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A lot of good in Cambodia

The third trimester of IBISR's academic year ended on the 28th of July, 2019. Our institution has been starting the last trimester of the first academic year. This trimester has four courses which had already taught two courses by our two instructors (Run Darat and Rin Piseth). We still have two courses left for this trimester. Brother Yeng Vannak our Dean of Students will be teaching in the future quarter.

We were exceedingly delighted with brother Wes Autrey and Tyler King who had spent their time with us in order to provide us with the Bible knowledge about :
1 Spiritual Development.
2 Bible Leadership.
It was a great privilege to enjoy studying with you both, and it was very helpful lessons for the local preachers, the staff, and our new Bible students as well.

We have heard from all of the ladies who had been participating in this camp, they said that they really appreciated the new experience and couldn't wait to join this camp again. This shows how much they were willing to participate and how much advantage they got from this special occasion. We hope that we will make it possible to happen again and again. And if it is possible to invite some of the church members at the villages to join this camp, it will be great to build a relationship and gaining the Bible knowledge.

We really appreciate your help with the all the work in Cambodia. Especially, your long journey to visit us in Cambodia, and did a great job in teaching and spending time with us. Thanks for supporting our institution, we could do all things through Christ who strengthens us. God is amazing and made all these things happen.

Servants of Christ,
Piseth Rin - Co Director
Pros Rok - Staff

Posted on August 12, 2019 .

Exciting News From Cambodia

 From the Directors

Exciting news from Cambodia. Shortly after Wes Autrey and Wayne Burger departed we had two baptisms. Just a few days ago we baptized four more souls into Christ. They are all from Banteay Meanchey Province. This is the hometown of one of our students. The new Christians all studied with our student and Chann (our local preacher in Siem Reap). All four decided to get baptized and drove 100km to be immersed into Christ in Siem Reap! Their names are Pheng (boy), Seoung, Seaiv, Monica (girls). This is a beautiful thing. Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ. Please keep them in your prayers.

We are doing good here and are close to the Khmere New Year, so the students are heading to their home towns for the holiday. Our second trimester will officially end on May 3. We have four courses in one trimester. Currently we have been studying about Christian Evidence 2, and Fundamentals of the church 1.

We did have two students recently drop out and we ask for prayers on their behalf so that they will return to a life of following God. We pray that God will open their hearts in order to let them back to study His word.

During this month the students attended a seminar in Phnom Pehn at the Best Center. The main topic was about the Present Decision for the Future Result (How to choose the Right Partner) and it was taught by our very own director Darat Run.

We also had another seminar in the city of Battambang on Leadership where our brother Phanat is working with more bible students and starting a new congregation. It was very uplifting to everyone and we learned some good ideas and concepts.

We are expecting Wes and another group to come visit us in June to teach and begin a girls camp for spiritual maturity in girls. We look forward to that very much. (See Wes’ Report Notes below).

We thank everyone involved with the work in Cambodia as we strive to do God’s will.

IBISR Staff - Darat Run, Piseth Rin, Pros Rok, Vannak Yeng


Excerpts from From Wes Autrey Report - Coordinator

I returned home from a recent stay in Cambodia of about 3 weeks.  I traveled with Wayne Burger, who is a preacher, teacher, evangelist, and everything good in between kind of servant for God, Wayne taught for a week on Hermeneutics.  The new students, staff, members of the church, and a group from Battambang City learned a great deal from Waynes wisdom and teaching skills.

 I stayed a week longer after Wayne returned home and taught a morning class on How We Got The Bible and afternoon class on English.  It is a joy to teach eager minds that want to learn.

Both of our new directors are working hard to make this a better than ever school.  Taking on new responsibilities and learning management skills that they have never performed before.  Both Darat and Piseth are up to the task as we had multiple meetings involving student management, curriculum, money management and staff responsibilities.  Please keep these young men and their families in your prayers as they face many obstacles in leading the school and influencing the lost souls in and around the Siem Reap area

 My next trip will be in June, and I am happy to be traveling with my wife, daughter and mom along with Tyler King. Tyler is a recent Bear Valley Bible Institute graduate and current BV staff member.  He will be teaching class to the men and also be training them how to weld in the evenings.  Tyler is a multi-talented young man who will inspire the students in Cambodia.

