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Even more success in Guinea!

Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible Institute Activity Operations Report for June 2019

Greetings to you all, our readers and supporters of the gospel work in Guinea. As usual we are writing to give you an update of what transpired at the Gueckedou, Guinea Bear Valley Bible Institute during the month of June which falls in the wet season of the year in this part of West Africa. Also, our activities were limited by the second quarter break which was a week off the month of June. Notwithstanding, the grace of God continues to be manifested in our gospel preaching as souls are being converted.  While it is true that many of our outdoor activities have reduce, there was little or no effect on our indoor activities as classes continued in their normal order. On the over all, the results were good and I am glad to report the following details:

Classroom: As per our course schedule, we were able to go through 2 major courses – the “Major Prophets and Biblical Interpretation 2” just before the campaign week followed by the second quarter break. We are still with all the 17 students on roll with everyone doing his best in his category of study.

Evangelism: News of our preaching during the month of May drew one elderly man some 3 kilometers from his village of Yaladou to be a member of the church when he met us in the village of Damas. In response to the question “how did he know about us and why did he want to be a member of the church”, Mr. Lambert explained “we are hearing about you and people are saying that that church has so much truth”. After the worship service that Sunday, the 1st of June the man was baptized after a brief Bible discussion. We have unfortunately lost his conversion photo. Then on the 16th of the Month, 1 old age woman obeyed the gospel in the village of Foidou. Finally, the conversion of 3 other souls – 1 in Gueckedou and 2 in another village of Yabehma on June 30th was the close of our evangelism for the month. In all, we baptized 5 souls!

Campaign: We had 6 days of public preaching – 18th to the 23rd June and we surveyed 2 main areas. First, we all spread out – house to house in a quarter of Gueckedou town until the 21st. Then on the 22nd, a portion of us left to visit Yaladou, the village of Mr. Lambert, the first convert mentioned above during our evangelism. Although we met him very sick of a swelling foot, brother Lamber had informed the local authority and had invited many who came out in a public square to listen that Saturday night. Unfortunately, the rains interrupted and the people scattered with only a few entering in an unprepared hall. Nevertheless, 1 soul was baptized the following day plus 4 others in Gueckedou town on the same Sunday of June 23rd. In total, 5 souls were drawn to the Lord during our June campaign.

Transportation means: Our request for an additional motorbike to facilitate transportation especially for evangelism and congregational visit was granted by the Bear Valley authorities through the effort of our West Africa Coordinator, Steven Ashcraft who advocated for us. From the funds provided for that purpose, we were able to purchase 1 more motorbike of the same quality (but of a different color – Red) as the first. The funds were enough to provide for all documentation including 1 year of complete insurance.

Conclusion: The month of June, though a rainy period in our area with some inconveniences was nevertheless successful. Our indoor, classroom activities went well. Also our evangelism and gospel campaign efforts resulted to a total of 10 souls converted to Christ.

In our next report, we will give you details of Niceville, Florida church’s positive response to our May request for evangelism equipment.

Thanks and appreciations to you all.


Posted on July 28, 2019 .

36 souls won in Guinea!

Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible Institute Activity Operations Report for May 2019

We have come to the close of activities for the month of May at the Gueckedou, Guinea Bear Valley Bible Institute. Although several things occurred during the period, this report will be a summary of the major events and of those which attracted our attention and therefore our time. On the overall, we have graded the indoor activities as “good” and the outdoor activities especially because of the comparably high number of conversions as “excellent”. For this reason, it is for me more of a pleasure than a duty to submit this report which is outlined under the below subheadings.

Classroom: The month of May falls in the second quarter of our course study for the second year which requires a lot of credit hours. Compared to that of the “Major prophets” 3 shorter courses including Homiletics 2 and Romans were completed just before the close of May so that we could start “Old Testament 4”, the Major Prophets scheduled for 12 days of 7 hours each day. This is our second to the last course for this quarter. It is therefore likely that to complete the last course for the quarter (Biblical Interpretation 2) there will be an extension of 2 or 3 days in our gospel campaign week scheduled to begin on the 17th of June.

Evaluations for such voluminous courses have included home assignments compelling the students to do much reading and research. So far, the results are good and all 17 students are still on roll.

Evangelism: As highlighted in our April report, the month of May has been one of great success in terms of evangelism. As it was the role of John the Baptist before the coming of the Lord, the men in the new congregation at Foidou had advanced our preaching in many of the villages around them in April while we were on break. In deed the challenge was ours to get ready for an outdoor preaching in the village call Damas (which is the English Damascus of Acts chapter 9) on the evening of Saturday May the 4th.Seven men and women confessed the Lord as a result of the word, but because it was late to get to the river side we agreed to return the next day for the baptism. By His grace it was another opportunity of Bible discussion during the study class of the worship and it resulted to a total of 11 conversions!

Before returning to that village (Damas) for another Saturday preaching which also resulted to 5 conversions among those who attended the following Sunday of May 12th worship from the 2 villages (Damas and Foidou), 1 lady was baptized in Gueckedou on Friday, the 10th of May. Interestingly, another 5 men and women were baptized on the same Sunday in the congregation at the school premises. That means by His grace 10 persons were converted on that Sunday, the 12th of May.

