Christ-4 at BVBIN AND SWSE, Ibadan, Butubutu village. 
Have a wonderful weekend.
Sincerely His & yours........
MAKINDE Ebenezer Olufemi

Posted on June 10, 2019 .

Reaching the most populous country in Africa

Beloved fellow soldiers of Christ.

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and great Redeemer, Jesus Christ from your fellow servants of God in Nigeria,most especially in the BVBIN and SWSE Ibadan main campus located in Butubutu Village via Badeku/Jago,  Oyo State.

Here are some of the report of our activities in the Lord for the month of May 2019.  


i.  Students now in a month Vocational training.

ii. The Lord's Church planted in Salako's Village via Igbo-Oloyin Road,Ibadan.

iii. 4th Semester begins on June 3 through August 25,2019

iv. Four muslim believers converted  during WBS Seminar in Itu, Akwa-Ibom State.

v. 6,000 Copies of VOTI Volume 100 ready for distributions in Nigeria.


All our year one students are presently in a month Vocational Training which will end on June 1, 2019 while the year two students return to help their different congregations in the evangelization of their communities and in edification of the saints. Nine of the year one students are with me in Ibadan studying electrification, tailoring,motor mechanic, e.t.c.


In continuation of our mission as a School of Biblical Studies and Evangelism, the staff and seven of our year one students and one of our graduates and one of the recent students in BVBII degree program, Bro.Oladokun Samuel and a fellow WBSFUW named Bro.Dele Shotola evangelised Igbo-Oloyin,Salako and Aroro villages in Ibadan rural area on May 10 and 11 and started the first Church worship in Ile Olopa ,Aba Salako(I.e, Police' s house,Salako's Village) on May 13 with 12 brethren and the total collection was N2,250.On May 20, a soul was restored after many years of self disfellowship from the Lord's church. Bro.Oladokun Samuel and one of our students is now working with that young congregation in Aba Salako. To God be the glory and honour.


Our last semester for this session begins on June 3 and will be concluded on July 26 follow by a month T.P( Teaching Practice) between July 27 through August 25,2019. We are planning to send the 33 students to four out of six geographical zones in our country, Nigeria. This will cost us between $600 to $750 for transportation and reprints of our local gospel tracts and we can conveniently raise about $200 among Nigerian brethren for this spiritual exercise.

A DAY WBS SEMINAR: A day World Bible School Seminar conducted by Bro.M.B.Archibong in Mbak Itam, Itu on May 15 led to conversion of four Muslim believers. Several tracts from both local and gospel mission International and Voice of the Truth International volumes 98 & 99 were freely distributed during this one day WBS seminar.


The BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan ,Butubutu village is  using this opportunity to appreciate in advance Bro.Keith Kasarjian and the BVBID and association for assists us with fund to purchase a bigger generator plant to supply electrification to our schools community. We shall be purchasing the generator as soon as we receive the fund on June.

6,000 VOTI VOLUME 100 : The Voice of Truth International Volume 100 is now ready for distributions to churches in Nigeria. We deeply appreciate the World Evangelism crew for this great job for the growth of the Lord's church in Africa and the world as a whole.

ABOUT A STUDENT: Bro.Baruch Uchenna Okpulor is one of our year one students. A member of the Lord's church in Osusu Elendu,Aba,Abia State.Join the school in 2017. Became a member of the Lord's church in 1987.A graduates of Enugu state University of Science and Technology. Presently, our student's leader. His mission is to be trained as a preacher of the gospel and to become a missionary in the near future.

OTHER COMMENT: The Onikokoro /Gbongudu congregation have started another three month series of Studies every Lord's day under the theme:THE NEEDS OF THIS CONGREGATION and I spoke on Our Present Needs on May 13, The Needs for Sound Preacher on May 20 and Not Being Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ on May 27,2019. Another brother will be speaking next Lord's day .Our average attendance now 36 with average collection of N5,500=

CONCLUSION: We thank you all for your moral and financial supports toward the growth of the Lord's church in Africa, most especially in Nigeria. May the Lord continue to bless all our joint efforts in Christ Jesus, amen.

I remain your fellow servant of God, MAKINDE Ebenezer  Olufemi (The Chief servant of BVBIN & SWSE-IBADAN and WBSFUW)

Posted on May 28, 2019 .

