Amazing practicum results in Zimbabwe



The major goal of BVBIZ is to produce highly qualified ,equipped and competent servants of God who will be able to transform communities. This is not one day job. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifices from both students, teachers and all stakeholders. In the month of September, the school continued to put more building blocks at various levels and in various ways. These are reported hereunder.


On the 8th of September, students went on a two week break and came back on the 22nd to resume their classes. All students came back. This is now their seventh term with BVBIZ. There is only one more term remaining for them including 6 months practicum/attachment  which will be followed by their graduation in October next year.


The school successfully had its field practicum from the 22nd of June to the 8th of September. Students were distributed in to 6 centres.  Our appreciation goes to congregations that benefitted from this program for giving our students such an opportunity and for providing them with both accommodation and food throughout the period. This was a great partnership. Many were taught, hospitals were visited, counselling sessions we done, and the seed was sown. Many souls were baptised and several backsliders restored. A congregation was planted at Redcliff. Attendances rose sharply.  Comments from various congregations were encouraging. Some preachers who worked with these students had the following to say;

We were so privileged to have the student preachers at Nketa 9. The did very well and worked hard. The church grew in numbers as we gained new prospects. The evangelism program went well. They showed great potential in sermon presentations. They had no problem in the community. They related with everyone  well. (N. Ndlovu, preacher at Nketa 9)

The students who worked with us in Bulawayo and Stanhope were focused, disciplined and presented lessons and sermons which were Bible centred (H.V Mlangeni for Stanhope)

The field program was good indeed. The ways evangelism and services were conducted were just good (G. Mutambara for Redcliff).

The partnership was worth. It was time that only limited them but they had much to offer. They were energetic and  committed throughout the program. They knocked doors, 9 were baptized and several restored. A swap was done and we complained before we realised that whoever comes from BVBIZ is a worthy asset in the vineyard. They met the congregation’s expectation with minimum supervision. The men and youths are now equipped after their programs……. (D.Siwedi, preacher at Sharara).

The following were the results from the twelve week practicum;

Item                                        Total   

Hours out                              1678

devotions                               352

Sermons preached               265

Song leading                           94

Bible Classes                          98

Total Lessons taught            1066

Counselling sessions            24

Prospects                                930

Tracts distributed                    709

WBS booklets distributed       372

Restorations                            49

Baptisms                                 74


Construction of the first house for students progressed quickly in the month of September. Besides the funds that were made available for the foundation, the school also used its reserves and resources that were meant for the pit latrine to purchase materials for the major structure. Our appreciation also goes to Coalmont Church of Christ for also providing US$150 towards this effort. Because of the depletion of resources, the work has now stopped but we praise God for the progress made. The prayers of everyone at BVBIZ is for more resources to get the building to completion. Once the building is complete, BVBIZ will move from its rented facility to this permanent site.


For an average of one week per term, students and teachers go on a week-long evangelism campaign at selected areas. Congregations who requests this service will meet the cost of accommodation and feeding. In October, from the 6th to the 13th, some of the students will be camped at Buchwa in Mberengwa whilst others will be at Warren Park in Harare.


Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things (Phil. 4.8). To God be the glory!

Posted on October 7, 2019 .