A new school in Dar es Salaam

Church of Christ Dar es Salaaam with Bear Valley Bible Institute to the moment four courses has been taught since school started. And students enjoyed enough on bible knowledge they got through their experienced Teacher  in Bear Valley Bible institute Iddy Nyabusani,Zuberi Mwakyami and Essau Ruheta.

Through practical work in evangelism undertaken in every 5th week of their studies,3 three were put in Christ through baptism since 4 may 2019 in when the school started. It is small number compared with efforts made,but the number made comforts and belief in big dream in work of God in Dar es Salaam through Bear Valley Institute. We expect great in Evangelism at Dar es Salaam and by this big partnership from Bear Valley,the trust provide possibility.

As we said above, 4 courses are yet taught, these are 1. Old testament I, 2. How we got Bible. 3. Christian evidences, 4. Personal evangelism. The courses makes students confident in their congregations services. Some changes are yet witnessed the good work of Bear Valley in Dar es Salaam compared to prior experience. " After minimum of 2 yrs to come, the church will advance to an unbelievable start, we will call it revolution " said Innocent Mosha the Elder from Mbagala and students of BVBID with his wife Hilda.

Dar es Salaam Thanksgiving to Bear Valley Bible institute for their decision to start the work of God here,that makes them strong in  ministry wise. Some preparation his been made( 3 BVBID servants meetings), the meeting arranged to conquer southern part of Tanzania (Coast region, Dar es Salaam,Lindi and Mtwara regions) from 2021 where Islamic dominated the area mostly. This is our dream that prove to happen through Bear Valley. Students accepted the the thought, believing that it would advance not only their Christianity servanthood,but widening their practice platform got from Bear Valley school.

In the God service

Ombeni Mwambata

Posted on September 12, 2019 .