Classes resume in Accra

Grace be to the Lord for a successful end of July. We are gratefully kicking and we appreciate all the brethren for their prayers. We also pray that the Lord may grant you abundant strength.


The school resumed on 1st July, 2018 with full class in session. All instructors have been regular to commence their respective courses.


· Effective lessons are in progress for this Third Quarter. On the curriculum includes: The Gospel of John, Life of Christ 2, The Book of Acts, Hermeneutics 2, 1 Corinthians, and Prison Epistles.

· The staff has met to assess the progress of the school and new plans ahead. After the meeting, the director and his instructors met the students to motivate them on their studies and instructed them on their weaknesses.

· The director and the administration have devised a plan to visit all the students’ working places to encourage the churches to effectively support the welfare of their preachers (students) as in pocket money, transportation, etc.

· Also, the administration has deployed one George Osafo, an English Instructor for the regular students which took effect on 13th July, 2018.


Reports from our students, both the regular and mostly the Week End show that much work are done by them, as they teach and preach in various Bible Classes in their congregations and that they visit. Baptism records of Six (6) are reported for July, 2018.

Keep praying with us as we do also in our various prayers.

From the staff at Southern Institute of Biblical Studies (SIBS)

Posted on August 14, 2018 .