Exciting lineup of classes in Nigeria

Beloved in Christ Jesus..

Greetings from your fellow brethren in Nigeria, most especially most especially the BVBIN and SWSE Ibadan main campus located in Butubutu Village via Badeku/Jago, Ona-Ara L.G.A Oyo State.

Here are some of the report of our activities in the lord for the month of March 2019.


i.  3RD semester classes continue

ii. Evangelism in Oyo, Osun, Ogun and Ekiti State

iii. Bachelor’s degree program commenced

iv. WBS Seminar in Uyo, Akwa Ibom.


This semester classes begins on March 18 and will be concluded on March 10,2019. A 3 days Mass Evangelism will hold in Odo-Sida area in Ondo town, Ondo State from May 3 through 5, 2019. The instructor for this Semester are: Bro Kayode S Eniafe who is handling OTP(minor) & OT Wisdom-2, Bro. Abiola J. Olusoji handling 1&2 Peter & Jude and Christian Home, Bro Isaac Olaniyan handling LOC 2 and Hebrews,Bro Ojo Olugbenga handling Biblical Eschatological and 2 Corinthian, Bro.Silas Guda handling Bible Geography and Romans, Bro Abraham Idu Yeje handling 1&2 Thessalonian while I, Bro.Makinde is handling NT Church-2(Worship),Preacher's Work & Life and Teach with Success

3.EVANGELISM: Our Students continued in  the evangelisation of cities and villages in Oyo, Osun, Ogun and Ekiti States throughout the weekends in the month of April 2019. We evangelized Gbongudu and Kute-Ibadan, Ikoyi-Osun State, Ajibawo-Ogun State, Adeyemi area-Ondo State and lastly, Igbara-Odo-Ekiti State and the Lord crowned our efforts with five restoration and a convert.

4. BVBIN BACHELOR’S DEGREE PROGRAM. As the Lord would have it, the first two classes in the Bachelor’s degree program came up at Anuoluwapo’s library in BVBIN and SWSE, Ibadan compound between April 1 through 12,2019. Bro Isaac Olaniyan taught the first class on Research Method-1 while I, Bro Makinde took the second class on the Fundamentals of Faith. Sixteen Students registered for the degree program presently, more serving gospel Preachers are expected to join the August 19-30 classes which will feature Bro Isaac Olaniyan and Bro Steven Ashcraft.

5. WBS SEMINAR: The World Bible School Seminar held in Afaha Obio Eno, between April 12-14,2019 resulted into conversion of six souls and hundreds of WBS lessons were shared and One hundred and Fifty copies of VOTI Volume 99 were freely distributed.

6. ABOUT A STUDENT: Ohaebuka Chinonso Philemon is one of our year 2 students. Presently serving as an evangelist of a congregation in Adeyemi Aea of Ondo town in Ondo State. Born to the family of Bro Cletus Ohaebuka in April 1995 at Imo state. His mission is to be one of the competent gospel ministers in Nigeria in the nearest future.

7. OTHER COMMENT: I taught on Life Ordered by God’s will on April 14 and Patient in Suffering on April 28,2019 at Onikokoro/Gbongudu Congregation during the Sunday morning Bible Class . I’m now teaching on Prayer-Our great privilege in our Wednesday Bible Class. I started the class on April  17 and hope to conclude this class on June 2019.

CONCLUSION: We thank you all for your love and partnership, may the Lord continue to bless all our efforts in his vineyard in Jesus Christ name,Amen.

I remain your fellow servant of God, MAKINDE Ebenezer  Olufemi (Director of Studies, BVBIN & SWSE-IBADAN and WBSFUW)

Posted on May 13, 2019 .

Annual lectureship in Nigeria

Beloved in Christ,

Greetings from  staff and students of Bear Valley Bible Institute Nigeria & Southwest School of Evangelism, Ibadan and my fellow WBSFUW in Southern part of Nigeria.