The weekend of 18th to 19th May was another of pressing need for us to reach another village. Now the men of Foidou assisted by some from Damas extended the message to Milliandou, another village where we were encouraged to go and preach that Saturday evening. Again, 7 men and women accepted the gospel call and were baptized the following day, Sunday the 19th of May along with 4 other women from the village of Damas. That is true, Sunday, the 19th of May another 11 conversions took place as were on the 5thof May. Let me mention in passing that at each area of our public preaching we would close up with the exercise of tract distribution!

Furthermore, there were 3 additional convertions on 20th and 26th of the month – 2 in Gueckedou and 1 in the village of Milliandou.

In all we have converted 36 souls to Christ during the month of May.

Worship Services of the Brethren in the 3 New Villages of Foidou, Damas and Milliandou:

 It should be of concern how and where the Sunday worship services of the brethren of these new villages are being held when at the same time conversions were taking place in either 2 or all 3 of them. Indeed on every Sunday of May – the 5th, the 12th, the 19thand the 26th Gueckedou Bear Valley was converting people in at least 2 of the 3 new villages. Here is how it was done. Worship was held in just 2 of the 3 villages for all 4 Sundays of the Month. Encouraged by their friends who first announced the message before our Saturday preaching, the prospects would walk to come to worship and to be baptized the following Sunday at the host village/congregation.  That was really impressing!

At the moment the desire and agreement is for all of them to remain as one congregation worshiping in one village this Sunday and in another the other Sunday. This might change in the future as the converts in each village increase with other necessities such as for children, the old age and the disable. The average attendance so far is 50 including the 2 workers from the institute.  

Material Need for Evangelism and Gospel Campaigns: During those Saturday public preaching we saw and or felt the need for loud speaker and amplifier materials. In all previous campaigns we had only done house to house and door to door evangelism. We did reap some fruit, but have lately experienced that the general public proclamation of the word will result to more fruits. Hence, we are here appealing to any well-wishers to support us with amplifiers and other public preaching materials. This is especially needed for the city (Gueckedou town) preaching. Support the volume of our voices please!

Conclusion: Gueckedou Bear Valley had had much to do in the classroom during the month under review. We were challenged by courses which required more than 35 or 48 credit hours, but we did go through successfully. More than that, we were somehow pressed, but glad to go out on every Saturday to preach in one village while at the same time making efforts to build the town congregation. Constrained by limited transportation means and repairs of the old vehicle on hand we struggled, but the efforts were blessed and therefore the month of May has carried the highest score of conversions (36 souls) than any other since we established in March 2018!

Tract distribution has been and is still an active role in all our personal and public preaching. We are grateful to the “French World Outreach”/ bro Barry Baggott for responding to our call.

Thanks and appreciations to you all who support this honorable work.

May the Lord be praised because “we are unprofitable servants: We have done that which was our duty to do”- Luke 17:10.


Posted on June 25, 2019 .

Continued growth in Guinea

Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible Institute Activity Operations Report for April 2019

Our major second quarter activities at Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible Institute commenced on 22nd April 2019. As in previous quarters we had both indoor and outdoor activities though this time for a limited period compared to other months in the past. Nevertheless, we did our best to fulfill all necessary requirements one of which considered the central focus of all outdoor activities is evangelism resulting to the conversion of 3 souls. Below are the details.

Classroom: By His grace we are still maintaining the 17 students on roll. Regular classes did commence, but we had to adjust the course schedule especially for the short course initially set for the 7th week. Bro Balla was rescheduled to conduct his class right from day 1, the first and only week to finish the month. This was done because the instructor was not sure of being available in any other week during the quarter. The results were very good.

Evangelism: The new congregation at Bilin which was started during our first quarter break on 31st March had another one soul added on 14th April. Since all the conversions so far in that village were during our break when I was also away, necessity was laid upon me not only to participate evangelize the village, but especially to go see the new converts. Therefore Sunday, 21st April just before classes resume the next day we made a visit of acquaintance and to strengthen the brethren. Our meeting was one of delight! It resulted to the conversion of 2 additional souls that day.

In our last report for the month of March we explained the conversions of persons in 2 different villages (Foidou and Bilin) said to be 2 new congregations. The good news now about especially the men at Foidou is that they have taken upon themselves even while we were on break to advance the message in most of their surrounding villages, thus paving the way for a greater conversion in May. Details of this are soon coming in our next report.

Dining Hall Repairs: The first rains of Gueckedou town were accompanied by violent winds and thunder blasts. Many families saw the roofs of their houses fly away. Bear Valley’s dining hall was no exception. Tarpaulins of one-half of the shelter were torn apart and destroyed. We had no option, but to speedily engage repairs which were completed in 2 days.

Literature Reception and Distribution: We owe a big “thank you” and appreciation to the “French World Outreach” / Barry Baggott based in Nashville, TN who is a great blessing to our preaching ministry. In deed bro Baggott had sent us 4 cartons of New Testament Index Bibles, tracts and pamphlets most of which (except Bibles) are often distributed during all our campaigns and evangelistic trips. These too have their part in proclaiming the good news of Christ (and his church). French World Outreach must be recognized as a part in the conversions being done at the Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible School!

Conclusion: We had only 1 week of major activities for the month of April, but are thankful to God for the classroom and outdoor activities especially for the 3 souls converted. With the initiative of advancing the gospel message by the men of Foidou, an exciting report of greater conversions is on the way.

