Upcoming graduation in Mbanga

Calvary greetings from this part of the globe. Blessed be the name of our Lord. By his grace, all in Mbanga, both the students and the church in Mbanga, are doing better but the crisis in English Cameroon is still a nightmare to most Christians and to a lot of people living in our country. Cameroon in general needs the concern of God. Therefore, I urge all Christians to put the nation into the hands God.

The work in the school has been going on smoothly so far since we came back in January. The school has been so busy with both the students and some staff members. Almost every week in this month has been very busy with mission work. The needs for evangelism are becoming so strong that in almost every single work in Cameroon, as the students are called upon to help. For this last two weeks, this is how things have been going.

 A lot of people are moving away from the two regions of chaos in the English side to look for a place that they can have peace. For about two months now we have received the Macedonian call in Douala in a quarter called Les Rails. This is the region just behind the hotel where brother David always eats when he has just arrived in Cameroon from the airport. This is the number we have been able to gather so far. The school sends students like Evaristus and Nicanor every week. I myself have also worshiped there.

As we approach our second graduation ceremony, the students are being motivated intrinsically. We are making plans with the congregation for graduation in March. We sat this week to make preparations for a massive turn out. We pray for another successful graduation ts 2019.

May God almighty keep on blessings us in Jesus name.

Ititi Benedict – minister Mbanga church of Christ and director BVBIC-Mbanga


Posted on February 18, 2019 .