Agriculture projects in Zimbabwe


Students at BVBI-Z are currently on break. Classes are set to resume on the 10th of September. Whilst they are on break, they are expected to be active in the churches. However, there are some activities that took place as the students were on break. In this report, we highlight these activities with gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ in whose cause BVBIZ exists to fulfil. 


The following are the subjects that will be taught next term with their possible teachers. Classes shall start on the 10th of September.

Homiletics 1                                            M.Muchingami

Acts of the Apostles                                   I.Mutichu

OT History (Joshua-Esther)                       I.Mutichu

Galatians (SC)                                              H.Suwari

Godhead (SC)                                              I.Mutichu/D.Estep

Entrepreneurship Skills Development         P.Toperesu

Hermeneutics                                                 M.Muchingami

Denominational Doctrines 1                       M.Muchingami

Gospel of John                                   T.karikoga


Following the training that Healing hands rendered to the school in June, the school has installed a full drip irrigation system on the available space we have. A total of 1200 plants of tomatoes were planted. This is very little, compared to the ideal situation of full-fledged projects we would want. However, the system shall provide the necessary practical to the students in line with the schools strategic plan of producing highly competent servants of God who will impact communities positively for the master.  The other intention is to lower food costs through local production, and were possible, increase cash inflows into the school.                                 


In the July report, we reported on a poultry project the school had started. The first batch which had 150 birds is currently being sold. Our appreciation, goes to Healing Hands International for providing funds for this project.


The school greatly needs a set of computers for use by students. Our main thrust is to produce highly qualified, equipped and competent servants of God through a robust training and development program. A lot is being done to achieve this. However, computers are the missing link and is one of the greatest needs for the school. This is in line with modern learning trends. At least 6 will place us on a better platform. Any help to get these will be greatly appreciated.


We are pleased to give a report on the whereabouts of our first graduates who graduated on the 2nd of June 2018. Almost all of them are on ground working for the lord. Our request is that you pray for these young people, the congregations they are working with and the work they are doing. The following are the names and their whereabouts;

  1. Happison Bvukumbwe: Happison is now preaching at Deure Church of Christ, Jerera, Masvingo.
  2. Innocent Stima: Innocent is currently working with his home congregation, that is, Morris Church of Christ in Murewa, Mashonaland East..
  3. Thomson and Victoria Mlawuzi: The couple is now working with Hatcliff Church of Christ in Harare.
  4. Tafadzwa Maseko: Beginning 1 September, Tafadzwa shall be working with Chivero Mission Church of Christ in Mashonaland West. There is an orphanage at the mission.
  5. Daniel Chikware: Daniel is working with Mambo Church of Christ in Gweru, Midlands Province.
  6. Partmore Simbi: Partmore is now preaching at Dandara Church of Christ in Murewa, Mashonaland East.
  7. Tinashe and Linda Mazhambe: The couple is now preaching at Maware church of Christ in Chikomba district of Mashonaland East.
  8. Kudakwashe Madyira: Kudakwashe went to the School of Biblical Studies in Nigeria to read for a Bachelors degree in Christian Religious Studies. He claimed the valedictorian award at their graduation in June.
  9. Divine Jana: Divine was meeting with the Warren Park congregation but has not been well. He is still to find his feet and needs your prayers.


We praise God for what we were able to achieve in August. More activities shall start in September as classes are set to resume. Thank you for your financial and the moral support we are receiving. To God be the glory!


Mathew Muchingam, Director BVBI-Z

Posted on September 6, 2018 .