Our thanks and appreciations to you all especially those of you who support this paramount work. God bless us all!


Posted on May 28, 2019 .

More conversions in Guinea

Gueckedou, Guinea BV Activity Operations Report for March 2019

About half way of the month of March was the close of our first quarter activities for 2019 which were commenced in January at the Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible Institute. During the month the school was involved in both classroom and outdoor activities including a week long gospel campaign all of which were successful even though we had a sudden health emergency case by one student who had fallen off while in class. We have experienced a greater number of conversions so far, 32 souls in all!  Below are the details of the events.

Classroom: To this date of the close of the first quarter of our second year, the Gueckedou School still maintain the 17 students on roll. All of them attended to the courses of the quarter. However, just before the evaluation student Nestor Kamano had fallen off his seat while in class. He was rushed to the central hospital, admitted for treatment and was discharged 5 days later. The rest sat to their evaluation tests and everyone did his best in the category of his study. Another schedule was proposed for brother Kamano to take his exam. So far all is well.

Evangelism: This time round a great effort has been applied by everyone to do his or her part to bring souls to Christ. One of our staff’s effort to convert an elderly woman in a nearby community who was baptized on the 2nd of March along with one young man led us to another older woman who was also baptized within a few days.

After the campaign week some of our students who are helping with the teaching and worship in the new congregation at Dentor also baptized 4 men and 1 woman on 24th and 31st March respectively.

Still further, our evangelical efforts and concerns increased especially by encouraging brother Saa Nestor Millimouno to work with us even though due to illness he had dropped out during the first year classes. We drew him closer because we saw greater potentials and a special gift of motivation in him. In the village of Bilin for example he and one regular student made their first trip to evangelize so that the second trip resulted to 8 conversions on 31st March. Putting all these together means that 15 souls were converted in March as a result of all our efforts in evangelism.

Campaigns: The week of 11th to 17th March was one of interest for our first quarter gospel campaign this year. Among the villages visited last year during our evangelistic trips we had encountered some obstacles in a predominantly Protestant village community called Foidou. We had gone there in the night on schedule, and the village chief, a non-Protestant had allowed us to preach to those who desired to hear us in the community hall. But soon the violent sounds of stone throw on the roof could not allow us to continue. Led in the home of one of the interested men, we did not sill only preach to them, but they in turn encouraged us to take heart, keep strong and to “come back”.

All along on campus from time to time we had discussed the possibility of returning to that village and to do so in the day time. Hence, the areas proposed for this campaign week included the return to Foidou. Therefore after attending to 2 sections of Gueckedou town by 2 different groups on 12th and 13th March, the  14th by 7:15 am 16 of the 17 students plus the staff on board the Directors’ car, the school bike plus 2 other bikes and where in that village by 8 am to broadcast the saving gospel of Christ! Three hours later by 11am that morning 8 responsible men of family heads surrendered to King Jesus and were baptized and that marks the beginning of another congregation. Since then worship services and other week day (Saturday) Bible classes attended by other adults and children are being held regularly.

The 15th to the 17th March were the days scheduled for Botema, a village where we had conversions in the past. There were 3 men on that mission and they too snatched 5 persons from Satan on 16th March.

 In all, 13 souls were converted to Christ during our first quarter campaign week.

Conclusion: We had a successful work in the month of March both in the classroom and out there on the field. Satan tried to obstruct the classes by the abrupt illness of one student, but the Lord came to our rescue and student Kamano has now recovered. On the battle field the struggle for souls led by Captain Jesus was delicate! The fight resulted to the surrender of both men and women in different times and at different fronts to our King, Jesus Christ. So far the month of March has carried the highest score of conversions – 32 persons since the establishment of the institute in 2018. We are thankful to all the leaders and supporters of the Gueckedou Bear Valley School. May God be praised for his grace!


Posted on May 13, 2019 .

More conversions in Guinea

Gueckedou, Guinea BV Activity Operations Report for February 2019

Brethren, the month of February has ended and we are pleased to submit essential details of the Institute’s activities which were conducted during the month. In addition to the usual activities of classroom and evangelism, there were purchases of a new copier and 17 Thomson Chain Reference BiblesAnd by the grace of God 3 souls were converted to the LordHere are the details:

Classroom: Of the 17 students on roll 16 of them registered at the beginning of the month until about half way when student Nicolas who was ill for some time in February returned. All 17 students are now carrying on their studies and the overall academic performance is acceptable. The students are also doing well in their practical.

Evangelism: Two areas of evangelism were as usual conducted in the month of February - the “house to house” preaching and that of the regular radio broadcast both of which resulted to 3 conversions.

House to house – Among those who went out to preach was student Justin who together with 2 of his colleagues was able to convert 2 of his female relatives. Later, we converted 1 young man, a handicap who had to be transported on the bike. Brother Nyuma is yet a young man and he’s crippling in both legs. He cannot stand on any of them. Thank God for his acceptance of Christ.

 Evangelism by the air: There is one student who is making a greater impart by the gospel messages preached on the air. Student Niouma 2 Kamano has impressed us greatly as he reminds and teaches the public on a regular weekly basis with messages of concern topics such as “examining oneself in light of obeying the saving gospel”. Our emission is a regular listening one in Gueckedou and surrounding!

