Incredible student practicum results in Zimbabwe!

                                 JULY 2019 NARRATIVE REPORT


The great commission continues to be obeyed and disobeyed in many circles. At BVBIZ students are trained so that they be able to obey and fulfil this commission. Despite the various challenges that the nation is facing, BVBIZ continued to do her part in fulfilling this commission in the month of July. The major activity in the month was the field practicum currently underway. This is reported hereunder.


The field program that started on the 22nd of June progressed well  in the month of July. The program will end on the 8th of September.  During this year’s program, students have had their fair share of joyous moments and challenging incidents and situations. All these are vital in building a highly competent servant of God who will be able to transform communities. Great appreciation goes to the congregations and individuals who are sponsoring this work in terms of food and accommodation. Teachers followed up on the students many times during the month. Their task was to evaluate students, observe challenges and other notable issues.  The visits will continue in the month of August. The month of July saw 35 souls being baptized and 37 being restored to the Lord.

Students based at Igava Mission have been dealing mainly with the Primary and Secondary Schools there. Their work included devotions at assemblies and in classes. As schools go on break in early August, the word shall now be taken to communities. On the other hand a new congregation has now been established at the town of Redcliff. Students. From the many pictures that were send from the field, we have included some at the end of this report.



After constructing two rooms measuring 6mx4m each, a house (hostel) to accommodate students is the next building project. The plan for this building was submitted to Vungu Rural District Council and was finally approved on the 23rd of July.  A plan for pit latrine (toilet) was also approved. Gathering of materials for the construction of a foundation for the student house started on the 30th of July and will continue into early August. Currently all bricks, pit sand and river sand needed for the foundation are now at site. Construction of the foundation will start during the month of August. More resources will be needed to move to another stage.


Great appreciation goes to God for taking us this far and for guiding students who are currently in the field doing their practicum. Please continue to pray for them as they put theory into practice and in their in obedience to  the Great Commission. We also appreciate our partners for their many sacrifices being made towards this work. To God be the glory!

Posted on August 12, 2019 .