Even more success in Guinea!

Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible Institute Activity Operations Report for June 2019

Greetings to you all, our readers and supporters of the gospel work in Guinea. As usual we are writing to give you an update of what transpired at the Gueckedou, Guinea Bear Valley Bible Institute during the month of June which falls in the wet season of the year in this part of West Africa. Also, our activities were limited by the second quarter break which was a week off the month of June. Notwithstanding, the grace of God continues to be manifested in our gospel preaching as souls are being converted.  While it is true that many of our outdoor activities have reduce, there was little or no effect on our indoor activities as classes continued in their normal order. On the over all, the results were good and I am glad to report the following details:

Classroom: As per our course schedule, we were able to go through 2 major courses – the “Major Prophets and Biblical Interpretation 2” just before the campaign week followed by the second quarter break. We are still with all the 17 students on roll with everyone doing his best in his category of study.

Evangelism: News of our preaching during the month of May drew one elderly man some 3 kilometers from his village of Yaladou to be a member of the church when he met us in the village of Damas. In response to the question “how did he know about us and why did he want to be a member of the church”, Mr. Lambert explained “we are hearing about you and people are saying that that church has so much truth”. After the worship service that Sunday, the 1st of June the man was baptized after a brief Bible discussion. We have unfortunately lost his conversion photo. Then on the 16th of the Month, 1 old age woman obeyed the gospel in the village of Foidou. Finally, the conversion of 3 other souls – 1 in Gueckedou and 2 in another village of Yabehma on June 30th was the close of our evangelism for the month. In all, we baptized 5 souls!

Campaign: We had 6 days of public preaching – 18th to the 23rd June and we surveyed 2 main areas. First, we all spread out – house to house in a quarter of Gueckedou town until the 21st. Then on the 22nd, a portion of us left to visit Yaladou, the village of Mr. Lambert, the first convert mentioned above during our evangelism. Although we met him very sick of a swelling foot, brother Lamber had informed the local authority and had invited many who came out in a public square to listen that Saturday night. Unfortunately, the rains interrupted and the people scattered with only a few entering in an unprepared hall. Nevertheless, 1 soul was baptized the following day plus 4 others in Gueckedou town on the same Sunday of June 23rd. In total, 5 souls were drawn to the Lord during our June campaign.

Transportation means: Our request for an additional motorbike to facilitate transportation especially for evangelism and congregational visit was granted by the Bear Valley authorities through the effort of our West Africa Coordinator, Steven Ashcraft who advocated for us. From the funds provided for that purpose, we were able to purchase 1 more motorbike of the same quality (but of a different color – Red) as the first. The funds were enough to provide for all documentation including 1 year of complete insurance.

Conclusion: The month of June, though a rainy period in our area with some inconveniences was nevertheless successful. Our indoor, classroom activities went well. Also our evangelism and gospel campaign efforts resulted to a total of 10 souls converted to Christ.

In our next report, we will give you details of Niceville, Florida church’s positive response to our May request for evangelism equipment.

Thanks and appreciations to you all.


Posted on July 28, 2019 .