Good news in Cameroon

Hello people of the Most-High God,

We bring you warm greetings from the church in Mbanga, from the school of preaching, and from my family as well. It is a pleasure to relate and to communicate to you all about the work in French Cameroon.  Our country has still been in serious tension with the crisis in the English-speaking part and also in the northern part where Boko Haram is also terrorizing the people in that locality. We urge you people to keep our nation in your prayers.

Time waits for nobody. This has been a common saying in Cameroon. We are advancing with the training of preachers and before it is time, we shall be having another set of preachers in the field. What a glorious moment in life it is to do the work of an evangelist.

We had our first short course with the third batch of students and our first students’ wife’s class that lasted for one week. “It was awesome to have this,” the sisters testified after I taught them the course on “General Bible Knowledge” while analyzing one book after the other. At the end, many were able to site the 66 books of the bible and could also give out the names of the apostles of Jesus Christ along with many other things. At the same time, the men were taking the short course, “Discipleship,” taught by evangelist Beasem Julien. It all went well as the brethren gained more knowledge in the Bible before going out for field work.

Mission work and campaign.

Immediately after the short course, the students embarked on a very critical mission, that of preaching the gospel and winning souls. Some were so excited to go out and become fishers of men while a few others were still in traumas they began to imagine how they would be going out for the ever first time. The command was given and the teaching that no one puts his hand on the plow and looks behind. Go and preach the gospel and the Lord shall be with you till the end of the age.

The field is vast as demand for students was really high. We sent our 15 students to 10 congregations around French Cameroon. We are still waiting for their return. We pray, “may the Lord be with you all till you return to the campus.”

Brother David Ballard, on his part, was doing personal evangelism both in people’s homes and at the church campus. It was another fruitful time as God added 4 souls with in this period of 2 days of evangelism and all are doing great in the Lord. Some others were distributing some food items to the patients, kids waiting with their parents, and sick one. It was all another sweet moment of fellowship. The water in the campus was able to satisfy and quench the taste of all those who were present. Brother Ballard also handed over a Bible to a new convert.

Our next quarter shall begin on the first of July 2019. We pray for the safe return of the students. Some have traveled as far as to the north of Cameroon.

May our Savior, Jesus Christ continue to be with us.

 From the slave in the Mbanga assembly and the school of preaching in Mbanga,

Ititi Benedict


Posted on July 13, 2019 .