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Souls saved in Malawi

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Bear Valley Bible Institute - Ekwendeni

March Report

 Great joy! We are glad to share the joy we have as a Bear Valley Bible institute – Ekwendeni (Malawi). The Lord is still using the school to keep the gospel reaching more souls. Within the period of one month, students have baptized 7 souls around Ekwendeni. We also have good news from Brother Saliwa Nkosi one of the former students from our school. He challenged one prominent member of Presbyterian who has been a member of this denomination since 1976. But when she met our former student, whom I nicknamed him as a weapon of mass destruction as far as preaching door to door is concerned, she didn’t resist the power of the gospel to save her. She is our sister in Christ now! This happened on Sunday as brother Saliwa was on his way to worship and the denomination member was also on her way to worship, it happened just as it was with Philip and the Eunuch in Acts chapter 8. Instead of proceeding to worship God unacceptably she changed her mind and was baptized, at the same time asked the preacher man to allow her go to worship with the Christian family, tthe Lord’s church. He, has baptized 3 souls in total this month. What a joy to share! The gospel truly is the power to save – Romans 1:16. As we are rejoicing, we know full well that there’s great joy in heaven, for one soul saved.


As we are cruising to the end of our first semester, many courses have so far being taught. So far 9 courses have been taught. In two weeks time, we are hosting Brother Navie Theu again to teach Hebrew History this time as short course. We are always happy to have him teach. He is such a good teacher. More to this we are very proud of our students who are always ready to learn and demonstrate a Christ like spirit. The student’s reputation is all over Ekwendeni congregations for their zeal to teach and preacher to the lost souls.


We are more than happy to share our joy over the saved souls this period of one month. Due to hard working spirit of our student, using their weekend time, have managed to lead 7 souls to Christ and some more restored to Christ, while brother Saliwa Nkosi our former graduate has shared us the good news that he has baptized 3 souls.  We give glory and praise to God for the job done. We are also reaching to some young congregations with communion cups, trays and Bibles in local language. Brother Dale Kastner a missionary in the central region of Malawi gave us Bibles in local language of Chitumbuka to be given to poor village Christians who could be able to memorize all the books of the Bible as a condition to have one for free. This has also helped to put the name of the school on the map.

We are very thankful to Bear Valley International for your many prayers and support! We still need your involvement. On our own, we could not reach where we are. Help us praying for transport, as we need a car of a van type to use it going preaching door to door as the potential is high. We have requested to go and strengthen young congregations in some areas in our district and beyond. We have one place where we have also been called to plant a church but transport is a challenge. We believe God is able and God will help us what we “need” not what we want!

The song of the month, “Lead me to some soul to-day; o teach, me Lord just what to say; friends of mine are lost in sin, and cannot find their way. Few they are who seem to care, and few they are who pray; melt my heart and fill my life: give me one soul to-day.” The one who wins soul is wise! Rise up and join us reach many. Eternity is Forever, Think Souls!

In His service,

Ephron and Clergynton

Posted on April 10, 2019 .