Attached are a few photos that speak more than my words. I hope they inspire you to live faithfully until He comes again - so that we may all be His family in Heaven.

God bless all of you and your love for the kingdom of God.

Wes Autrey  - Coordinator Cambodia Bible School

Posted on April 11, 2019 .

Two special guests in Cambodia

Fellow Servants of Christ, we are delighted to be a part of God’s work in Cambodia!

After a short break from “Application Week” and Short Courses we have resumed class and begun our new courses.  This trimester involves 4 courses, two of which are Christian Evidence and the Fundamentals of Church.  Both are taught by our co-directors and much needed for our first year students.

During the week of January 21-25, we had brother Wayne Burger from the Bear Valley Bible Institute come and teach us on Hermeneutics.  Brother Wayne has so much knowledge in the bible and vast experience in many areas.  For one of our Sunday services we asked Wayne difficult questions in which he answered with God’s voice from scripture.  We appreciate him very much and his willingness to travel and share with us this wisdom.

During the week of January 28-Feb 1 brother Wes Autrey, who is our coordinator, teach us “How We Got the Bible” in the mornings and “English Pronunciation” in the afternoons.

We are very grateful to brother Wes who puts in the effort for us to grow in God’s kingdom.  Wes engages us with a Skype chapel every Friday morning to bring us a lesson.  Our staff and students learn a lot about our God’s words.

We continue to thank all of the overseas teachers that Skype or come over to teach us to be better Christians through God’s word. Without these men, without all of you who pray and support us we would not be able to God’s work as effectively.  Thank you for your kindness and love. We do know that with God all things are possible.

Please pray for two men and one woman who have recently dropped out due to family responsibilities, pressures of Buddhism or simple lack of confidence and faith.

During the month of January we attended two seminars. One took place at the Best Centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, (6 hour drive from Siem Reap). During the month of February we attended another seminar  in Battambang, Cambodia (3 hour drive from Siem Reap). This seminar’s theme was “Listening Lab” which taught about the 11 skills to improve our communication as leaders of the church. We desire to learn as much as possible and contribute when we can at these seminars.

Last but not least, we would like to thank you for your support and kindness in helping out with the all of work in Cambodia. Without your help, we couldn't do all things. But we also surely know that God is the One who made it happen. Don't forget to pray for our work in Cambodia. 

Servants of Christ,

Piseth Rin - Co-Director

Pros Rok - Staff

Posted on March 11, 2019 .

The Director visits Philippines and Cambodia

Cebu 1.jpg

It was my pleasure to again teach in the Bear Valley school in Cebu, Philippines. This time I taught “Comprehensive Leadership” which encompasses leadership principles, self leadership, family leadership, and church leadership.

While lecturing on the role of the evangelist in appointing elders, one student excitedly interrupted and exclaimed, "we have never heard these things before!” Indeed, we are trying to strengthen the church in this country through the training and grounding of quality preachers. Director Neil Emperado is doing a great job. Please pray for him and the students.

Cambodia 1.jpg

From there I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia to make a surprise visit to the school there. What do you find when no one knows you’re coming? I found was exactly what I was hoping to find!

Co-Director Darat Run was passionately teaching “Christian Evidences” and the new 11 students were engaged and actively taking notes. Darat and fellow Co-Director Piseth Rin are adapting to their new roles and doing a good job. I am thankful for these godly men.

For the Master,

Keith Kasarjian

Posted on November 26, 2018 .

Continued progress in Cambodia

Warm greetings from Cambodia and the International Bible Institute of Siem Reap!

Our first trimester of IBISR's academic year ended on the 4th of November, 2018. Piseth Rin is one of our instructors and his course was about on Scheme of Redemption

Vannak Yeng is also one of our instructors and his course was about (How to study the Bible). We're having a break this week and we will resume on the 12th of November, 2018. 


On the 8th - 14th of October, there was a public holiday in Cambodia called (Pchum Ben festival). We were closed for that week. When the students returned we allowed them to share their experiences and how they felt between Christian and the people in their hometowns during that time. We truly received a lot of feedback about how our students had changed for the better, since having participated in the Bible school. 


