Successful campaign in Harare

According to our 2019 plan, BVBI-Harare Extension planned to start new work and we are pleased to say that we are right on track. Dzivaresekwa Extension is the place we hope to make this dream fulfilled. Dzivaresekwa Extension is six kilometers from Dzivaresekwa (were I reside).

Last weekend, 18 and 19 May 2019 saw us taking the first step in making the dream a reality. A team of eight (8) spent hours in the streets of this location distributing tracts, booklets, sharing the Word with people and meeting people who were interested in the Word. We subdivided ourselves into two two and the work was done so well. It was such a great experience to all who attended and the interest shown was just so inspirational. 
After walking in the streets of Dzivaresekwa Extension, the team withdrew for feedback - see photo Weekend Evangelism 2 and 3 - but as duty calls the feedback turned into more Word sharing moments as passersby stopped by for the tracts, booklets and to receive a share of the Word.

During the exercise we met 168 people, distributed 300 tracts and booklets, and distributed thirty-seven (37) World Bible School introductory lessons. During the exercise we also managed to meet a family who are members of the church and were members of Alaska Mine church of Christ in Chinhoyi - Mashonaland West province. They have been staying in this area for two years and according to them they have not been meeting with the church unless if they travel back to their home congregation, that is once in a long time. Again we met another lady who said she is a member of the church but she could not find the church in the area and she is ready to come to church. 


Tonderayi Kafile: "I personally realised that its easier talking to people in the streets other than visiting their homes. Firstly maybe because at their homes they will be bound by their different beliefs. Then secondly some women are not comfortable to have people discussing anything at their homes due to homes rules and regulations put by their spouses.Also the insecurity caused by poverty ie having nothing to feed the visitors also makes them uncomfortable to have visitors at their homes but in the streets today it was marvelous they talked freely brethren thanks for the experience bro Suwari."  

Brian Matutu : "It was certainly an eye opener for me.  Although it was not my first time I can confidently say it was my most successful outreach.  
Firstly the tracts were very appropriate and effective.  The reception and interest from all prospective was humbling. Not even one prospective was antagonistic. Even those who initially appeared skeptical eventually changed as discussions proceeded. More than 90% of those we met promised to contact the contact names we gave them.  Sister Ncheche and I were also extremely edified by the experience.  We certainly look forward to a similar exercise. 
All thanks to you for guidance and to our mighty Father for his grace."

Richard Nyamanhindi : "A day well spent. Literature was appropriate with diversity and the aspirants were receptive, keen and ready to hear the word. Some were eager to know where the church is. People are hungry for the word. Street evangelism is not as difficult as we think. It was a fruitful day inherently and with those we discussed with. Follow up is indeed necessary."

Edson Julius : "I enjoyed every moment. This was an eye opener,surely we can reach out to many people by these arrangements .This method is effective and exciting."

As a way forward, brother Batsirai Zisengwe (in blue coat) is making some arrangements for a place were we will start assembling. As that is being done, we are planning to have preachers who will go for another round of evangelism, and this time house to house and followups on the addresses and promises we got last week. Westgate and Dzivaresekwa churches of Christ have agreed (in principle) to work together in this work and we also have a preacher in this area, Leonard Magaya. He has also agreed to be involved in the work. In the meantime BVBI-Harare Extension is working hard to start this work and establish this work.

May you please pray for this work.

Stay blessed and be a blessing to all,

Howard Suwari                            
4277 First Street
Dzivaresekwa 1
Harare, Zimbabwe

Posted on May 27, 2019 .