Evangelism in Guinea

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The 2018 year-end holidays carried us up to the 13th of January so that we started our second year activities on the 14 of the month. There were some obstacles during the month in the areas of illness on the part of one student and that of the breakdown of our copier. We managed to cope up any way. On the other hand, we had 5 conversions to the Lord. Here are the details of these activities under subheadings.

Classroom: One of the 17 students on roll has been bordered by an illness which rendered him unable to meet up the regular academic and field requirements. All others went through the month’s activities while student Nicolas Millimono was undergoing medical attention. He has just returned from Conakry where his parents had taken him for treatment and is now in class though required to settle for the courses conducted in his absence.

Evangelism: Indeed classes started by the middle of the month, but some of our students had made some effort even during the holidays to evangelize. Together with the air time radio gospel broadcast and other evangelistic efforts during the month we converted 5 persons to Christ. These are some of the people who had been held in denominations and were encouraging us to be patient.

Personal Profile: Student Jeannot Makete Sandouno, one of the 17 students at Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible Institute is 65 years of age. He came into the faith some 2 years age through the effort of bro Saa Nestor Millimono, one of the 2 initial 19 students who on account of illness dropped.

What is interesting about Jeannot is that during the period all the 63 years before his conversion he was not a member of any religious body and had never step foot in a church building for any reason even though he had “Christian” friends not only in his home country of Guinea, but both in Liberia and Sierra Leone where he had adventured in live. Some of his former friends were pastors that I knew; in fact one of them the late Pastor Tamba Kpalu of the Assemblies of God church, Bomi Hills, Liberia was my uncle. Jeannot had no interest what so ever for any religion for which reason those who knew him labeled him ‘’the chief pagan”. 

According the report, his conversion was not a few days business, but since the evangelist himself is an elderly man with a special gift of motivation, the several months of his effort resulted to Mr Sandouno’s baptism directly in the church of Christ. This man benefited that special grace of God as referenced in 2 Peter 3:9. He then agreed a year later to enroll at the Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible Institute from where he will be graduating by the close of this year.

Today, Mr. Sandouno, the former “chief pagan” sometimes preaches in the assembly where he worship at Carriere, Gueckedou town.

May God be glorified!

Conclusion: There were only 2 weeks of class for this month, but we were involved in evangelism of the entire month for which the Lord blessed our effort with the 5 souls converted. We also faced serious challenges when our copier was broken down, but we managed to cope up till another was purchased. Details of this will be soon in our February report.


Francis Sahr Musa

Director, BVbI-G

Posted on March 12, 2019 .