Other conversions elsewhere – Though not counted in our Bear Valley conversion figures we will nevertheless like to mention in passing that as a result of the Gueckedou Bear Valley’s Director’s preaching on 24th February, 4 precious souls accepted the Lord that Sunday following his exercise as the keynote speaker of the WBS Graduation in Foya of neighboring Liberia.  There were 11 awards of WBS Certificates offered on February 23rd to those men and women who completed the required courses.  

Purchase of 17 Thomson Bibles and a new copier: We had serious photo copy difficulties at the beginning of the month when our“2520” copier broke down. We tried to get it repaired, but to no avail. The popular technician in town could not repair it due perhaps to his incapability in the field. So we sought permission from Steve, our Coordinator who allowed us to make some adjustment in the purchase of the Thomson Bibles. Instead of 20 to include the staff, we purchased 17 Bibles for the students and with a far reasonable price than the invoice obtained some time last year. This allowed us “left over” funds used to satisfy the pressing need. So we got a “2204” size type copier to replace the “2520” which was damaged by car accident during transport of startup materials last year.

Conclusion: Our thanks and appreciations to all the men and women, the brethren who are supporting the Bear Valley schools especially the one in Gueckedou to continue to train men for the Master.

In Christ


Posted on March 25, 2019 .

Evangelism in Guinea

Guinea 1.jpg

The 2018 year-end holidays carried us up to the 13th of January so that we started our second year activities on the 14 of the month. There were some obstacles during the month in the areas of illness on the part of one student and that of the breakdown of our copier. We managed to cope up any way. On the other hand, we had 5 conversions to the Lord. Here are the details of these activities under subheadings.

Classroom: One of the 17 students on roll has been bordered by an illness which rendered him unable to meet up the regular academic and field requirements. All others went through the month’s activities while student Nicolas Millimono was undergoing medical attention. He has just returned from Conakry where his parents had taken him for treatment and is now in class though required to settle for the courses conducted in his absence.

Evangelism: Indeed classes started by the middle of the month, but some of our students had made some effort even during the holidays to evangelize. Together with the air time radio gospel broadcast and other evangelistic efforts during the month we converted 5 persons to Christ. These are some of the people who had been held in denominations and were encouraging us to be patient.

Personal Profile: Student Jeannot Makete Sandouno, one of the 17 students at Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible Institute is 65 years of age. He came into the faith some 2 years age through the effort of bro Saa Nestor Millimono, one of the 2 initial 19 students who on account of illness dropped.

What is interesting about Jeannot is that during the period all the 63 years before his conversion he was not a member of any religious body and had never step foot in a church building for any reason even though he had “Christian” friends not only in his home country of Guinea, but both in Liberia and Sierra Leone where he had adventured in live. Some of his former friends were pastors that I knew; in fact one of them the late Pastor Tamba Kpalu of the Assemblies of God church, Bomi Hills, Liberia was my uncle. Jeannot had no interest what so ever for any religion for which reason those who knew him labeled him ‘’the chief pagan”. 

According the report, his conversion was not a few days business, but since the evangelist himself is an elderly man with a special gift of motivation, the several months of his effort resulted to Mr Sandouno’s baptism directly in the church of Christ. This man benefited that special grace of God as referenced in 2 Peter 3:9. He then agreed a year later to enroll at the Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible Institute from where he will be graduating by the close of this year.

Today, Mr. Sandouno, the former “chief pagan” sometimes preaches in the assembly where he worship at Carriere, Gueckedou town.

May God be glorified!

Conclusion: There were only 2 weeks of class for this month, but we were involved in evangelism of the entire month for which the Lord blessed our effort with the 5 souls converted. We also faced serious challenges when our copier was broken down, but we managed to cope up till another was purchased. Details of this will be soon in our February report.


Francis Sahr Musa

Director, BVbI-G

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

Success in Guinea


Gueckedou BV Activity Operations Report for December 2018

Dear brethren, here is the activity operations Report for the month of December 2018. During this month all of our usual activities plus 1 week of evangelism were conducted. There were 4 souls converted plus 3 during the campaign week which were not part of our year end numbers reported before the 15th. Below are the details of these activities under subheadings.

Classroom: The month of December was the close of our classroom activities with all 17 students attending all the subject materials for the month. We had 2 weeks of class work and the other 2 weeks were scheduled for campaign and part of the year end break.

Evangelism: By the grace of God all efforts, the house to house and the air time radio gospel broadcast put together during the month under review resulted to 4 conversions. We went out in smaller groups of 2 by 2 in some of the quarters of the town and in a few nearby villages. Sometimes we met with encouraging reception especially in the villages, but the people would say “be patient and continue coming. What you are saying is right, but you people met us already tied up in other churches and that is why it’s not just that easy”. So we are going steadily and wisely.

Campaign: Just before we closed for the year 2018, the 17 students and staff were divided in smaller groups of 3’s and 4’s so that we can touch as many people as possible. Some went in a few quarters of town and some in villages making follow up of previous evangelism.

The 3 men who went to the village of Botema in the Prefecture of Macenta baptized 3 persons. This is where there exists a congregation that is irregular in meeting and for that reason we will make every effort to ensure a proper footing by the end of March this year.

As for the other groups, we had no conversions, but we have some prospects to make follow ups.

