New developments in Zimbabwe



The vision of BVBIZ remains, “To be a leading and preferred spiritual and academic centre in Zimbabwe and beyond.” Our mission is also remains, “To empower men and women through training and development.” The school’s core business is training and development whose objective is to have  a “relevant, robust training and development  programme that empowers servants of God to transform communities.” The aim is to produce highly qualified, equipped and competent servants through this robust training and development program. The month of May saw BVBIZ continue advancing this agenda as reported hereunder. This report will also highlight events to be anticipated in no distant time.


BVBIZ students are now on break. The term came to an end on the 25th of May. This is their first break since the second of January when they resumed school. They will be back at campus on the 18th of June in preparation for their practicum. Exams were also written successfully. The following subjects were taught;

Church Leadership

Christian Spiritual formation

African Traditional Religion


Advanced Homiletics

Church History

Marriage and Family Development

Research Methods


This year’s field program shall start on the 22nd of June end on the 8th of September. Teachers will make follow their follow ups as the program proceeds. This program shall be longer than the other programs the school has run so far. This is in line with BVBIZ’s thrust of producing a well-trained and competent product. This practicum enables this to take place. A six month practicum is scheduled to take place next year before the students graduate. This is over and above weekend evangelism programs and one week campaigns that take place each term in various areas.


Some developments continue to take place at the school’s site. A comprehensive report on what has been done so far and anticipated developments shall be made in the subsequent reports. This month we are pleased to give a report on three developments;


BVBIZ first borehole which was drilled in February of this year has now been fitted with a solar system and a 2500litre tank. Great appreciation goes to Partners for Africa for making this a success.


BVBIZ is in the process of digging 1m x 1m x1m holes for the planting of fruit trees around the site. The target is to plant a total of 100 fruit trees such as avocadoes, oranges and mangoes. More will be planted in future. The focus will be to improve the diet of students and provide more income to the school.


BVBIZ board and management shall be rolling out a local fundraising program scheduled to take place in the next few weeks. This is in line with the school’s three year strategic plan. The first fundraising program shall take place in Harare. The idea is to harness resources towards the development of this site. Everyone both within and outside the country is encouraged to join this effort. A committee to run this program has been selected and more people will be co-opted in to serve in various committees. More details shall be made in the subsequent report. Suggestions are always welcome.


Students continued going for their weekend evangelism in the month of May. This is done every Saturday and Sunday. Congregations that benefitted included Mkoba 12, Mkoba 17, Nashville, Mambo and Julena. 2 WBS seminars were also held in Mkoba. BVBIZ students and teachers served in many capacities. Senior preachers were also available to teach classes also. These included Brothers K.Dominico, S.Nyarugwe, D. Chikware, C.Mafusire, G.Mutambara and L.Manyanhaire. The last seminar that was held at Chikumbiro Primary school saw BVBZ students distributing over 3000 fliers prior to the seminar. Three were baptized during these efforts.


We thank God for what he has been able to do through BVBIZ in June. Our appreciation continues to go to our sponsors for their unwavering support and to many others for their moral and spiritual support. The next report you shall be reading from us, shall be reporting on our much anticipated field program. To God be the glory!

Posted on June 10, 2019 .