Below is the summary of our activities for the month of March 2019:
i) Evangelism in Jago 1 & 2 and Butubutu village- Oyo state and Ikoyi and Ikire-Osun state
ii) Third Semester Classes begins.
iii) 17th Annual Leadership Seminar, a great success.
iv) Agricultural Seminar by Healing Hands International. Kenya

The staff and students of BVBIN & SWSE,Ibadan and fellow WBSFUW in Western States of Nigeria are very busy in evangelizing their community, most especially  Jago 1 & 2 and Butubutu village of Ona-Ara Local Government ,Oyo state and Ikoyi and Bale Ayo of Osun state throughout the Saturdays in the month of March 2019 and the Lord crowned our joint effort with a convert in Jago on March 21 and three convers in Bale Ayo in Osun State on March 24,2019.

Our third semester classes begins as scheduled on March 18 and we shall be closing on May 10,2019, Lord’s willing .Our instructors for this semester are Bro.Isaac Olaniyan, Bro.Abiola Joseph Olusoji, Bro. Gbenga Ojo, Bro .Emmanuel Godwin, Bro.Silas Guda , Bro.Kayode Solomon Eniafe, and myself- Bro.Makinde Ebens.
4. 17th ANNUAL LEADERSHIP SEMINAR: This year annual leadership seminar held in our main campus at Doug Wheeler Event Center was attended by over 100 brethren from 13 States of the federation and from over 50 congregations. Over 30,000 of our local tracts and ten gospel booklets from Mission Printing International were freely distributed with 315 Bibles to all the participants..We thank you all for your partnership and support. Most especially we appreciates the financial support from Bro.Steven Ashcraft and associates and that of Bro. Chad Wagner and associates for the fund raised for us to purchased Bibles.

5.  AGRIC SEMINAR : The resource person for the one day Agric Seminar, Bro.Ebenezer Udofia of Healing Hands International, Kenya arrived Ibadan city on Thursday evening. The one day Agric Seminar centered on How to raise Poultry and Piggery farm .The seminar started as early as 8.30am and come to an end by 1.30pm. 68 brethren from 13 States and 60 congregations participate in the seminar.

6. ABOUT A STUDENT: Bro. Samson Paul is one of our Year 2 students. Born in the year 2001 at Ibadan. And presently serving as our Campus Minister. His mission is to be one of the competent ministers of God within and outside Nigeria.

7. SPECIAL ACCOMPLISHMENT: With the help of the Almighty God, coupled with the supports of Brother Steven Ashcraft and that of Brother Chad Wagner, we were able to provide a two meal per day from Monday through Wednesday and 3 meals on Thursday and Friday for all the participants in the just concluded 17th Annual Leadership Seminar 2019 at BVBN and SWSE, Ibadan and 315 Bibles freely shared plus 10 carton of Mission Printing International booklets and tracts.

8. OTHER COMMENTS: Lord’s willing, we are starting the BVBN degree programme on April 1 through 12,2019 at our main campus in Butubutu, Ibadan. The first two speakers for April classes are Brother Isaac Olaniyan who will be handling Research Method-1 from April 1-5 and myself, Brother Makinde Ebens who will be teaching Fundamentals of Faith -1 from April 8 through to 12, 2019. Presently, 15 gospel ministers /our graduates across the country have indicated interest in the training.
Also, I taught in Onikokoro-Ibadan congregation on Favouritism Forbidden  on March 3, Faith in Action on March 10, Control your Tongue on March 17 and Controlling your passions, lust, and desires.All from the book of James under the theme ,Practical Christianity. Average attendance is 40 with average contribution of N4,000=.

9. CONCLUSION : We thank you all for your partnership and love. May the Lord keep on blessing all our work together in Jesus Christ name (Amen).

Sincerely His & Yours……MAKINDE Ebenezer  Olufemi (Director of Studies, BVBIN & SWSE-IBADAN and WBSFUW)

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

Busy and productive in Nigeria

Beloved in Christ Jesus.

Greetings in staff and students of Bear Valley Bible Institute Nigeria & Southwest School of Evangelism, Ibadan and my fellow WBSFUW in Southern part of our great nation, Nigeria.

Below is the summary of our activities for the month of February 2019:


i)   Weekend evangelism in continue in Asejire town,Oyo and Osun state and Butubutu village,Ibadan in Oyo state

ii)  End of Second Semester Classes..

iii)  Vocational Weeks commenced on February 9.

iv)  Great Workshop 2019 at Owutu Village ,Imo state.

v) BVBIN & SWSE IBADAN 17th Annual Leadership seminar come up on March 25-29,2019 Lord’s willing.


