Restorations in Nigeria

Fellow ministers of God.
Greetings from students and staff of BVBIN  &  SWSE, Ibadan situated at Butubutu village, Ona-Ara Local Government Area of Oyo State.
Here is the report of some of our activities in the Lord the month of September 2019.

1. First Semester classes continue
2. Weekend Evangelism resulted into five conversions.
3. VOTI led to conversions of many souls in Nigeria.
4. Ajagba congregation restored again.

FIRST SEMESTER CLASSES CONTINUE: As God will have it,the first semester classes are in is 5th weeks. I (Bro.Makinde)is teaching :New Testament Church-1,Evangelism-1,Church Problems, and The book of James. Bro. Kayode S.Eniafe is teaching: Scheme of Redemption, OT & NT Survey and OT History-1. Bro. Isaac Olaniyan is teaching: 1,2&3 John, & Life of Christ-1( Matthew). Bro.Gbenga Ojo is teaching : The Pentateuch and Godhead. Bro.Abiola Joseph Olusoji is teaching: Denominational Doctrines & OT Wisdom-1 while Bro.Silas Guda Mazi is teaching :Prison Epistles.

The Evangelism / Gospel campaign of Saturdays in the month of September at Butubutu and nearby villages, Kupalo & Jago villages, Ikire & Ikoyi in Osun State resulted into conversion of 5 souls and restoration of another 2 erring brethren.

Reports reaching us from some of the recipients of the VOTI publications ,most especially Volume 100 & 101 shows the conversions of over 100 souls and edification of thousands as the result of this free distribution among the churches in Nigeria.

The Lord's Church in Ode-Ajagba town,Ondo State now restored for the second time within 15 years. The Church was restored in year 2005 by we ministers of God in Western States of Nigeria under the leadership of Bro.Paul Akinwale but went to apostasy after the relocation of their third preacher to Asejire-Ondo State. Now,with the help of some Ondo state indegenes and the BVBIN & SWSE IBADAN ,we have now restored the Lord's church in Ode-Ajagba town. One of our graduates, Bro.Samuel Olorode is now serving there with the little financial support from our Evangelism allocation from early September 2019 .

Bro.Imbia Maxfied Elangwe is from one of the English speaking cities of Cameroon, Weme Nbonge ,SW Region. He is one of our year-1 students. His mission is to become an evangelist in the South Western Region of Cameroon after his two years training.

With the loan of N800,000, we were able to purchase an Evangelism bus(pictures attached) worth N1,500,000 from Owode-Titun congregation, Ogun State to foster our Evangelism / Gospel campaign in both rural and urban areas of the South Western States of Nigeria on September 16,2019.

Now that the Lord has blessed us with a fairly used Bus for evangelism and gospel campaign. The school will be working with Egbeda town congregation, Egbeda Local Government Area of Oyo State on October 4 & 5 in evangelizing Egbeda town and follow up on some of the erring brethren in and around Egbeda.
Also, in the evening of October 8,we shall be surveying Ajia town,the Head Quarter of Ona-Ara Local Government Area with the hope of planting the Lord's Church in that town in late November 2019 Lord's willing.

We thank you all for your moral and financial supports toward the growth of the Lord's Church in Africa most especially in Nigeria. May the Lord keep on blessings all we do for His name in Jesus Christ name Amen.
I remain yours in His Grace as a servant,
MAKINDE Ebenezer Olufemi

Posted on October 7, 2019 .