Graduation upcoming in Sierra Leone

Dear Brethren in the Vineyard,

We are glad to report to you our end of program and activities undertaken for the month of February in the field of evangelism in Kenema. We have completed a routine exercise of our new students admission in this month and preparing for the graduation of the outgoing students at the same time. 


Student recruitment has been done by the Dean and Director in different regions taken the school to the less privileged and deprived communities for christ. We went as far as the northern part of Sierra Leone where there is less concentration of  churches of Christ on the ground.   Magburaka town in the Bombali District has given us three students to be trained whereas Freetown in the Penisular area has given us three to be trained as preachers for the Lord's work respectively.

In the southern and Eastern region we have eleven potential students to be trained this time again and all of them will be coming to school this academic year.  We have one student from KAMAKWIE far north a converted through the World Bible School lessons and  has apply for our course to further study God's word with us, two from Kenema.


Students from these places  will take the gospel message to other parts of the country. This will give more room for church planting in the Lord Vine yard. More soul will be won for Christ in the vineyard..


The congregation at Lungi needed restoration and unless we intervened there will be no member to be saved under the Lord's church at that part of the vine yard. Because it has ceased its meetings due to lack of leadership to lead  its members. Most of the members  I spoke to said the congregation came to a stand still due to lack of leadership who will continue to teach and preach the undiluted word to them.

I visited the ground twice to see possible means of helping to  restore its old members and start the church through effort with a congregation in Freetown.

Suggestions were made with the church of christ at Tengbeh town in Freetown to send two preachers coming from Freetown to help evangelise  on saturdays and passes the night over there and preach on Sunday. As one preacher will not be enough to carry out this function we are asked to take care of an additional preacher by providing his travelling expenses which will cost (200.000) Which is equivalent to $25 monthly. Fifty thousand leones weekly inclusive lodging and feeding for a day which the preachers have already accepted in good faith for the sake of the gospel         

All these were suggestions put together to see how we could help restore a dying congregation in that part of the country where all the sheep had gone astray. There is an unfinished building standing there empty without utilizing it for the purpose it was built.  Most of the old members are willing to come back provided they have a preacher to feed the congregation. Our effort will not go in vain as we look forward to promote GOD'S work in this part of the Vine yard


We are sending our students home to prepare themselves for the 13th of April to come and witness the graduation celebration.

At the same time preparing ourselves to receive our potential incoming students for the next intake of students for 2019/2020 program of studies on the 5th of April 2019 at our school campus in Kenema.

We have completed a round trip admission of twenty students for the  program this year. We hope all of them will turn up for school at the stipulated time. We will send their names on the next report after completing the final process of enrollment.


“A journey of a thousand mile begins with the first step”  We are almostly coming to the end of our journey with the help of you people who have supported our effort in taking us where we are today.

We will continue to pledge our loyalty in the lord as long as we live to see the school succeed in Sierra Leone in training preachers for the work.

We thank you all for putting your resources together to support our effort in training our country men for the service of God




Posted on March 25, 2019 .