Conclusion: We are thankful to God and we also appreciate all of the men and women, supporters of Bear Valley making our program of training and conversion a success. We had reported 71 baptisms before December 15 for our year end numbers, but we later converted 7 more in December therefore these will be counted as part of our 2019 year end numbers.

Thanks to you all for the support for the year 2018


Posted on January 29, 2019 .

Conversions in Guinea

Gueckedou, Guinea BV Activity Operations Report for October 2018

Dear brethren, this is a report summary of the activities that took place at the Gueckedou, Guinea Bear Valley Bible Institute during the month of October 2018. By the good grace of God, for the most part it was well. Classroom activities, evangelism and the campaign conducted during the month were all successful with the conversion of 4 souls in one of the four groups dispatched on the field. 2 other persons who had been visiting the church on campus were baptized making a total of 6. Below are further discussions of such activities under sub-headings.

Classroom: All 17 students had gone through the last quarter which was concluded in September. Therefore in early October the following academic results were posted:

1.      10 students of “Excellent to Average performance or grades “A – C / 94.5 – 72.5%”.

2.      6 students of “Poor” performance or grades “D /66.7 – 61.1%”  and

3.      1 student of “Fail” performance or grade “F”/ 48.4%

  All other activities such as the regular students’ devotions are ongoing as usual.

Evangelism: Two souls who had been visiting the church for a while obeyed the Lord in baptism during the month of OctoberThere are other efforts yet to yield fruit in around the town of Gueckedou.  

Air time Radio preaching: Evangelism by the air is for the most part in the hands of our students especially the one who has always top the class in academic performance. When he prepares a lesson it is edited by one staff member before preaching. My telephone contacts are given for any questions and comments. We are in a regular business of receiving calls and sms texts from our listeners.

Campaigns: The beginning of October, the first week was our gospel campaign for the third quarter this year. We had 4 groups to attend to 3 nearby villages and the quarter of the town where the worship hall of the host congregation stands here in Gueckedou. I was in the group that evangelized the worship hall area, but we and 2 village groups had no conversions except promises to visit the church. However, the 4th group was successful and was able to convert 4 souls.

Conclusion: We are grateful to God and truly appreciate the Bear Valley supporters for helping us train laborers for the Lord. The task is tedious, but our hope is in the Lord, who is Master of the vineyard.

In Christ.


Posted on November 24, 2018 .

Muslim conversions in Guinea

Brethren, Guinea Bear Valley Bible Institute, Gueckedou has successfully accomplished the required activities for the month of September 2018. Our gospel radio broadcast continues to attract the attention of the people whose reactions for a greater part is encouraging! The personal evangelism program was also successful in making Heaven rejoice when 3 souls were converted. Below are some details of these and other activities conducted in September summarized under sub-headings.

Classroom: Again, all 17 students went through the period and attended all the required courses for the month of September which was the conclusion of our third quarter classes.

The students’ devotional preaching schedule remains as in the previous months. Namely,  6am, 10am and 8pm.

Our Dean had work hard to help ensure that courses initially assigned to bro Philip Tolno who has been sick were all covered. The brother himself has now returned from Conakry though not yet strong enough to resume work.

EvangelismThree souls accepted the Lord in baptism. Two of them had started visiting the church for a while plus one who made just a brief visit were all baptized in the month of September.

Brief History of the Converted Muslim -The Lord’s hand against the chief persecutor

The young man, Moses who was converted from Islam in August has been experiencing family rejection, persecution and threats. Brother Moses had been driven from the home of his younger brother’s guardian, Mr Alagi Salu where he had attempted to introduce the gospel. He had been driven and so returned to his mother some 400 klm away, but the persecutor was not satisfied. He launched a threat that he would not rest till one of them depart (dies) this world. Coming to Mamou, where our brother was Mr Alagi encouraged an assembly of family members against Moses so that he (Moses) was insulted, slapped, etc. But this persecutor, Mr. Alagi on his return to Conakry was involved in a vehicle accident and he died on the spot. Fear came upon many!  We are finding ways for brother Moses and his younger brother, Sarju to come to Gueckedou. Please pray for them and their remaining family to see “this truth”.

Air time Radio preaching: Evangelism by the air continues to draw the attention of truth seekers. One young man, Adrien left some 20 klm to come to Gueckedou to see us. We had a good time of Bible discussion. He returned that day, but when he came back the second time Adrien was baptize after the worship on 30th September. Still another young man here in Gueckedou has started to visit the church and we have accepted his invitation to visit his family as soon as he himself returns from the farm.

Conclusion: We are grateful to God and appreciate the Bear Valley supporter for helping us train laborers for the Lord. Our appreciation to brother Steven who supported our travel mission to participate in the Ganta graduation. The Lord protected us through the bad roads! Please remember the Muslim young man, Moses and his younger brother in your prayers.

Yours in Christ.


Posted on October 30, 2018 .

Evangelism in Guinea

Dear brethren, Guinea Bear Valley Bible Institute has again successfully accomplished the planned activities for the month of August 2018. Of all the operations undertaken during the month, it was the positive and negative reactions of the public to our gospel radio broadcast by one of our students that attracted our attention. We are encouraged by the number of positive reactions! The result of our personal evangelism was also encouraging. Here below are the summaries under sub-headings of the various activities during the month of August.

