A new class in Liberia


Everyone connected to Bear Valley in Liberia extends their sincere greetings to you and appreciate you for all you are doing for the Lord in this part of the world. 

1st Quarter Completed

We are happy to inform you that our second batch of students just completed the 1st quarter lesson for the 1st year program. The quarter went well with all the staff playing their parts very well and our remaining 23 students taking nothing for granted. Beside their class room work, they were involved with weekends evangelism in the communities around the school . The month of February has been very successful so far.


Our second batch are also introduced to the studies of agriculture as it was with the first set of students and they are taking it very serious. They are preparing the ground for the upcoming rainy season as seen in the photos.


We appreciate highly your continued support and prayers for this work in Liberia. With all the economic challenges in this part of the world, we are still grateful that with your help we are able to do the Lord's will. We won't have don't this work without your involvements. Thank you so much for your love for God and your desires to see His will on earth be done.

Thank You,

Your Brother For Christ Sake,

Robert P. Dahn, Jr.

Director-Bear Valley Bible Institute- Liberia

Posted on March 26, 2019 .