Local initiatives in Arusha

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Grace and Peace to you friends.

We hope that you had a wonderful holiday weekend! The intensity of campaign season is winding down, and some of the team will get a well deserved chance to catch their breath a little. To read a good review of some of the campaign efforts, make sure to check out the Duncan family's recent blogpost: https://havegodwillgo.com/2019/06/30/summer-campaigns-in-the-winter/ Also, be sure to pray for them as they go on furlough.

In addition to the campaigns, I'm very proud of the effort and initiative that the local churches in the Ushirombo area gave to conducting their own area-wide seminar. Yusuph, the local evangelist, described it this way:

"In these seminar four souls has been added into the Church at Ushirombo. The number of attendees was 166 christians. Many thanks to the women who cooked the food for five days. Also there was huge group of children the number was 58 and they had their studies. Some congregations contributed food rice and beans.”

Let's continue to pray for these brethren and their efforts.

Till all have heard,

Daniel Gaines
Tanzania Missions

Posted on July 13, 2019 .