The year-2 students are all busy in their respective congregation in fulfilling the marching order of Master Jesus through house-to-house evangelism while the year-1 students despite the fact that they are in a month Vocational Training are also busy every weekend in Weekend House-to-house evangelism in Oyo,Osun and Lagos state. Report reaching the school from both the year-1 and 2 students shows the conversion of nine souls and restoration of five .TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


The 2nd semester classes come to and end as scheduled on February 8,2019.Lord’s willing,3rd semester classes will begin on March 18 instead of March 4 due to ongoing elections in our country, Nigeria.

4. VOCATIONAL WEEKS :All our year-1 students are now in a four weeks Vocational Training in Oyo,Osun and Lagos State learning different trades such as Fashion Designing, Electrification, Motor Mechanic, Plumber, Art Design, Barbing, NAPPMEG, e.t.c.


This year Great Workshop for WBSFUW in Nigeria held at Owutu Village, Imo State was attended by over 600 brethren across the country. Bro. Chad Wagner was our guest speaker. Several books was freely shared during this spiritual exercise. Among the books shared were the remaining 3,000 copies of VOTI volume 99, tracts by Bro .Sylvester Imogoh, 5,000 copies of WBS introduction lessons from Bro.Joel Coppinger and Associates and 400 BVBIN & SWSE IBADAN 2019 Calendar.

6. 17TH ANNUAL LEADERSHIP SEMINAR: Lord’s willing, this year Leadership Seminar will centered on “Go Yee Into The World”. The program will commenced on early morning of March 25 and end with Agric Seminar on March 29 by Bro. Ebenezer Udofia of Healing Hands International, Kenya .Participants from the Western Nigeria and Middle Belt are expected to arrive on Sunday evening, March 24. 


 i) From the support from Bro. Chad Wagner & associates and from Bro.Steven Ashcraft and associates, we were able to print 5,000 copies each of our six local tracts for Weekend Evangelism and Gospel Campaign in the Western State of Nigeria.

ii) Also, the BVBIN & SWSE-IBADAN Staff quarter’s and that of SWI Staff quarter’s and Anuoluwapo’s Library painted

8. ABOUT A STUDENT: Bro.Okpachui Denis Ugim is one of our year-1- students.Born in 1992 at Obudu, Cross River State. He is presently our chapel prefect. His mission is to become one of the competent ministers of God in Cross River State and beyond after his study in BVBIN & SWSE-Ibadan.

9. BRO.CHAD WAGNER NOW OUR NEW SWSE-PATRON: Now that our able brother, Chad Wagner is now fully in charge of Nigeria evangelism ministry, the Foundation Members of the SWSE-Ibadan and our graduates on February 6 deem it fit to confer on him the position held by the faithful soldier of Christ, Bro.Doug Wheeler since the school inception in year 2003 till December 2018 on Bro.Chad Wagner, that is, SWSE-Patron. We therefore appeal to you all to make any enquiry concerning us and our mission from him. Big thanks for your usual cooperation.

11. OTHER COMMENTS: The Church of Christ , Onikokoro / Gbongudu , Ibadan  start her first Indoor Bible Lectureship in 2019 centered on “ Practical Christianity’ ….Studies from the book of James on February 3,2019 and I Introduce the book on the first class of February 3 and served as the admonisher  on February 10 .Average attendance is 48 with average collection of N4,600= 

CONCLUSION  : We deeply appreciates the supports from Bro .Joel  Coppinger  &  associates, Bro. Steven Ashcraft & associates , Bro.Chad Wagner & associates ,Dorman & Donna Lough, Bro. Doug Wheeler , Bro. Bill Pennell , Bro .John Branard & Oceanside congregation, Visalia community Church of Christ and you all for your partnership and support . May God continue to bless our works together in Jesus Christ name, amen.

Sincerely His & Yours……MAKINDE Ebenezer  Olufemi (Director of Studies, BVBIN & SWSE-IBADAN and WBSFUW)

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

The first year in Ibadan is complete

Beloved in Christ,

Greetings from staff and students of Bear Valley Bible Institute, Ibadan. 

