Prayers requested in Togo

May the grace and peace of our Lord be with each of us all!

The students' work:

December marked the end of the Biblical Teaching Center's program to prepare candidates to access the appropriate Biblical training at the Bear Valley Bible Institute. The first two weeks were marked by evangelization activities in AVETOUNOU. A vehicle was not available, so two motorcycles were used as a means of transport for the students.  Currently, there are a total of six (6) baptized. The church of Christ in AVETOUNOU is the work of the students. Wednesday evenings are reserved for personal studies with people to whom they have made appointments either at their homes or at other places. The end of the second week was marked by the duties of memorization, practice, and writing. They have all evolved in their work compared to the other quarters.

The students:

Many times the student TOSSOU FOFO is seriously threatened by his former denomination (Pentecost Unit International).  The leaders want him to leave Adeta where he was the pastor before coming for training at the Center of Biblical Study CBS (Church of Christ). They closed the denomination (Church) at Adeta, and they withdrew his support because he teaches the doctrine he learns at CBS. Despite all this, he has persevered.  He planted a Church of Christ one km away in KPELE-KONDA. Please Pray for him.

We send students to work on churches every weekend, especially on Sundays to preach, teach, lead songs and do the Last Supper. They are well prepared for the two (2) year program of BVBI.

They have not only studied the Bible, but they are also learning to work on the computer.  They continue to learn, and within the next two (2) years they will be able to work proficiently on the Internet.

Saturday's classes:

Ten have attended the courses in the Saturday program since January 05, 2019. Classes start in the morning at 8:00 am and end in the afternoon at 2:00 am. Fourteen courses are scheduled for this one year of training. The teachers are: evangelists OMOU KOKOU JEAN-MARC, HONKU KOFFI, and NYEMANTA CEPHAS.

May the peace and grace of our Jesus Christ fill all his blessings for the support you bring to the Institute.


Your brother


Posted on February 19, 2019 .