Graduation upcoming in Mbanga

The students are preparing for their upcoming exams and short courses. You can imagine how that the conversation of the students now in school is all about graduation. Oh! How time flies and things keep on changing day by day. They have now been on a special mission for two good years and week evangelism even to very far places of the country. They are still welcomed and they are even solicited by other preachers to come and help their congregations for some time. The harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few. But, the Lord is in control. We attended to a lot of mission work these last few days ranging from lectureships to youth programs. Souls were added in the kingdom in various areas of the country. 

There is joy in the presence of God over one sinner that repents and sister Therence decided to shun the devil on a blissful Sunday morning. She is à French speaking sister and the French are attached to a lot of traditional background things that do not really correspond with Christianity. She needs some encouragement so as not quench the Spirit.

My family and I have been doing well even though with a lot of responsibility in my home. Lately most of the children who are living in my home have fallen sick but God is restoring their health situation. On one of the trips visiting at the hospital, we encountered bro Eugen who was hospitalized with the daughter. It is with this brother that we established this young congregation at Kompenia. The situation of the child was horrible and I ended up by donating my own blood to the child in order for her to survive. God help that baby! We praise God that she is still alive today.

Upcoming events:  

The students and the church shall attend our next lectureship, which is in our zone this week-end. We shall be planning to host the Fako and Littoral lectureship in the month of October 2018. Field work is at- hand and we pray for safety.

We urgently as for you to for our country. Pray for the people who are suffering in the bushes. Pray for the country during the up-coming elections in Cameroon. Our God is a good God. We thank you for all your efforts. 

Evangelist Ititi Bénédict

Posted on August 28, 2018 .