Thanks to Wes Autrey our coordinator for regularly staying in touch with us. Especially, as we are studying during our chapel times on Friday mornings via Skype. It was very helpful for our school because of the experienced teachers from overseas sharing Gods words with us. It has improved our understanding and relationship with God and one another. Our new students were very impressed with all of the efforts to help them in understanding, even we were far away from each other. 


We are preparing for our annual Christian camp in Kampong Speu. We are exceedingly happy with the support help in getting some money to pay for the camp fees. If not for the support we could not take many people who want to learn about God in a friendly environment and influence them in a positive and spiritual way.  When we posted the camp logo on the messenger group, they were impressed and loved it so much

Last but not least, we would like to thanks for your support and kindness in helping out with the all of work in Cambodia. Without your help, we couldn't do all things. But we also surely know that God is the best one who made it happen.

God Bless His children,

Servants of Christ, 

Piseth Rin - Co Director

Pros Rok - Staff

Posted on November 24, 2018 .

Graduation in Cambodia

We are glad to serve the One Living God and work with you in service to Him.

We just completed a short course on Revelation taught by Donnie Bates from the Bear Valley congregation in Denver Colorado. We want to thank him for taking the time to visit and share his knowledge to the students and staff here. We also received warmth fro brother Wes Autrey, whom we discuss much fore the Lord’s work.

We have been preparing for the day when the students graduated. That day arrived on July 28th where 9 students completed three years of full time Bible study at the International Bible Institute. Many friends and relatives came from many miles around to be present at the ceremony and participate in the celebration meal to follow.

We are happy that all of the students are ready to go preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ as savior.Most will go into the villages to do this work where it is most receptive. Almost all of our students will be finding work in the area of missions, some combined with regular jobs to support them in saving souls.

We are now n the process of recruiting new students for the next class.We already have 5 students committed to the school for the beginning of classes on September 10th. We are utilizing the past grads, the church, the staff and nearby university to recruit.Visits to the villages and leaders of those villages to evangelize and persuade to a Christian life is also taking place.

We still ask everyone to remember us in your prayer that we are the servants of God in Cambodia.As the leaders of the school and church we ask for your prayers for wisdom to serve God in the best way possible.

Directors Piseth Rin and Darat Run.

Posted on August 14, 2018 .

Prayers requested in Cambodia


We are truly grateful to serve the living GOD, and we are also very happy to work with you in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here are some of the activities of the Siem Reap International Bible School and the Church for the month of May 2018.


We continue to discuss with our students the subjects (How to be a good student) and (How to preach the gospel) taught by Darat and Piseth.

The students of the IBISR have indeed had a great influence because of their Bible studies. Specifically, some of the students went to a village to share the gospel to the people there.    They have also learned a lot of things from their own experience. This is important in many ways including enriching the roots of young Christians and displaying God’s love to the     Cambodian nation. Between school work, part time jobs and church work - the students help many citizens and sister and brothers in need.

One more thing we always thanks our big brother Wes Autrey and his family. They always encouraged us and helped us to grow in God’s family.


We are so glad that there is another soul included in God’s life-book!  Mical has been studying God’s word, worshipping regularly and made this eternal decision to be a citizen of God’s  kingdom. Mical is from the USA but lives here now.

We are so thankful for the members of the Church and families in Church of Christ in Siem Reap who continue to meet and strengthen one another.  We also also thanks for women’s classes each Sunday afternoon, as they are soul winners and good workers for the Lord.


Please remember us in your prayers for:

  1. Women to be unified. - Unity is what will keep us strong and make us stronger.
  2. Construction of the school building. - We are adding a classroom area on top of our current building.
  3. The process for the next class. - Graduation is this July and we are currently searching for new students beginning in the fall.
  4. The leaders in Siem Reap Church. - We are young in Christ, growing in numbers and strong in faith.

We are thanks you for your prayers and partnership.



Posted on June 21, 2018 .

Fruitful activities in Cambodia

So many good things are being accomplished through the teaching our students in Cambodia.

We just finished two classes with our students. They are the book of “James” taught by Darat Run and “marriage and family” taught by Piseth Rin. The students of IBISR enjoyed very much the classes and they study diligently.