Classroom: All 17 students went through the period and attended all the required courses. The 2 short courses previously scheduled for September were drawn and taught in August because the staff of those courses explained their unavailability due to family problems and other engagements in September. The average class performance was about 85 percent.

The students’ devotional preaching program remains to be respected at 6am, 10am and 8pm.

On the other hand, the Dean is taking over the “prison epistles” which were initially assigned to bro Philip Tolno because of his (Philippe’s) absence due to illness. Bro. Tolno’s health condition has not been good since July, but he managed to fulfill his course during the second quarter. He was unable to do so in the third for which reason he was taken to Conakry for a proper medical attention. He has not returned yet, but is now responding positively to treatment

Evangelism: The Lord’s commission to go preach the gospel is a regular assignment for our students and staff. Therefore we have grasped every opportunity that came our way to teach and encourage those we meet in this Islamic dominated country.

A. One on one / direct contact: In the village of Botema (where the church is already) 4 souls were converted by 2 of our students during the closing days of our second quarter break in early August. In another combine effort of students, staff and some congregational members 2 additional souls were snatched from the enemy making a total of 6 conversions in August. One of the converts was a Muslim from a highly Islamic dominated ethnic group, a Fula or Fulani in Guinea and the sub-region of West Africa. This young man who (age 23) changed his name from the Koran Moussa to Moses of the Bible is being persecuted with his younger brother by their family members especially for his action of trying to help him (the younger brother, Sarju) come to Christ. Please remember to pray for them as we try to encourage and help!

B. Air time Radio preaching - indirect to direct: Still further, evangelism by the air is making a greater impact on the community and the environs of Gueckedou. Even though we have a very limited time, (only 30 minutes a week), but our messages are attracting the populace. We receive many calls and SMS messages – some commending the truth and visiting the campus for detail discussions while others ask questions to understand and of course others to refuse or deny. We are impressed that the awareness of the existence of the church in this entire community is increasing on a weekly basis! Two of these radio listeners have started to worship with us at the school premises.

Personal profile: Sister Finda Kongodou is one of our cooks at the Institute. She was converted from Islam years back by the brethren in Gueckedou. Kongodou is the wife of brother Robert Kamano, founder of a small private school where he was also director and teacher. This sister and her husband played a great role along with the congregation towards the establishment of Bear Valley Institute in Gueckedou. She was and continues to be a strong encouragement for her husband to attend the institute for former biblical training. They are both active members and sister Kongodou is so far the best cook (of African dish) whose meals are highly desired by especially the students!

Conclusion: The month of August had only a few activities, but we are grateful to God for the laborers being trained, souls converted especially for the Muslim young man and are impressed that the presence of the church is gaining momentum in our community.

We are also thankful to God and appreciate the Bear Valley Administration / Supporters who are the instruments of God for the above achievements.

God bless you sirs.


Posted on September 24, 2018 .

More conversions in Guinea

A number of different activities occurred during the month of July 2018 at the Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible Institute. Here are those events in brief summary under various sub titles:

Classroom: All courses of the second quarter were completed, but by 17 of the 19 students with an acceptable class average performance. There are 2 of the average students whose performance is excellent. Two others were unable to go through as a result of illness on the part of student Nestor and some weakness by student Nfaly who has been warned and later disciplined. Due to these problems, we are now considering that this class is left with 17 students.

Evangelism: In the home village of a student of our school and where we had preached and converted 5 souls during our May campaign, a follow-up work has resulted to another 9 conversions.

Our radio program is making an impact in the minds of several persons in and around Gueckedou. We will be preparing to visit a nearby sub-prefecture where one of our short course staff visited and made some contacts for possible evangelism. Guinea-Conakry is about 90% Islamic dominated and therefore quite difficult to bring people to Christ. There are those who are interested, but for fear of persecution from their Islamic family members and friends, they hesitate to confess Christ.

Campaign: We had 3 days of gospel campaign in the month under review. One of our regular staff members, Philippecould not participate because he has been very ill and taken to Conakry, the capital for proper attention. The rest of the staff and students were divided into 4 groups for 4 different areas in and around Gueckedou. In my group we converted one soul who was very bold coming out of the crowd to confess his faith publicly. The other 3 groups had no conversions, but some of the people in one of the groups in a nearby village have started coming to visit at our Sunday worship in the congregation at the school premises. It is our prayer and hope that conversions will follow sooner or later.

Temporal construction projects: Through the help of brother Steven who made appeals to Bear Valley and certain ones, we were able to put up a temporal kitchen, dining and generator shelters enough to accommodate other things such as motor bikes as well.

Transportation assistance: Also bro Steven sent and instructed us as per our appeal to get a motor bike needed to facilitate some minor transportation cost and to run other school errands and services. A standard TVS motor bike has been purchased. It has begun and certainly, will be of great service to the institute.

Computer class equipment : Still further, with the funds sent for the purpose, we were able to purchase 8 next-to new desk top computers for our students to be trained in that area. Necessary accessories such as voltage regulator and extension cords for the computers are being bought so that installation is done to begin the training soon.

 Our copier has been repaired and is now working. However, our library shelves are empty and we will appreciate any literature and Bibles.

Our copier has been repaired and is now working.

