Evangelism in Guinea

Dear brethren, Guinea Bear Valley Bible Institute has again successfully accomplished the planned activities for the month of August 2018. Of all the operations undertaken during the month, it was the positive and negative reactions of the public to our gospel radio broadcast by one of our students that attracted our attention. We are encouraged by the number of positive reactions! The result of our personal evangelism was also encouraging. Here below are the summaries under sub-headings of the various activities during the month of August.

Classroom: All 17 students went through the period and attended all the required courses. The 2 short courses previously scheduled for September were drawn and taught in August because the staff of those courses explained their unavailability due to family problems and other engagements in September. The average class performance was about 85 percent.

The students’ devotional preaching program remains to be respected at 6am, 10am and 8pm.

On the other hand, the Dean is taking over the “prison epistles” which were initially assigned to bro Philip Tolno because of his (Philippe’s) absence due to illness. Bro. Tolno’s health condition has not been good since July, but he managed to fulfill his course during the second quarter. He was unable to do so in the third for which reason he was taken to Conakry for a proper medical attention. He has not returned yet, but is now responding positively to treatment

Evangelism: The Lord’s commission to go preach the gospel is a regular assignment for our students and staff. Therefore we have grasped every opportunity that came our way to teach and encourage those we meet in this Islamic dominated country.

A. One on one / direct contact: In the village of Botema (where the church is already) 4 souls were converted by 2 of our students during the closing days of our second quarter break in early August. In another combine effort of students, staff and some congregational members 2 additional souls were snatched from the enemy making a total of 6 conversions in August. One of the converts was a Muslim from a highly Islamic dominated ethnic group, a Fula or Fulani in Guinea and the sub-region of West Africa. This young man who (age 23) changed his name from the Koran Moussa to Moses of the Bible is being persecuted with his younger brother by their family members especially for his action of trying to help him (the younger brother, Sarju) come to Christ. Please remember to pray for them as we try to encourage and help!

B. Air time Radio preaching - indirect to direct: Still further, evangelism by the air is making a greater impact on the community and the environs of Gueckedou. Even though we have a very limited time, (only 30 minutes a week), but our messages are attracting the populace. We receive many calls and SMS messages – some commending the truth and visiting the campus for detail discussions while others ask questions to understand and of course others to refuse or deny. We are impressed that the awareness of the existence of the church in this entire community is increasing on a weekly basis! Two of these radio listeners have started to worship with us at the school premises.

Personal profile: Sister Finda Kongodou is one of our cooks at the Institute. She was converted from Islam years back by the brethren in Gueckedou. Kongodou is the wife of brother Robert Kamano, founder of a small private school where he was also director and teacher. This sister and her husband played a great role along with the congregation towards the establishment of Bear Valley Institute in Gueckedou. She was and continues to be a strong encouragement for her husband to attend the institute for former biblical training. They are both active members and sister Kongodou is so far the best cook (of African dish) whose meals are highly desired by especially the students!

Conclusion: The month of August had only a few activities, but we are grateful to God for the laborers being trained, souls converted especially for the Muslim young man and are impressed that the presence of the church is gaining momentum in our community.

We are also thankful to God and appreciate the Bear Valley Administration / Supporters who are the instruments of God for the above achievements.

God bless you sirs.


Posted on September 24, 2018 .