Continued progress in Liberia

Greetings Brethren,

We bring you greetings from the students and staffs in Liberia- Bear Valley Bible Institute, hoping all is well with you and your families in the Lord's name. We truly appreciate God for your partnership with us in this great work we have to do here in Liberia, West Africa. Below are the happenings for the months of April and May 2019.


In the month of April, I was privilege to attend the graduation ceremony for the school in Sierra Leone where 16 students graduated and was awarded a Diploma in Biblical Studies. I was so happy to have been part of the graduation and to see zealous men I was involved in teaching finally going out to do the work of an Evangelist.

I also had the privileged to teach the new batch of students for a week in Personal Evangelism, which gave me the opportunity to get to know them and their ability to take the Bear Valley lessons. I am happy for the experience.


It feels so very good to hear back from men you were involved in training from where they are currently working. There are lots of good news coming back to the school from some of our passed (graduates) students where they are working, especially from Brother Alex Power, Elijah Quoi and Prince Vonleh. These three brothers planted three new congregations when they went home and since then, there have been good news coming from their end about how well the church is doing and many baptism taking place. One request that is keep coming from them is the need to do more campaign or evangelism work in those town to strengthen the brethren and expose the church with the presence of our campaign team. Please pray for these brethren as they continue the good work in those different locations.


The Bear Valley Bible Institute Institute Liberia regret  to inform you about the death of student Terry Z. Wounuah who died who  on the 16 of May 2019 at his home town. At the beginning of the second quarter, Student Terry Z. Wounuah, felt critically sick on campus and was forced to go home for treatment. He was diagnosed to have Hapititis B. His illness got very serious by the day and finally, he died on the above date mentioned. He was married with three children. That is, our brother left his wife and three children with nothing or no help to cater for them. The youngest is 5 months old and his eldest son is 6 years old. If anyone with a loving heart will want to help his wife start a little business that will help she and her children, please do. She and the children will appreciate it so much.


I am always happy to announce the wonderful work that is being done by the students when it comes to evangelism. Their zeal for evangelism continued to sent out the good news and make the Lord's church known in the community and beyond. In the months of April and May, they had the total of seventeen (17) baptism in Ganta especially around the campus congregation. There had also been increase in membership in the worship.


As part of my dream to see the Bear Valley Bible Institute grow in Liberia to offer a Bachalor Degree (BA) and more in Biblical Studies, which will be a way of helping minister to rightfully divide the word of truth, I have chosen to undertake the master degree program offer in Ghana by the Bear Valley Bible Institute to prepare myself for the task ahead. Meanwhile, by the help of brother Steven Ashcraft, the west Africa coordinator for Bear Valley Bible Institute and my family , I have been able to go to Ghana for my classes and back home three different time and by God's grace, I have completed six ( 6) of the twelve (12 ) to be awarded a Masters Degree by Bear Valley. Many thanks to brother Steven and my wife for their encouragements.


Many thanks and appreciation to you for all your sacrifices that are making it possible for the Lord's work in this part of the world to go on. May God richly bless you. Please continue to pray for us our country is going through a very serious economy situation right now.

In Him,

Robert P. Dahn, Jr.

Director- BVBI-Liberia

Posted on July 13, 2019 .