Conclusion: I am thankful for the spiritual, moral and academic improvement of our students and the few souls being snatched from Satan. We are very grateful to Steven and to all Bear Valley supporters for these projects and for all other support gear toward training Guineans to save their countrymen.


Posted on September 6, 2018 .

Continued success in Guinea

Dear brethren,

Here is the report of activity operations for the month of May 2018.

Classroom: There were 2 of the 19 students who did not fully end up their classes. This was due to illness on the part of one and family problems on the part of the other.

Student Justine, who had the family problem has returned and has taken extra classes to cover up. On the other hand, student Saa Nestor Millimouno is still sick and has not returned.

The rest of the students made additional progress in their class participation and academic performance.

Evangelism: Since this is a regular routine, we and our students are especially every week-end on the field in and around the town. Though there were no direct conversions under this activity (except the follow-up of our campaign week which added 3 more souls to that work), many of the prospects are visiting to participate in Sunday worship. The radio program is making some impact as we receive calls from some of the listeners. Some in 2 villages around Gueckedouare calling on us to visit and talk to them. One man said to Philippe, the host preacher, “it is for you people that I bought a radio”.

Campaigns: The first week in the month of May was our campaign week and it was fairly successful. All, but 2 of the students participated and we divided ourselves in 2 groups, but to evangelize in 3 communities – 2 villages and a quarter in town.

I was a leader in one of the groups along with Antoine and we were sent to revive one village congregation that had almost died. You will see photos of where they assembled as we teach. The restoration was successful and there were 5 additional conversions on the Sunday of May 6, but some of us had returned to town for worship in the new congregation at the school.

The other group, led by Philippe, the host preacher visited and revived the church in a nearby village, Bandalo-camp. Shortly, they returned to evangelize the Solondonin quarter where the host church has her worship hall. Motor bikes were chartered for the campaign and I managed to get a photo of the other team on the 2nd of May.

Finally, student Michel who upon his request was sent to his village at Bandalo-leh to prepare the way for his people to receive the gospel returned to campus on Sunday morning, the 6th of May so that our follow up on the 7th and 27th May resulted in 5 and 3 conversions respectively. Sunday worship in that village started on the 13th and the attendance is now between 16 and 18.

Personal Profile: Emile Millimouno is one of the security men on the school campus. Both Emil and his wife are members of the Lord’s church. He was converted around 1994 during the time when we preached the gospel in his village of Dawa. Though without formal education, E mile is a devoted Christian man who is very regular in worship with his family regardless of the 6 to 7 kilometers distance away from Gueckedou where they now worship. There is a stable congregation (about 20 years old) in his village which is some 32 kilometers away from Gueckedou and he was one of those who helped to strengthened it.

Emile is very humble and willing to serve not only the staff, but also to help the students in almost everything they need of which he is capable to do on campus.

He was the first to begin to discuss biblical truths with his fellow security man about the church before we could preach to him and his wife. Though not yet converted, the man and some of his children are now regular in worship.

Because of his dedication to the faith, Emile does his security works regular and faithful. He is liberal and has little or no concern to limit his services even if his work time is over and that is one of the reasons why his name is popular on campus especially with the cooks.



Posted on July 5, 2018 .

Off to a great start in Guinea

Dear brethren,

After the activities of March, Bear Valley Guinea successful accomplished the following major expectations for the month of April. These are:

Classroom: All 19 students went through the April lessons which also concluded our first quarter classes for this first year. Since most of our students are adult men who had left school for a long time, it was a matter of necessity that these men take some time of concentration to awaken their minds for another academic challenge. Therefore every student was required and encouraged to participate in oral reading, asking and answering questions, various assignments, memory work, etc. Preaching during the devotional periods was the only exception for the months of March and April scheduled only for the men previously serving as preachers and teachers in their home congregations. This was necessary also to permit time until "Public speaking" scheduled for the second quarter could be taught. With these backed by some general and personal counseling, there was an improvement in the students' performance from the previous 60 percent in March to about 75 percent in April.

Evangelism: This work by some of the students, staff and the host church members who went out to preach by different methods such as by extending invitation to non members all resulted to the conversions of 6 persons.

Challenges: It was a tense challenge in the absence of our own copier to meet up with the required quantity of study materials for students and staff. It greatly affected our monthly financial balance "carried forward" of March which we were building up for some other project activity in the future.

During the period we have come to realize that we must begin to send out some of our students to weaker congregations around and prepare to revive others that have died or almost died down. Our May report during which month we conducted a successful gospel campaign will reflect more on this.

Personal profile: Saa Philippe Tolno, a member and preacher of the Solondonin, Gueckedou church is one of the regular staff here on campus. He is married and has 3 children.

Philippe's conversion in 2003 from the Free Pentecostal denomination was of great interest. While working with the GTZ organization in the refugee camp of Dabola came across a young man carrying one of our study materials -  "Church of the Bible" which attracted his attention. After convincing the man to allow him read it for some time, Philippe started and his interest grew as he realized how the Lord's church is unique. He therefore bought a copy book and 2 pens - blue and red with the plan to copy the entire book so that he could afterward carefully study the materials and then try to start that church. He was now at lesson number 8 when Osman Shekey, then preacher of the church which was in that refugee camp who was strolling the camp met him. Through a brief discussion, Philippe understood that the church was already in that camp and therefore desired to be a member. However, he had some particular questions and because the preacher could not satisfactory convinced him, I was sent for and had to travel some 450 klm. 

