Courses completed in Togo

Dear brethren in Christ,

Let us return thanks to God for all of His kindness. It is not only about having blessings as God’s friends as tests are also parts of the life of a Christian.

Gradually we approach the results of the first period of two institutions (CBS Center of Biblical Studies) and BVBI (Bear Valley Bible Institute). Teachers made a big effort to give their best for this first quarter. I thank all teachers for this work, especially the professor AKOVI Mensah Esparance the evangelist of NUKAFU to Lome.

Here are topics that are taught during the two quarters:

First quarter courses:

1. Alliances

2. Church of the Bible

3. The How and the Reason of the Biblical Baptism

4. French

5. Seen of the Bible

6. God's Plane for Redemption

Second quarter courses:

1. The Christian home

2. Christianity without denomination

3. Spiritual maturity

4. A study on sin

5. New Testament Worship

6. Christian influences

The exam: the final exam has ended well. Every student wrote his exam.

From the staff of Center for Biblical Studies

Posted on August 28, 2018 .