We thank God for our students who a do very good job every Sunday. Some of our students went to a village after worshipping God. They share the word of God to many people in the village.

Another thing we give thanks to is our big brother Wes Autrey for always helping by speaking in chapel every Friday through skype. Our students hearts get a very good lessons every Friday. This is a good way to share God’s word.

Last week on Saturday we had a very good seminar with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Cambodia. The seminar was on the topic of “Secular Philosophy Vs Christian Ethics”.

The Church heard very good lessons from four different teachers. They are Phanat Ouch, Kim Chann Lork, James Lork, and Rich Dolan.

The Church heard the lessons and sang songs from 8:45am - 11:30am. From 11:45 - 12:45 all the Church and students had lunch and fellowship that was provided by the Church in Siem Reap. From 1:00 - 3:45pm the Church and students heard the  lessons and sang more songs.

After the lessons and songs were finished everyone engaged in lots of different activities like games, sports, and then we all ate a good meal.

We thanks God for this seminar, because some of people are not Christians and some were hearing about God for the first time. There are many who come because they are interested in learning about God’s word.

Since we have the most Christian families in any province, we try to be the best godly examples for those attending the seminar.

Please keep us in your prayers. - Piseth Rin, Director

Posted on April 24, 2018 .

Mark Reynolds goes to SE Asia

Trip Report for Cambodia and Myanmar

January 14-31, 2018

Norman Light (an elder and close friend for many years) and I arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia the evening of January 16. We began teaching the next morning. I taught The Preacher and His Work each morning from 8:30-12:00, and Norman taught the book of 2 Corinthians each afternoon from 1:00-3:00. We also enjoyed a time of singing and preaching each evening.

On Saturday, January 20, the local brethren had organized a lectureship using Norman and me along with several Cambodian brethren. Although we could not understand the brethren when they preached, we could certainly tell they were well prepared and that their lessons were well organized by viewing the PowerPoint presentations they had made, the handouts they used, and their outlines they wrote on the white board. The students did well on their exams and took exceptional notes. Their genuineness and desire to learn was easily noticed. Three very capable men, Phanat, Darat and Piseth, lead the school. They will hold their graduation ceremony later this year.


We left Cambodia on January 24 and arrived in Yangon, Myanmar that evening. We were greeted at the airport by Philip Van Biak Lian, the director of the school of preaching and Winsome the secretary for the school. We enjoyed dinner at the hotel and discussed the plans for the week. I taught Old Testament 1 to the students four hours each day, and Norman taught the account from Jacob to Joseph’s death in great detail two hours each day. Since these students (eight men and one woman) are from various parts of Myanmar where different dialects are spoken, the common language among them is English. We enjoyed getting to teach in our native tongue. 

In all we enjoyed five days in the classroom, a gospel meeting on Saturday, and two worship services on Sunday where Norman and I both spoke. The church meets in the homes of members each Lord’s Day. Their worship, especially their singing, was very uplifting. The school is brand new, but is way ahead of schedule as far as their organization, quality of students, and foundation. There are some wonderful brethren who have been working in Myanmar for many years without whom this work would not be possible. We stand on their shoulders! 

Posted on February 12, 2018 .

Camp in Cambodia

Blessings to all who reads this update. We just finished the country-wide camp of churches of Christ with the theme being "United in Christ" (Eph 4) at a new location and it was  a success! The church in Siem Reap had the most attendees and travelled the furthest to get there (7 hr drive). We had the most diverse group attending (family, couples, singles, villagers, city-dwellers, children of Hannah's Hope, elderly widows, students and staff of IBISR) totaling 63 people.

We are thankful to Julie (missionary in PP) and the BEST center for organizing every year and also to Sokhom Hun and Cambodia BIble School (CBS) who hosted and provided the facility for us to meet this year. The speakers were excellent and the campers were grateful and enjoyed themselves in fellowship of other Christians. Im personally thankful for an environment where i can take my children to learn about God and for them to enjoy good Christian fellowship.

