Incredible opportunity in Sierra Leone

Hello Brethren.

We are sending you our sincere greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Who has been with us since the inception of our studies unto the end of our program.


As we draw closer to the end of our classes students are engaged more on personal evangelism work in the field such as public preaching, seminars, house to house visitation, one to one teachings, group teachings in   Christian homes to bring our classes to an end.


We have been able to win the heart of our brethren in the region due to the performance of our students             in their congregations. By preaching the undiluted word of God to people in their villages, they are able to captivate the mind set of those who are reluctant to the gospel.


The CHURCH OF CHRIST congregation at Lungi International Airport has been handed over to Bear Valley for restoration purpose to preach the undiluted word to the people. The decision came about at a meeting held in Freetown at the Church of Christ edifice in Tengbeh Town.

Elder Alusine Kamara was the pioneer of that congregation at Lungi during the rebel incursion when he was transferred for official duty at that time. Since his withdrawal from Lungi, the congregation has been faced with the problem of having a church of Christ trained preacher to preach for the congregation. For some time now women are allowed to run the affairs of the church because there was no train and qualify men to preach sound doctrine to the people. With few untrained men supposedly with denominational training keeps the congregation moving but with polluted doctrines. In view of the above, we are asked by the congregation to step in and salvage the situation by sending preacher weekly to teach and preach sound doctrine to the people. 

We have eye marked few students who have been doing very well in school to take up the lecturing position in our next lessons however, we want to put them on probationary period and look at their performance for some period in the teaching field. We have also given them more work load to carry out and they seem to be at the top of their colleagues.


Bro Emmanuel F. Focko has been very instrumental in the things of God in preaching, seminars, evangelism, door to door teaching at home and in school. He can be seen most of the time engaging himself in personal evangelism work.

Quiet recently he hosted a seminar at Koindu with the youth of his congregation and made an impact all over that region. He is also obedient to the gospel preaching as he pursue his main and objective of becoming an evangelist' for Christ.


A journey of a thousand mile starts with the first step. We are almost coming to the end of the journey. We thank all those who in diverse ways contributed to the success of this course. We also pray for our sponsors to give us their relentless support on the program.

We pray for our graduating students to focus on the course they have chosen not to deviate from it as the devil is roaming about seeking for the weaker ones to devour



Posted on February 18, 2019 .