Big campaign in Tamale


Help us shout hallelujah to the glory of our heavenly father for how far He has brought us to yet another new year. Not all who have had this opportunity to see this year but we are the living testimony to attest to the fact that God is our refuge and salvation Amen!

We shall never forget to say thanks for your consistent support and prayer for the survival of Bear Valley Bible Institute in Tamale, for we have nothing to offer you than to say; may God replenish you all for your generosity for His work in West Africa. 


The term has come to an end successful and the students have gone home for four weeks to visit their families and the church and also to the spend New Year with them. They also use this period to harvest their farms produces and other activities like building and farm land preparation. God’s willing the school will be reopened on 13th January 2019 and we wish all these students happy and prosperous New Year and safe journey back to school.


We are keeping no stone unturned on campaign for students, still thirteen students submitted their application forms and are waiting for interview, and three more forms assured to be submitted when students report to school in January. 


The school embarked on a seven days (one week) campaign for students for the 2018, 2019 academic year on December. Preacher Francis Ayine, Preacher Alex Jabado and Brother James Legend embarked on the journey. This campaign took place on the 17th to 23 December, 2018.

Preacher Ayine who preaches for the Accra Road Church of Christ arrived at the Bear Valley Bible Institute, Tamale campus around 5 am on the 17th of December. We set off the same day  and visited one brother shortly at Nyankpani congregation and took off to Saboba.


We salute you all and wish you happy and prosperous New Year. It is our prayer and hope that God keeps you healthy and strong in 2019 so that you can achieve your goals, happy New Year to you all in Jesus name Amen!!

Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies

Posted on January 15, 2019 .