I will be resuming my Romans class til November 17th. The students are doing really well and are excited to complete Romans. Then I will teach a one week short course on Personal Evangelism to end my teaching quarter. After that I will also fly to Vietnam with Sophean for his follow up examination of his surgery on Nov 30th. Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to serve God here in this part of the world. 

in Him,



Posted on November 8, 2017 .

Continued growth in Cambodia

International Bible Institute of Siem Reap

Greetings from Siem Reap.  We continue to study topics that help us in converting other Cambodians to become Christians and gain salvation.  The school will have a short break for Pchum Ben holiday for a week.  Most of the students will go to their homes during this time.

Serving Our Family & Gaining New Opportunities

Our students have helped one of our couples to move to their new house in Battambang, about 3 hours southwest of Siem Reap. Phearum, Phally and their new baby will be working with Phanat Ouch and his family to strengthen and build the new church there.  The student body not only moved them but also helped them actually build their new home! In addition to that, the Siem Reap church of Christ helped them by giving $160 to purchase things that they needed.  Phearum is a current student and Phally is a graduate.  Phanat and his wife Aya will have faithful Christians to work with when he and his family move there next year.  This will be a great team for the Lord in that area!

Bible Training & Refrigeration Training

Students join together in Darat’s class on “How to answer Bible questions when someone asks you”.  This was a two week course that equipped them with the confidence and knowledge in studying with their native Cambodians.

Phanat has completed his training on refrigeration repair in the U.S. and received his certificate.  He has returned to Cambodia to train the students, staff and some of the older orphans at Hannah’s Hope in these HVAC skills.  Our goal of self-support is an important goal to us.  Phanat does an awesome job of thinking of others at his expense. The students and staff are to be praised for their willingness to learn to support themselves as opposed to just asking for outside support.  This was a week long course that is a part of the curriculum. It gives us a good work ethic and new skills that we would not ordinarily have. 

“We want everyone to know how much we appreciate your prayers and support as we continue to try and build a Bible school that converts souls and trains faithful preachers.”

God Bless You, 

Darat and Piseth

Posted on September 26, 2017 .

A good 1st quarter in Cambodia

Wes Autry, the Coordinator for the Bear Valley extension in Siem Reap, Cambodia, has sent us a comprehensive report on their activities and accomplishments in the first quarter of this year. I believe you will enjoy reading and seeing all the good that is being accomplished there. Simply click HERE

Posted on April 7, 2017 .

A good report from Cambodia

The school is going good, We have just finished our classes. I taught on the Prison Epistles and Darat taught the books of the Twelve Prophets in OT.

Every Sunday after we worship some of our students go to Komborng Koeng with brother Vannak, our Dean of Students. Brother Pros just started going to Leang Das Village. Soon we will start our schedule for our students go to Leang Dai Village with brother Pros.

For the students we had the break time for them and we took them to Kulen mountain.

The church is going great, we have great relationships with each other. Our children at Hannah's Hope Children's Home are growing more and more. Some of our boys can help us more and more on Sunday.

Our families are happy. Darat's family got a new daughter and we are happy for them. And all of our families in SiemReap are happy .


Please continue to pray for our plans to serve our God.

Please continue to pray for our students and the leaders in the church of Christ in Siem Reap. We desire to learn more about our God.

Please continue to pray for all of our families, we need better relationships with each other.

Please pray for our plans for our students, soon we will start our schedule for our students go to Leang Dai Village with brother Pros.


We are loving you and your family.

Love from PISETH and DARAT.

Posted on February 21, 2017 .

Growth in Cambodia

Dear brothers and sisters, 

Merry Christmas to you and family and to your loved ones from us at Siem Reap church of Christ.

I would like to share with you and include of the things we have done so far of the Siem Reap church of Chrtist for the year of 2016.

We had some big events in the year 2016,

Our regular service

In the year of 2016, I can see we have grown to have love and compassion to people by going to them every week to teach them the gospel of Christ, currently we have 8 different places such as, 1. Takam village, a way from siem reap about 25 kilometers, 2. Kok Khnang 35 kilometers, 3. Sombu 30 kilometers, 4.Tropeang svay 15 kilometers, Somroung 17 kilometers, 5. Kvean 10 kilometers, 6. Leang Dai 14 kilometers and 7. Kompong kleang about 50 kilometers, 8. Bos krolanh about 10 kilometers.

