New students in Ukraine

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Hello, dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

This time I will share with you the news about our August and beginning of September events.

Undoutedly, the major event for this report is the beginning of the new school year. This year we have 6 new students. Mostly they represent Central and Eastern parts of Ukraine. They have good reference letters, desire to study and have the goal of getting good quality Biblical education.

I will briefly write about each of them.

Ruslan Gaevskiy is a young Christian man. His family are members of a charismatic church. However, he has been in disagreement with their teaching for a while. Some time ago he was baptized for the remission of his sins. Before coming to Bela Tserkva he was a member of Konstantinovka Church of Christ.

First year students

Rosa Valkova is a Christian from Kramatorsk but lately she attended services in Slovyansk. She helped with ladies and children's classes.

Lena Stupa is a long time member of Kramatorsk Church of Christ. She is a very compassionate and timid lady willing to discover her talents and use them for God's glory.

Vitality Melchin is a member of Dnipro Church of Christ. His whole family is very active in their local congregation. He's had a dream to be a minister in the church since he was young. He's always been actively involved in church activities. He wants to become a preacher.

Masha Rodicheva is the daughter of Kramatorsk Church of Christ preacher Vitality Rodichev. Masha loves God and desires to teach children in her home congregation. She's been involved in children ministry before and taught lessons in Sunday school and VBS.

Eldjune Aliev is our brother from Kamenskoe. He is a very active Christian man. He used to be a professional basketball player. He has a unique approach to teenagers and hope to use this skill to establish good relationships with young people. His dream is to preach and spread the Gospel.

As you see this year we've got a group of young people with a lot of potential. We are very excited that they want to study the Word of God and teach it to other people.

We are very thankful to God and you that every year we have our new students who desire to learn the will of God. The economy of Ukraine is improving and if these young people just got a worldly job they would be paid more and they would get work experience but they chose to work for the Lord. God will continue to bless any nation as long as it has faithful Christians.

As for our local congregation we had a wonderful VBS in the end of August. Every day we had about 35 children. It's a very good number because VBS lasted three days and not many parents are willing to let their children attend all the activities.

My family, our church and our students' body send their greetings. We are very appreciative of your efforts and faithfulness in helping our ministry.

Your co-worker in the Lord's vineyard,

Dennis Sopelnik.

Posted on September 24, 2018 .