Graduation in Cambodia

We are glad to serve the One Living God and work with you in service to Him.

We just completed a short course on Revelation taught by Donnie Bates from the Bear Valley congregation in Denver Colorado. We want to thank him for taking the time to visit and share his knowledge to the students and staff here. We also received warmth fro brother Wes Autrey, whom we discuss much fore the Lord’s work.

We have been preparing for the day when the students graduated. That day arrived on July 28th where 9 students completed three years of full time Bible study at the International Bible Institute. Many friends and relatives came from many miles around to be present at the ceremony and participate in the celebration meal to follow.

We are happy that all of the students are ready to go preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ as savior.Most will go into the villages to do this work where it is most receptive. Almost all of our students will be finding work in the area of missions, some combined with regular jobs to support them in saving souls.

We are now n the process of recruiting new students for the next class.We already have 5 students committed to the school for the beginning of classes on September 10th. We are utilizing the past grads, the church, the staff and nearby university to recruit.Visits to the villages and leaders of those villages to evangelize and persuade to a Christian life is also taking place.

We still ask everyone to remember us in your prayer that we are the servants of God in Cambodia.As the leaders of the school and church we ask for your prayers for wisdom to serve God in the best way possible.

Directors Piseth Rin and Darat Run.

Posted on August 14, 2018 .