Much good is being accomplished in Kenya

Dear brethren,

This is to share with you what transpires at the Kenya School of Preaching, a branch of BVII. The students went for March holidays and are now back to school. The classes began officially on 15th April, 2019 for 3rd quarter/semester. Charles Ogutu is teaching Old Testament 3, that is Joshua _ Ruth, The Gospel According to Mark and English skills 2. Elias is teaching 1st and 2nd Corinthians, Prison Epistles and 1st and 2nd Thessalonians in short course, with Mike Rowand teaching Leadership in short course.

As to what the Bible students had accomplished during the March holidays is impressing, they being twenty in number, had conducted sixty three (63) Bible classes with prospects and their church members. During their stay at home, they had preached fifty seven (57) sermons both in the local congregations and in Gospel meetings and in Mid-week prayer meetings. They had as well made forty nine (49) evangelistic trips and had attended nine (9) Gospel meetings during their March holidays.

The much good done by the students service at the local congregations had resulted in;  forty two (42) baptisms, twenty six (26) individuals restored back to fellowship and one (1)  local congregation planted.

Local congregations  and preachers still come KSOP to pick boxes of tracts ( Mission Printing Materials) for their own use/reading and for evangelizing their areas. We at the school have got a unique blessing _ pure water by C.R.F. in connection with Hope Water International. Locals now come to fetch pure water and in that way, the  preaching school benefits the community both spiritually and physically.

We are very much thankful for what the Lord has done with the KSOP students, and it is our request that brethren throughout the globe may continue to keep KSOP in their prayers us to remain faithful and that many may be reached with the saving gospel and be edified.

Thanks to all who participate in one way or another in supporting the preaching school.  May you be all blessed,

In His service, Elias.

Posted on April 23, 2019 .