1.    Overview: Glory to God for the successful completion of the first year program of the weekend school at Ibadan; 12 courses has been taught and graded. The gospel campaign that ought to be for 2nd and 9th of February as been shifted to February 23 and break on 16th of February and 2nd March because of the Nigeria National election slated for those days. Brother Oladokun will be teaching Personal Evangelism 1 on February 2,9 and March 9and 16th.

2.  Special Accomplishment: The hosting congregation where the works records a baptism during December; moreso, Bro Olalekan Olajide Joseph one of our student presently work with kute Church of Christ, Ibadan. 

3  Evangelism:   the school intructors and students continue in the work of Evangelism with our hosting congregation (Gbongudu/sooko Church of Christ, Ibadan). The students are prepared for the forthcoming Gospel campaign being equipped with the undiluted word of Christ to reach lost souls.

4.  About A Student: Sister Esther Makinde is one of our student giving all her strength for the cause of Christ, building up and teaching the children and teenager the way to God and laying down her time for personal Evangelism and follow-up work. She's inspiring many soul with her zeal for the cause of the Gospel.

Conclusion:  We  appreciate you effort thus far to promote the work of Christ here in Ibadan. The school has been a blessing enriching students and congregations here in Ibadan.

May God continue to bless our work in Christ AMEN



Posted on February 19, 2019 .

Very busy in Nigeria!

Beloved in Christ Jesus;
Grace, peace and mercy unto you all from God our Father and from Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior, who saw us through year 2018 all Glory and Honor to his name.
A big appreciation to those who were there for us and all who played vital roles in helping us to achieve our aims of training more soldiers of Christ at BVBIN and SWSE, Ibadan , may God in his abundant blessings continue to bless our works together in Jesus Christ name.
May this new season bring you dew from heavens, give you peace and joy to take you and all yours through the year 2019. HAPPY NEW YEAR
Below is the summary of our activities for the month of December 28, 2018:
I  Evangelized in Butubutu and environment, Asejire-Oyo & Osun, Igbara-Odo in Ekiti State
ii End of the year program resulted into conversion of Five and restoration of a family of Four.
iii BVBIN-IKORODU, 3rd annual Bible Lectureship held at Lagos 
iv SW 2nd Building near  completion.
v 17th Annual Leadership seminar themed “Go yea unto the world and preach”
As usual, the staff and students of the BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan were busy every weekend in evangelism and campaigning for Christ. We were graced to evangelized villages around Butubutu Jago and Badeku. Also, we extended our work to Asejire town in Oyo and that of Osun state,the lord crowned our joint effort with total conversion of Five brothers and a family of four was restored unto the lord in Badeku.
I, Bro.Kayode S Eniafe, Bro Gbenga Ilori and Bro Emmanuel Godwin spoke at a Three days mass evangelism and Open-Air Bible lectureship organized by Igbara-Odo congregation, Ekiti state between December 6-9, 2018 and a soul gave his life to Christ after the program and also I, Bro.Dele shotola and Bro. Kayode spoke at the end of the year gospel campaign at Jago-Ibadan.
Bro,Augustine Odo served as the moderator, Bro. Mfon Etim- the director of BVBIN – Ikorodu spoke on ”The New Testament Conversion” while I(Bro. Makinde ebens) spoke on “Working together with God” during the 3rd Annual Bible Lectureship centered on “WHAT THINK YE OF THE CHURCH?”. The program was attended by over 150 brethren from congregations of our Lord around Lagos state. Among the dignitaries were Bro.Akinyemi, Bro.Abiola, Bro.Ufot, e.t.c
Bro.Okoro Chinyere, one of the organizers of the program reported that six preachers enrolled as students of the BVBIN-IkORODU after the seminar. The new students will join the next class of January 5,2019. Lord’s willing.
5 SPECIAL ACCOMPLISHMENT: To God be the Glory we will soon complete the second structure for the Southwest Nursery& Primary school. All that is left for the completion of the second structure are; Desks for Student, White board and other amenities.
6 SPECIAL CHALLENGE: We are still in need of a bigger generator plant to supply electricity to the school community.
7 ABOUT A STUDENT: Bro.Smauel Sunday Moses is a year one student. He is from Ikwe Omua L.G.A, Akwa-Ibom State. He is happily married and blessed with children. He is here to be train to become a competent ministers. His mission is to acquire more knowledge in the work of Christ, most especially in evangelism.
8 OTHER COMMENTS: I taught on “The Origin of Evil” at Onikokoro,Gbongudu Congregation on December 23 and 30, 2018. The book of Job was used as our lesson background with the aim of aiding God’s children to remain faithful during tough time.
CONCLUSION  We are very much grateful to you all for your moral and financial supports toward Evangelism in both rural and urban area of the country. May the Lord continue to bless our works in Jesus Christ name, amen.
I also thank those that sent words of comfort to me and my wife (through sms, calls and email) over the untimely departure of our first son, Emmanuel Anuoluwapo to the land of glory on October 2018. May the Lord keep us fit and sound in the loving way till the end is our fervent prayer. Amen.
I remain yours in the grace as a servant
Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi
(Director of Studies)