Nutrition Program

The local governor is very pleased with this program, because it has really helped a lot to people in their area, and it really help a lot to especially for children and pregnancy women. We are so blessed to partner with two congregations who faithfully supporting for this program, Lavender COC and Portal Way COC.


We had one funeral of a young lady who killed by motorcycle accident, and we had a great opportunity to share God word to many people who came for the funeral.

Cambodia Church camp

We have cambodia church camp once a year in November, with many churches from all over the country coming to this event. We share experiences being a christian, have lessons, and have fun together.


The number of Baptism we have for the year 2016 from four churches 23

Takam 9, Sumbu1, Leangdai 5, siem reap 8.

Please keep praying for us and the work we are doing .

May God bless you all for a new year that will come soon.

In Him

Chann Lork minister

address Sala komreuk, Siem reap

Posted on December 20, 2016 .

My visit to Cambodia

I bring you greetings from Cambodia, which is where I am sending this report from. I have been blessed to be able to teach a seminar on the topic of Leadership, as well as meet with the teachers of the school. I was also blessed with the opportunity to teach two addditonal bible classes.

I can't brag on the teachers enough! I have witnessed their growth in the past few years and I am encouraged by it and proud of them. I was also impressed by the students, who are in their 2nd year of study. Please continue to keep them in your prayers, as they grow in their faith, to be a light for Christ in a country that is 95% Buddhist.

Yours in Christ,

Keith Kasarjian

Posted on October 24, 2016 .

The Use Of Technology Expands The Work In Cambodia...

Greetings brethren! 

It's been a fruitful two months serving the Lord here in Cambodia and I'm very excited to share with you about the work of Jesus these past two months. Right after brother Wayne Burger finished his awesome short course at IBISR, I had my very own seminar to teach in Phnom Penh. My topic was titled "The Successful Steward: God's View on Money for His servants." It was held at the University church of Christ, also known as the BEST center. We had about 100 people show up for it and received some positive feedback. 

I was also able to Skype with the youth at the Dripping Springs congregation and shared with them a little about what a missionary does and answered some of their questions. They do this thing called the "Missionary March Madness" where they Skype missionaries around the time of the March Madness NCAA tournament and just try to encourage them and ask questions about their ministry. I’m so honored to be able to share a little bit about the work in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

"We were privileged tonight to be able to Skype with Phanat Ouch who is diligently working for the Lord in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Brother Phanat's personal story about his life, and his labors in the mission field were so up-lifting. I was so happy that many of your youth could be there to hear about the great things the Lord is doing through him, his family, and the dedicated Christians in that part of the world. We admire him so very much, and tonight our hearts were refreshed by his words, and our appreciation for missionaries tremendously increased. We are so blessed to know someone like Phanat Ouch. God bless you brother. The congregation in Dripping Springs is praying for you and your family." -John W. Moore

March 17th was my 7 years anniversary with my wife, Chakriya. We had a family dinner at a new place that just opened up near the riverside. I am thankful for a wonderful helpmeet that God sent my way. Please continue to pray for us to grow in our faith and love for one another.

In April, our long time coordinator Wes Autrey came to teach a short course on "Teaching Methods" and did a wonderful job. His unique teaching style and "yellow" personality always gets our students interested in learning about God's Word. I appreciate his sacrifice and effort in preparing the lessons to teach our students and staff to become better teachers of God's word. 

After Wes left back to America, Cambodia started its New Year celebration so our students got 1 week off for the holidays. They all went home to be with family and for our students it was their first time going back after half a year of study in the bible school. This is a very crucial time for them as they will face much persecution and temptations. Most of our students come back stronger in their faith when they see how much they've changed to their family and friends. This is the time where the staff and older Christians help encourage them and tell them that everybody goes through it. We've all been called a traitor to our culture, but we still remain faithful to our Lord. I pray that you continue to remain faithful to our Lord regardless of the hardships that you face in your part of the world. God bless and keep supporting this wonderful work!


To see Phanat’s report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on May 1, 2016 .

The Church Is Maturing In Siem Reap, Cambodia...

