Student Evangelism in Togo

June 2019 report:

May the peace and grace of the Lord be with each of us. Thank you, Lord, for your great blessings especially as a new congregation is established in the region of Bassar thanks to the evangelists of Kpalime.


Every Wednesday evening two students either APEWOKE Kokou and SABOUTEY Koffi go to Avetonou to study and invite people to church on Sundays, or SEGLA Joli and TOSSOU FOFO go by motorcycle to AGOU-ADZA where they study with the population to establish a new congregation because it is a large village located on the road to Lomé. Sometimes to allow a large number of people to participate in the study, a motorcycle takes 3 to 4 people.

Some students see their evangelistic work and their zeal to convert denominations; we have hope for a better future. Among the 14 students, 7 lead the assemblies on Sundays, and the rest help the evangelists on the churches.

Agriculture and livestock:

The students started their first experience on the agriculture project and visited the pigs. They have taken to sowing soybeans, and in the coming days, they will receive instructions in each area.

Saturday's classes:

Currently, as you see in the photos, we can already count on the students in Kpalime and Lomé as a hope for the next class of the Bear Valley Institute. So next year when we will have two more classes in different parts of Togo, then each city or village will have a candidate trained to work as an evangelist at home.


Togo for Christ is our slogan every Friday as we set off for the village where we go to preach the gospel. Every student knows that the work to save souls is in the power to preach (evangelize) the gospel to lost souls. For it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes. We also need, once or twice a year when students travel for three days of evangelization, to set up or grow an assembly.   This would give them experience for ministry.

May the peace and grace of our Jesus Christ fill all his blessings for the support you bring to the Institute.


Your brother


Posted on July 28, 2019 .