More than 100 baptisms in Tanzania

ACSOP Faculty Report - End of July 2018

School Activities during break time!

“An Idle mind is a workshop of a devil” This is one of the old quote that has a lot practical application in our daily lives. We thank God here at the School because we can stay busy all the time, training men to be preachers and work herd top spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ and win more souls for the Kingdom.

A number of groups from USA have been visiting congregation around the Area of Arusha working hand to hand with local evangelist and church members. These campaign have given tremendous results this Year. More than 100 souls have obeyed the gospel both in Kisongo, Manyire, Ilkiurei, Arusha and Maji ya chai to name just few. Local preachers and members stay busy to maintain the maturity of these precious souls that have obeyed this time. We want to try our level best not to lose many, as we all know that the devil is not happy at all about this huge increase. Please keep your prayers up for all the new converts who faithful attend several series of classes on Now I am a Christian

I am glad to let you all know that we the faculty of ACSOP have safely returned from our trip. For the past two weeks we have been visiting all the congregations that work with our Second year Students for the purpose of building our relationship and encourage our students. Michael Losotwa and I were able to meet with several students who lives in Kenya and saw the good work they do in their local areas to spread the truth. More report on our graduate student will come to you later as you all aware that, the school has already graduated over 172 up to last year. We are expecting nine to graduate from the English class this year, and we continue to ask for your prayer as they come to finish two quarter of class.

 All this good things and many others cannot be accomplished if we don’t work as a team. Team working has been secret of any success including our. This great TEAM includes all the sponsors, coordinators, directors, our staff her at ACSOP whom I am always felling proud of them for their good work. Thanking you all who will read and never fell tired to support any good work of spreading the truth in the World.

Till all have heard!

Thank you,

Godfrey Mngoma

Dean of Students, Andrew Connally School of Preaching

A Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver extension school

Arusha, Tanzania



Posted on July 30, 2018 .