Agriculture seminar in Zambia

July 2019 Report

Warm greetings to you all brothers and sisters!! We give honor and glory to God who has given us the opportunity to work in His Kingdom.

The school is on a short break and some students remained for catch up courses, the rest of the students have gone back to their respective home congregations. The school reopens for the first quarter of 2019/2020 school calendar.

We have received the good reports from all of the students who have gone for holiday are that they are doing fine in their work as preachers. They have been conducting personal Bible studies during this break with a number of people in their localities. Before going on short break, we had what we called “friendship evangelism” were students’ patrolled streets, houses and shops. This mission was intended for students to know how to make friends for evangelism. It was very interesting once again to see different talents. Students had set Bible studies with members of the community and they will continue as they resume their second year.

Brother Joseph Ilunga went back to Lubumbashi, DRC. He went to see one of his brothers who was reported to be sick but he has since recovered. Before coming to BVBI-Zambia, Joseph was doing some business ventures to enable him take support some of his siblings. Ever since his parents passed away, some of his siblings depended on him for their schooling and day to day survival. Hence even now, he has a very huge responsibility on his shoulders as far as supporting these siblings is concerned. Joseph has proved to be a dedicated servant of God and we believe he is going to make a good preacher.

Stephen Ngosa is one of the former graduates who is putting to use the knowledge he got from BVBI-Zambia. Stephen is totally committed and he is working closely with the youths at Luanshya Central Church of Christ in Luanshya District of the Copper Belt Province. Since his wife left him for another man, he has proved to be devoted to the work of God. Please pray for Stephen that he finds a life partner who can understand him and his work of preaching. On the other development Austin Musonda and Hornbye Mupengu have done a good Job this month by teaching the Sundays school classes as you will see in the pictures, Brother Cephas Mwamba has visited their respective congregations to see how these brothers are doing and indeed it is a great work.

Vinicent Simwanza, one of the devoted servants has been preaching and restored three souls back to the sheepfold. He got engaged to Twiniss Chanda who was a Pentecostal believer, Vinicent preached to her and she has since become a Christian. We believe they will make a good couple, we invited her for a short course, and she has proved to be a lady to support her future husband and his work. Pray for this upcoming Christian couple.

As mentioned in our previous communiqué that the students had a very successful survival gardening workshop with Brother John Dube from Zimbabwe. Brother Dube is the country coordinator of Healing Hands for Zimbabwe. It was a full packed one week of survival skills taught by Brother Dube. He taught gardening and entrepreneurship to the students and other members of the Church in Luanshya who attended the workshop.

The 2019/2020 school year starts with the following courses of the first quarter: “Church History” and

“Old Testament 3b (Study of Wisdom Literature: Psalms - Song of Songs)”. These two courses will be taught by Brother Cephas Mwamba and “Life of Christ 3 (The ministry of Jesus)”and “intertestamental History” will be taught by Brother Fred Kanangu.

We are also looking forwarding to having Donnie Estep come later in the quarter to teach “2 Corinthians” as a short course. And Brother Kennedy Mukuka will also teach “Marriage and Family Life” as a short course during the same quarter.

Our hearts are truly thankful to Woodland Oaks Church of Christ for financial support and all the encouragement in this good work. We will likewise pray that God will bless the works that you all are involved in as well.


Cephas and Fred

Posted on August 13, 2019 .