Student success in Zimbabwe


Our students spent the month of August in the field doing their practical. By the 31st of August they were now on their 11th week being in the field. We thank God for guiding them through this period. This practical was one of the major activity of the school in the month of August. This report, therefore, is mainly on the activities from the field.


Students continued their practical in the month of August. The program comes to an end on the 8th of September. Progress in the application of principles taught is satisfactory. Teachers continued with their visits some of which were surprise ones. The new congregation that has been established at Redcliff continued to flourish in the month of August.  In summary the students put in a total of 602 hours in evangelism, 32 were baptized and 27 were restored. The following is a summary of what transpired during the month.

Item                             Total         

Hours out                           602

Devotions                           224

Sermons preached          74

Bible Classes                     70

Total Lessons taught       448

Counselling sessions       12

Prospects                           392

Tracts distributed               475

WBS booklets distributed 163

Restorations                        27

Baptisms                                32

Those marked * are pending


Classes are set to resume on the 23rd of September for yet another term. The following is a list of  subjects that are going to be taught together with their teachers;

Major Prophets              I.Mutichu

James (SC)                       H.Karikoga

Romans (SC)                    M.Muchingami

Hermeneutics 2               E.Nyamadzawo/M.Muchingami

Biblical Counselling         I.Mutichu

HIV Care & Counselling (Seminars) I.Mutichu

Hebrews (SC)                   H.Suwari

Congregational Development/Church Growth           M.Muchingami

1, 2 Timothy, and Titus           I.Mutichu         

There shall also be seminars geared towards entrepreneurship skills development.


Construction of BVBIZ’s first hostel started on the 25th of August. Once it is completed, the school will shift to this permanent site. Our appreciation goes to BVBII for providing the initial funds for the foundation.  The following materials were acquired 8000 concrete bricks, pit sand (30 cubic), concrete stones (15 cubic), river sand (15 cubic). Thirteen thousand farm bricks were also bought. Half of these shall be for the construction of a pit latrine, while the other half will be for the student house. More resources will be needed to take this house to completion.


We thank God for the development we keep witnessing in our students. We appreciate the sacrifices congregations have been making for the upkeep of our students. To you all for you spiritual, moral, material and financial support we remain grateful. To God be the glory!

Posted on September 10, 2019 .