Posted on January 15, 2019 .

A well rounded program in Nigeria

Beloved in Christ Jesus.

 Greetings from staff and students of BVBIN & SWSE IBADAN and fellow WBSFUW in Western State of Nigeria.

i. Evangelised Jago,Kupalo and Asejire on October.

ii.Practical week: October 22-26

iii.Vocational Training begins on October 27-November 23,2018

iv. Second semester classes begins on November 26,2018 Lord's willing.

2. SPECIAL ACCOMPLISHMENT: We have succeeded in repairing the South West Nursery and Primary school's van to our taste.

3. EVANGELISM : The staff and students and co-WBSFUW  evangelised at Jago and Kupalo village of Ona-Ara Local Government Area of Oyo State in the evening of  October 13 & 20,2018 and Asejire-Osun State on October 19-21. Three souls were added to the Lord's church in Asejire and two in Jago /Kupalo on October 20,2018

4. ABOUT A STUDENT: Bro.Olugbenga Ebenezer Ojo is one of our year two students.Born in year 1960 in Ife-Osun State. Added to the Lord's church in 2015 during our August annual Bible Lectureship and graduation. His mind is to serve the Lord in the Western state of Nigeria after his graduation on August 2019 Lord's willing.

5. OTHER COMMENTS: I taught on Godhead in the Sundays on the month of October using Bro.Jerry Bates book on Godhead at Oniyere-Ibadan,Isheri Oshun-Lagos state,Mile12 -Lagos and Agege congregation-Lagos state.

 A fellow WBSFUW and one of the major recipients of VOTI named Bro.M.B.Archiborn  reported the conversion of five souls as a result of the WBS seminar held in the Lord's church where he is ministering .

 CONCLUSION: We are very grateful for your moral and financial supports toward the growth of the Lord's church in Africa and the world as a whole. May the good God we are serving continue to bless all our works together in Jesus Christ name, amen.

I remain your fellow soldier of Christ,

MAKINDE Ebenezer Olufemi( Director of Studies & WBSFUW)

Posted on November 24, 2018 .

New students in Nigeria

Bear Valley Bible Institute - Ibadan (Extended Program)

Operating Report for the three months ending September 30, 2018

Overview: We are continuing with the third quarter lectures, the school just concluded lectures and conducted from the book of Job(old testament wisdom literature 3a) today.and by next week well be starting another subject ( Acts of the Apostle)that will be anchored by Bro Oladokun Samuel Olawale. 

Special Accomplishment: We are blessed with two new students within the month of September to add to the 13 students present. And we hope to admit more students before the end of this year.

Evangelism:   As part of the curriculum of the school, the students and staff's of the school works with the host congregation (Onikokoro/gbongudu Church of Christ) every first Saturday of the month in her evangelism, and this has been a joint effort to spread the Gospel within the community, Bro Oladokun Samuel has been working for one month past with the Akinmoorin Church of Christ,Oyo, teaching, equipping the saints towards the course of evangelism and has been active in the Church evangelism.

Conclusion:  We sincerely appreciate your unending effort to aid us in spreading the good news and building up a healthy church 


Oladokun Samuel Olawale

Director, BVBI-Ibadan

Posted on October 16, 2018 .

