A new congregation in Malawi!

Bear Valley Bible Institute – Ekwendeni (Malawi)

August 2019 Report


We are already in September! September will be one of the Months to remember in the history of Bear Valley Bible School in Malawi as the second year students will be graduating on September the 21st. We were supposed to have our graduation on the 28th of September, but this could not match with Donnie’s flight schedule. Therefore, we will have the graduation earlier together with Donnie before the students finish their last course in Pastoral letters by Brother Clergynton Harawa. This is our second graduation since the school was established in Malawi. We had a preaching campaign with the students and a new congregation has been established! Including the children, the number of people at this new congregation is 51. We praise God for this good news!

The students have done a great work of winning souls to Christ. We hope they will continue to be good soldiers of Christ as they are going back in their home congregations in few weeks to come.


We are glad to have brother Navie Theu again teaching wisdom literature before Donnie comes on 14th September. Donnie will be teaching Prison Epistles from the 16th to the 20th and on the 21st September will have our graduation sermon.

Kabwafu Church of Christ – established during the just ended campaign

This year has been a fruitful year! Souls have been added to the Lord’s church and many other souls restored to Christ. Only this year the school have been involved in establishing 4 congregations! 3 of the four were established during the holiday time of the month of May. And Kabwafu is the 4th one. What a great work with a great reward hereafter. Hallelujah! Kabwafu has started with 51 people. We had 9 baptisms, 23 restorations and 19 children of whom some will be candidates for baptisms in one year to come.

Campaign and next intake interviews

We are having lectureship on Church Leadership in October and Church Autonomy. This lectureship will end up with a preaching campaign. We have been asked by some congregations to help them with the two mentioned lessons. Therefore we have decided to use the same opportunity to take them out for the preaching campaign after the lectureship. After the campaign we are going to interview the next class of 2020/2021. We have received more than 40 application forms from all regions of Malawi. The interviews will be in the 3rd week of October, 2019.

We appreciate Bear Valley International for their support, prayers and kindness towards this work of training men to be faithful preachers, who will also take the same gospel to other people – 2 Timothy 2:2. We always pray that God continues blessing your families. We also want to thank Brother Charles Gunter who helped us with $500 for the preaching campaign we recently had. We pray that God keep blessing our brother as this work still need his involvement. Eternity is Forever, Think Souls!

Yours fellow servants in the Lord,

Ephron and Clergynton


Posted on September 10, 2019 .