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Good news from Fiji

Report from the Bible Institute at Raiwaqa, Fiji

We just completed the first week of the second term.  We have 10 students this term.  The classes for this term are Peter and Jude, Romans, the Crucifixion of Jesus, Old Testament Poetry 2 (Proverbs through Song of Solomon), Hermeneutics,  and OT History 1 (Joshua through 1 Samuel).  

We have been very fortunate to have congregations send us books for our students.  The Westside Church of Christ has sent books to our students on a number of occasions.  We just recently received 16 copies of Evangelism Handbook by Phil Sanders.  We really appreciate this congregation and others who are putting tools in the hands of our students to build up their own personal libraries.  

We said goodbye to our first international student.  Lency Mena came to us from the Solomon Islands and finished up his course work at the end of this past term.  While we were sad to see him leave, we are excited about the work he will be doing in the Solomon Islands.  He plans to spend two years working with the church in the capital city of Honiara and after that relocate with his family to Nendo Island to establish the church there.  Lency and his wife Nancy are both from this island.  Please pray for Brother Lency and his family!

To God be the glory,


Posted on May 28, 2019 .

First ever "Study Abroad" student goes to Fiji

April 2, 2019 Fiji Update of the Bible Institute at Raiwaqa

The 2019 1st Term of the Bible Institute at Raiwaqa is about over.  We are down to the final two weeks of our long courses.  We have 12 students in the program this term.  Semi and Lency went through the graduation line in November of last year, but both have a few classes left to finish up their studies.  We had 4 returning students and 5 new students. 

We have been privileged to host Bear Valley’s first study abroad student, Kaleb Cutter.  Kaleb is a 2nd Year student at Bear Valley Bible Institute, Denver from California.  He is taking the last term of his program here in Fiji and will return at the close of our short courses to graduate in Denver.  He is a real joy to have in our program.

Our new students have been taking English Comp 1.  Emosi, our new teacher, has just about completed  teaching his first course on the Life of Christ and is doing a superb job.  Jason completed a class on Preparation and delivery of sermons and is now teaching a class on the Backgrounds of Early Christianity.  I am currently teaching a class on the Christian Home after having finished a class on the Pentateuch.

One thing that is different is that we have four female students in the program this year.  Most are wives of students who graduated last year.  It is difficult for some of the wives to attend at the same time as their husbands because of the need for one to look after the children. Tupou, the wife of Semi, is attending the program so that she can be better equipped to teach children’s classes at the Naila Church of Christ.  Her husband, Semi, graduated last year and has been charged with overseeing the Bible school program at Naila.  He teaches the older youth and she the younger. Nancy is the wife of Emosi, who was our top student last year and now teaches in the school.  Nancy also teaches a regular children’s class at the Raiwaqa Church of Christ.  Moira is the wife of Peter, who also graduated last year.  She is one of the teachers in the Bible school program at Raiwaqa.  Peter currently is in charge of the Bible school program at Raiwaqa and serves as the financial officer for the school.  The last woman in our program is Jacinta who is married to Lesio.  Lesio is currently being considered for an elder at the Raiwaqa congregation.  He has taken a two year sabbatical from his work in order to go through the program so that he can be a better elder.  His wife teaches one of the children’s classes at Raiwaqa. 

We will highlight some of the men in the next update.   

Rocco Pierce

Director, BVBI-F

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

My visits to New Zealand and Fiji

I have just returned from a successful visit to two of our newest schools - New Zealand and Fiji. While in New Zealand I was blessed with the opportunity to preach for three congregations in the Auckland area, as well as conduct a Leadership seminar for area congregations. In addition to strengthening the churches there, this was used as a platform for showcasing the school, with the goal of increasing attendance. I enjoyed working with Trevor Major in Auckland.

From there I went to Wellington, which is the site of the other NZ center. While there I was able to meet with some students and teachers, as well as some of their families. (pictured above) It was incredibly encouraging for me to hear so many speak about how much good has already been done in the short time since the school began. Three more full-time students will begin their studies next month. I enjoyed seeing John Jones and John Grubb, but missed seeing Director Lance Mosher, as he was in the States.

In Suva, Fiji, I was able to visit the school in session and to even teach two classes on Leviticus and another on sermon preparation and delivery. Rocco and Jason Pierce have things moving along very well and the students expressed to me their gratitude for the school. The school is already receiving interest from students in other islands, which has been one of our goals all along.

All in all, I was blessed to be able to preach and teach 15 times, and to meet with some dedicated teachers and students. God is doing great things in these two countries!

Until all have heard,


Posted on March 21, 2017 .

Off to a great start in Fiji

Bula Vinaka from Fiji,

The 2017 school is off and running.  We had orientation day on Monday the 20 of February 2017.  We had 10 students to attend, fill out applications, and commit to the school.  Tukana comes to us from Nabouwalu, on the northern island of Venua levu.  Va is a returning student from the city of Laitoka, on the other side of this island. She is staying with family in Suva while she attends the classes.   Movono comes to us from the remote village of Deladamonu and takes 2 1/2 hours to get here in the morning via bus.  Kiti and Semi come from a village a little closer, Naila.  Vili, Peter, Moira, Emosi, and Etika come from towns and villages close to the school.  

Please keep brother Semi in your prayers.  After orientation, he had to go to the doctor and was diagnosed with hypertension.  His BP was over 200.  So they have placed him on medication and told him to get rest until it comes down.  Because of this he has missed the last two days of school.

A bit of more good news.  I had the privilege of worshiping with the brethren at Deladamonu.  While I was their I got to witness Movono, one of our students, baptize two men into Christ.  One was a young man that was a cousin of his that he had been studying with from another village.  

The classes are going well and are being well received.


In Him,

Rocco Pierce

Posted on February 24, 2017 .

Progress in Fiji

Very soon, both Rocco and Jason Pierce (and their families) will be moving to Fiji to operate the school of preaching there, that will serve the brotherhood in the South Pacific. You can see Jason's exciting report HERE

Posted on December 14, 2016 .