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ, 

I hope you are doing well on your end of the world. As for the work of Jesus Christ in this part of the world, things are progressing according to our plan. The International Bible Institute of Siem Reap continues to train and develop men and women of God for service in His kingdom and the local church is maturing quickly as a result of it. 

Just to let you know how we are maturing, the local church in Siem Reap is supporting our local preacher $50 per month. They are also supplying $125 per month for the rice for the students at IBISR. They also support a graduate $40 per month for his evangelistic efforts. They also chip in $20 per month for fellowship meal once a month. That's $235 per month that the local church uses for the kingdom's sake on a consistent basis where the average income is $125.50. 

We have about 65 that meets and 43 of them are Hannah's Hope children! That leaves about 22 adults, half are students, and about 6 families that meet in Siem Reap. These numbers may not seem all that impressive to you guys in the states but any missionary knows that this type of consistent giving and signs of autonomy is a huge deal! It took 8 years of studying and living out God's word for them to be where they are now. They remind me of the church in Macedonia where they first gave themselves to God and that's why they are able to give more than what they are able to (2 Cor 8:1-5). 

Not only do they give of their money, but they give of their time as well. It's not uncommon to see the students and staff of IBISR at Hannah's Hope mentoring and caring for the children there on their own free will. On the weekends they go out to the villages and either help the local preacher there or the local villagers there with their farming. 

All of this is made possible by the systematic teachings/curriculum of IBISR and the examples demonstrated by the local leaders. As a missionary, it's so good to be able to leave the country for quite some time and come back and everything is as if I'd never left! Now that we've developed leaders who can stand on their own and know what it means to be a faithful steward of God, I can focus on my personal evangelism and start the process all over again, except this time, I won’t be doing it alone. The leaders will join me in this process to multiply and expand God's kingdom (2 Tim 2:2). 

What an awesome feeling it is to grow in God's word and kingdom together. We pray that you are growing where you are and spreading the life changing message of Christ in your part of the world! We ask that you keep us in your prayers for this new year and that you continue to support this good work! God bless.


To see Phanat’s report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on January 31, 2016 .

Exciting New Beginnings With The Work In Cambodia...

"New Beginnings" 1 Co. 15:58

A new class began with a new school program this month and we are excited about the result that it will yield. There are so many significant changes and upgrades to IBISR that we can’t help but be excited. The rotation of teachers and the adding of English and Computer courses in the program not only benefits the students, but the teachers as well. We are truly blessed in Siem Reap!

I was invited to teach a short course in Yangon, Myanmar on the Kings and Prophets of the Old Testament to a group of 40 plus people, 5 hours a day for 7 days! It was an enriching experience for me. Spending time with the brethren there brought me back to my early days in Cambodia. I can see the similarities and potential for the Lord's kingdom to expand in Myanmar. There is potential for a proper Bible school there to keep the Christians growing in their faith. Please keep them in your prayers. 

God also added Phearom to His church this month. Phearom is a first year student. Please keep him in your prayers as he walks a new life with Christ!

Next month, I will join Wes Autrey and Mike Hite from Bear Valley, in Tanzania to speak on a Leadership Conference put on by the brethren there. I am really excited for the opportunity to meet the brethren in Africa! It will be my first time ever and I can’t wait to learn from them. I will update you next month about our trip to Africa!  Please keep us in your prayers as we serve God in that part of the world. 


To see Phanat’s report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on October 4, 2015 .

Preparing For A New Class In Cambodia...

As we approach our new school year there is much preparation that's needed. From renovating the school compound to rearranging the curriculum to best meet the needs of the local Christians here. We owe a debt of gratitude to Bob Turner for helping out with our new 3 year curriculum that we are extremely excited about. We can't wait to see the result of the success of this program. 

By going to the website link below, please click on the school button to the left of the web page to see what our new program looks like! We have also revamped our school grounds with a new bridge, complete with color! The students will also each have their own desks as opposed to sharing. This year we have 9 total students confirmed, seven men and two ladies. We ask that you keep them in your prayers as we journey through God's word for the next three years together! Thank you for your support and encouragement!

This is the building that will be responsible for housing and training 9 new souls to serve God! 


To see the report with pictures of the new look of the building and bridge, please click here.

Posted on August 30, 2015 .