A new class of students in Mbanga, Cameroon

For the greatness of God is upon His chosen ones, a peculiar people. We are happy to be part of this great work going on in Cameroon and in Mbanga in particular. 

 Greetings to the family of God over the seas and oceans, thousands of miles away from my community. I know it has been for so long that our communication process has been suspended due to much commitment accompanied with some family challenges. Never-the-less, our God is great for taking us through these moments of crisis in my family. So long as God is still sitting on the throne, so long as my Lord liveth, my hope is in him for he is the lion in the tribe of Judah.

To begin with this day, it shall be the Church of Christ in Mbanga that sends salutation. The church in Mbanga is rapidly growing in number and in strength. The church is not totally depending on the students any longer to serve during worship as we are growing and nurturing into maturity. As many continue to flee from the crisis in the English speaking part of our country, or look for a place to send their kids to school, our number also keeps on increasing and by so doing, our students study room that we use for worship becomes smaller and smaller and can at times no longer contain all of our worshippers and so there is an overflow outside. The church is really in need of her own building and is pondering about it at church business meetings. Let us stay in prayer.

 My wife and I regret the loss of her mother, sister Ajoke Magrete. She came for the graduation ceremony in Mbanga in March but only the remains were taken back to the Southwest region for burial. God sees and knows everything. I am happy that she died in our hands even though we fought with her illness for close to a month before God finally called her to rest. This is sister Magrete on the photographs. The next is her children, in-laws and grandchildren after the burial.

 My wish is that you commit this family into God’s hands and especially my wife who is still in the village to round up with family discussions. She is in need of plenty of comfort but I had to rush back home to take care of the family, the church, and the school of preaching. Jesus Christ is Lord.

  A DIEU mama. We really love you but God is happy to receive you now.

 The BVBIC-MBANGA also sends greetings 

The old have gone and new have come.

 The men in blue you see are the graduates from the second batch of students and the men in white are the third batch. The students are doing well as they are still on observation, but some of them are already going out for evangelism on weekends to some areas for intervention. I believe this is going to be a great batch. I believe 3 is always great! We are already planning for our first mission work this June. Our mission work will be to Garoua and but mostly to Ngong were brother Mamoudou Estephane, a graduate from the first batch, is the minister.

It was also good to meet up with some graduates in the field and to see their work. I began with Mamoudou and Victor in the North to know how they are faring and to receiver some testimonies of the work from members of their congregation. It was good to have such a great trip. I think that is needed each year even though it was very painful and stressful. 

Thank you so much my beloved in the Lord. We also had about 4 souls added to the church in Mbanga since the coming of the new batch of students.

Thanks for your sincere work in the vine yard

The staff and administration of BVBI-M

Posted on May 14, 2019 .