Evangelism in Nigeria

Beloved in Christ Jesus, 

Greetings to you all from the students and instructors of BVBIN and SWSE, Ibadan and fellow WBSFUW in South West States of Nigeria and from the Makinde   

OVERVIEW : Reports reaching me from the students who are presently working with the Lord 's church in states across our country, Nigeria. In a month students teaching practice shows that the Lord has been using the students and their host by adding 43 souls and restoration of 26 erring brethren recorded so far. Bro. Joseph Olaleye and Bro. Anana Abasiama Effiong reports three conversions and one restoration each. TO GOD BE THE GLORY AND HONOR! 

SPECIAL ACCOMPLISHMENT: Works continue in putting things in order in the school compound in preparation for our 16th Annual Bible Lectureship and graduation ceremony of August 22-24,2018 at BVBIN AND SWSE, IBADAN, Butubutu village via Badeku /Jago, Ona Ara L. G. A. Oyo State. We were able to replace the broken louvers and mosquito net of Doug Wheeler Event Hall  and our male students dormitory. 

Twenty four (24) students are already enrolled for the diploma courses and sixteen (16) for Advanced BVBI certificate. 

STUDENTS TEACHING PRACTICE :We were able to sent forth our forty two students (42)for a month teaching practice across the country, Nigeria with the support of $250 from our able brother, Bro. Steven Ashcraft and associates by subsidized for the students transportation fare to the venue of their field work. 

CONCLUSION :We are so much appreciative of your partnership and love toward the growth of the Lord's church in Africa and the whole world in general. May the Lord of blessings and mercies continue to bless all you do for His name is our fervent prayers. 

 Our best regards to your family and associates. 

Sincerely His and yours  ......Bro. Makinde Ebens (Director of Studies and Chairman of Administrative Council, BVBIN and SWSE, Ibadan and fellow WBSFUW) 

Posted on July 31, 2018 .

Three new schools in Nigeria

Dearest friends in Christ Jesus. 

Greetings from BVBIN schools.Below is the report concerning the three weekend schools in Nigeria. 


Average attendance : 15

Courses completed so far: Old & New Testament Survey, The Pentateuch, How we got the Bible, and Christian Evidences is up next May 26 through June 16. 

Evangelism: On second Sunday of  March and April, evening, Bro. Makinde Emmanuel and Bro. Olawale Lawrence Dada led students in evangelized Onikokoro, Gbongudu and Sooko area of Lagelu local Government and three souls were converted. 


Average Attendance : 19

Courses completed so far: Old & New Testament Survey, The Pentateuch, Christian Evidences, and next up is New Testament Church (The One True Church).

Evangelism: Bro. Okoro Chinyere led the students to evangelized Agric area of Ikorodu on the evening of Second Sunday of April and May and two souls were converted. 


Average attendance : 22

Courses completed so far: Old & New Testament Survey, The Pentateuch, New Testament Church -(The One True Church ), and next is How we got the Bible.

Evangelism : Bro. Abiola Joseph Olusoji and Bro. Ezekiel Okorougo led the students to evangelized Olowora area of Lagos with the churches of Christ in Lagos on third Sunday of April (evening). No converts yet but many prospects. 

Conclusion :We deeply appreciate your partnership and encouragement. May the Lord keep on using you all for the growth of His kingdom on earth is our fervent prayers. Amen. 

Sincerely His and yours ,

Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (Assistant Regional Coordinator, BVBIN EXTENSION SCHOOLS) 

Posted on May 28, 2018 .

Vocational training in Nigeria

Beloved in Christ Jesus, 

Greetings from BVBIN and SWSE, Ibadan and fellow WBSFUW in South West States of Nigeria. 

The students of Bear Valley Bible Institute Nigeria and Southwest School of Evangelism, Ibadan concluded their one month vocational training yesterday to prepare for the fourth semester, classes that by God's grace, will commence on May 21, 2018 at our main campus in Butubutu village, Ibadan. 

During the one month vocational training, our students and instructors worked with congregations nearest to the students station and 28 souls were added to the Lord 's church, over 20 restored and a congregation planted. 

The Bear Valley Bible Institute weekend schools in Agege, Ikorodu and Onikokoro Ibadan are also making progress. Agege school now have 21 students, Ikorodu 19 ,and 13 in Onikokoro Ibadan. 

In conclusion, we appreciate you all for your partnership and cares. May the Lord keep on using you all for His glory is our fervent prayers in Christ Jesus name, Amen.

Makinde Ebens, Director BVBI-N

Posted on May 15, 2018 .