On arrival I saw the evidence of his faith and interest for the Bible church. He afterwards was converted and on another occasion led us to a group of some 10 men and women 9 of which were also converted from the Shekina denomination with which he had started to affiliate. 

Philippe's interest grew in the faith and I was moved to answer his request to help him get a formal Bible training. Saa Philippe Tolno therefore became the first Guinean brother to attend and complete a 3 years Bible training at Benin.

Philippe has since returned and had been serving not only as the preacher for the first of now 3 congregations in Gueckedou town, but also helping to strengthen and establish weaker and new congregations respectively.

As many other preachers in the country, Philippe had a small support and tangled by the needs of extended family his living conditions were not very good. Therefore the Gueckedou denominational pastors (many of them well supported) made mockery and tried to draw him over, but Philippe will always say "this faith, if I die in it even if it's for poverty then I have won". 

Our desire for a Bible training center in Guinea -Conakry has been long therefore as soon as Steven made the first contact with me in 2017, brother Philippe and his though small, but dedicated congregation was in turn my first contact. During the months that followed Philippe led his congregation in prayers and fasting and in every other thing it took on their part as per their ability such as to find students to succeed the establishment of Bear Valley Bible Institute in Guinea.

Three members of his small congregation form part of the 19 students drawn from 9 congregations in the country. It was one of the 3 students that top the class out of all the academic and practical lessons for the first quarter.

Philippe is one of the regular staff on campus and is often counselling those students with such academic need.

He is a good singer. The local radio program is introduced and closed by a very nice recorded congregational song which he led.

I am proud of his faith!

Your brother,

Francis Sahr Musa

Director, BVBI-G

Posted on May 29, 2018 .

Off to a great start in Guinea!

Dear brethren,

By the grace of God after the opening ceremony of 25th February Bear Valley Guinea successfully started classes and the school was able to go through the following activities during the month of March 2018.

Classroom: The first quarter classroom activities began with 15 students on 5th March while the other expected 4 arrived on later subsequent dates concluding the number to 19. Three of the 5 major courses are being taught plus the French language. There is the spirit of anxiety and enthusiasm in both the students and staff. Some 60 percent of the students are on a higher level of understanding while the others are to double up efforts. Our classroom (the second) devotion is at 10 AM and the preaching schedule include both staff and students. Most of the sermons from the staff are exhortations to the evangelist and his work of gospel preaching for which purpose the students have come to be trained.

Evangelism: We have grasped the opportunity of public preaching through the local radio made available to us, the school by the local church in Gueckedou.. Once a week we are on the air for 30 minutes. A few of our students are on this preaching schedule too. We have also done a personal one on one preaching, firstly with family members, relatives and friends of the students and staff and this resulted in the conversion of 3 souls and one restoration.

Challenges: Besides the surrounding villages, Gueckedou is a bigger town and the challenge is for us to explore the school (which is a great blessing for us) to seek and to save the lost.

In the absence of our own copier which was bought, but was damaged by the bus accident, we are faced with an inexcusable need to continue to make copies of students and staff study materials on a general commercial basis. The repairs of the copier have taken too long and we are doubting or rather lost hope that it can be done.

Accomplishments: Until February the 25th, all of our dreams and efforts to establish a Bible training center in Guinea were, but a shadow. But since March the 5th the reality of that dream has been made real and a school, “l’Institute Biblique Bear Valley” has been established with 19 students and classes are in full swing.

Personal profile: Student Niouma 2 Kamano is a member of the Solondonin, Gueckedou church. He was converted in February 2014 in Conakry at the time when I was trying to build up a congregation in the area called Faban. His conversion was long and I was losing patient, but today I realize through his dedication and service that he was investigating to ensure the faith into which he later help to bring other friends. In 2016 when I was on my way to the regional headquarters of N’zerekore for a bible seminar, he encouraged me to stop for a few days in order to discuss God’s word with some 7 persons he had assembled. 5 of these were converted after a 2 days discussion and his wife was a part. Even now in Gueckedou he is of great help in the church work. He is one of those doing the baptism of the 3 conversions mentioned above under “evangelism”. In the academic performance, he is in the top list. If we have 5 of such people in a local church, that congregation will not only grow, but active in many good things!


Frances Sahr Musa, Director, BVBI-G

Posted on April 24, 2018 .

Another new school!

Dear brethren,

We are glad to inform you that Bear Valley has officially established another extension school in Guinea. The opening ceremony was successfully held on last Sunday, 25th February 2018 after the regular worship service in the town of Gueckedou.

Besides the Bear Valley personnel – Steven of America, Robert of Liberia and Peter of Sierra Leone, various government personalities including the head of the prefecture, the city major and his assistant, the press and a large number of invited guests and other religious leaders all attended this historic program. 16 of the 18 students and 7 of the 9 staff present at the ceremony.

Steven, Robert and Peter assisted us in designating the facilities for the various work areas such as the class-room, the dormitory, the library, visiting instructors' room and the director' office.

Other preparations are being made to ensure the start of classes on Monday, the 5th of March. We are grateful to the US administration of Bear Valley. Our appreciation equally go to Steven and his able men from Liberia and Sierra Leone.


Francis Sahr Musa, Director, BVBI-G

Posted on March 3, 2018 .